Unsung Hero : Best commerical ever?

Perhaps ironic that it was made by an insurance company, but I doubt many bankers or politicians would ever ‘get’ this commercial. The concept is, I believe, too alien to them!

If you are want to look at more of their advert, their youtube page is : Thai Life

It rather reminds me of something I saw, or read once, a classroom scene with young children at a private school:

Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up, Anna?
Anna: “A doctor, like my auntie, miss.”

Teacher: “And you, Barry?”
Barry: “An airforce pilot, like my brother, miss.”

Teacher: “What about you, Cedric?”
Cedric: “I will be a corporate lawyer, like my father.”

Teacher: “Dennis?”
Dennis: “Happy, miss.”

Teacher: “Happy? I don’t think you understand the question, Dennis. I asked what you want to be when you grow up.”
Dennis: “No miss, I understand the question, but I don’t think you understand life.”

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