On the move, again. Hosting irks

I was with WordPress.com, a few niggles I was never happy with, but fast, secure, reliable, just… expensive.

For a third the price WordPress(.com) asked, I can have unlimited WordPress(.org) sites. So I moved. Again.

Currently with Bluehost, who are a sister company to Hostgator. Not sure how I feel about that, but I’ll give them a try.

Anyway, new server, new quirks, sites to recreate or reinstall from backup.

I REALLY, REALLY hate it when backup software and web hosts mess with my code. DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY. CODE.


For years, for decades I’d write in a text editor, upload via ftp, and what I saw locally was EXACTLY repeated on the server. They did not rip out all my folders, breaking thousands of internal links. They did not rip out spaces and tabs, they did not replace character codes with obscure and insecure gibberish.

Why WordPress and WordPress developers think it’s OK to trample on people’s editing I do not know, but I do not like it, it’s rude. I now have to find the time to re-proofread over 500 posts, over 10,000 pages of code. Yet again. ‘cos…

Dude, fix your own code, do not break mine!

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