Old people are xenophobes! What did you ever do for us?

What did old people ever do for us?

There’s a really, really annoying article in The Mail today: ‘I’m grieving for our loss of cultural enrichment’: Students claim they will fail their exams because they are so DEPRESSED about Brexit.

It tells how:

Some blamed older people for voting the leave the EU and reducing Britain’s ‘cultural enrichment.’

A few even suggested they could fail exams because of the ‘depression’*

Other students suggested that the political turmoil had affected their preparation for exams and insisted they deserved extra marks because they were so upset.

* (Never mind the referendum was held after their exams finished, or that in the lead up to the referendum most polls give the Remain a comfortable lead, let’s just blame the Leave voters if we fail! The old ones, our traitorous peers that voted to exit as well and the 66% of under 25% that couldn’t be bothered to vote either way. It’s not our fault if we fail!)

I’m grieving for our loss of cultural enrichment

"What did the old people ever do for us but ruin our lives?"

Old Lincolnshire farmer with a scythe, pre EU years
{ Old Lincolnshire farmer with a scythe, pre EU years! }

Would that be the ‘old people’ teaching you in university? The lecturers and professors? Ptt, what do they know about life and culture!

Farrier circa 1982
{ Farrier circa 1982 }

Clearly old people had no skills or history or culture in the UK, back in the old dark days before we embraced the EU!

Would that be the last few of a dying breed that gave their all in two world wars? Ptt, what do they know about life, or culture or sacrifice!

Avro Lancaster engine
{ Avro Lancaster engine }
Canadian Air Force base circa 1950, Claresholm, Alberta
{ Canadian Air Force base circa 1950, Claresholm, Alberta }

Would that be the generation that designed and ushered in the digital age?

The innovators and early adopters that built and fussed over the earliest computers, computers without even a hard drive, that – for the few that knew – were using 300 and 1200 baud rate modems for bulletin systems a decade before the Internet even existed.

The generation that carried brick-sized mobile phones with a powerpack more akin to a car battery?

A generation without whom you would not have smartphones and Instagram and Facebook to tell the world how badly done by you are? Ptt, what do they know about culture in the digital age!

Internet cafe 1995
{ Computer store come internet cafe, 1995 }

Computer shop and Internet cafe from the mid 90s when a Pentium 90 was as good as it got and Internet was a 33600bps modem connecting to Compuserve

Would that be the ‘old people’ for whom studying meant going to the library in all weathers and reading scores, hundreds of books? For whom referencing meant having the books to hand, not simply Googling or looking on Wikipedia? Students for whom academic articles were not simply a click away? Students for whom essays had to care carefully hand-written or manually typed (and retyped) on paper before being submitted? Ptt, what would old people know about studying!

Getting your TMA or paper written up in the 70’s and 80’s was like this:


Would that be the ‘old people’ that holidayed in Paris and Madrid and Rome in the 60’s onwards, before the EU existed? The ‘old people’ that went fruit picking in France or to a kibbutz in Israel for the experience? They know nothing, clearly!

You are right, what would we ‘old people’ know about anything! We old ‘Brexiters’ are just a bunch of xenophobes, as caught on camera below. The Queen and royal family would be sickened by such a hate-filled scene of nationalism inspired deprivation celebrated below!

Silver Jubilee 1977
{ Silver Jubilee 1977 – another xenophobic celebration? }


These attention-seeking young rebels, who have never known true hardship…

– and the rabid, older ranters who forget their own past

– and ever-present and largely university educated vocal immigrants rallying behind ‘immigration’ and nothing else

– and the London-based elitists like ex-BBC, Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee (to say nothing of the self-serving political class and luvvies)

… are just a bunch of selfish, immature kids that utterly fail to decouple the EU (a political institute, a failed ideal for trade) from Europe (a physical continent full of real people). Largely 18-24 people that claim to be our future, that claim to be intelligent, that claim to be university educated and oh so smart, yet without a scrap of evidence will call 17 million voters ‘idiots‘ and demand a new referendum because they (these vocal few) disagree as it wasn’t what they wanted!

If Remain had won, the older generations – like mine – would have sighed sadly and got on with life. That is what being an adult is about, what democracy is about. What it is not is massing on the streets of London, appealing to a privileged, self-serving elite, to get your way, to retain a corrupt system few even at the very highest levels truly understand. My generation and older might not know all the nuances of the EU club, but we have seen the like before and are not impressed!

The EU isn’t about saving and celebrating individual cultures; it’s about homogenising them. A faceless, soulless mass without a core identity are easier for the banks and multinationals to profit from, to control. Italy, France, et cetera each have their own national and regional identities – the EU wants to take that all away and replace it will 500 million obedient clones.

But what would I know, I’m just some grumpy old bloke! I was never young or educated; we still had inkwells, chalk and slate boards and abacus in my day. (A bit like Leonardo da Vinci or Sir Isaac Newton, I suppose, stupid old men from another era!)

author with horse
{ Author, back in the day I was young and still knew everything! }

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