Earning online through surveys and competitions.

I plan on doing a separate blog site just for this (when I can think of a good name) but I figured I’d better start here or I’ll never get moving on it :S

It won’t just be surveys, of course, it will look at related options, like draw, competitions, secret shopper and the likes. The intention is, over the course of a year or so, look at all the available UK-based sites, weed out the rubbish and report how well, or how poorly we did.

There’s a few ways they ‘pay’ all good in their own way, but here are the main ones:

  • Cash (or vouchers) per job
  • Cash (or vouchers), paid when you’ve earned a certain amount (Google Adsense works like this)
  • No payment, but entry into a prize draw
  • You pay US to join and… (yes, those are scams!)

Needless to say surveys and competition sites were you must pay or purchase products to join a panel are scams, ditto most if not all sites that use pop-ups, to my thinking.

The later view is my personal experience and while for some marketers pop-ups are a valid (if distasteful) tool for conversions I hold them in contempt due to the level of abuse. Apply this 1,000 fold for those were you just cannot get with of the pop ups for more spawning!

(This post will be updated)

Today joining : [surveynetwork.co.uk ]

And the first thing I note is:
“By filling out the verification code, you herby agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, User agreement.
You are also aware of the fact that you will be receiving mailings to which you can opt-out at any time.”

Already a good idea to take the time to read the small print!

For instance:
“All of our payments will be sent via Paypal. Please make sure that the email you used to register for SurveyNetwork.co.uk is the same email that is registered with Paypal. We will only pay to UK-based Paypal accounts”

I may give it a try, but stuff like that makes me really, REALLY antsy because I am particular about who I give that email too…

Did a Google on them and nothing obvious jumped out, but I did read this post on MoneySupermarket :

I’m a member of Survey Network, I registered with them on February 1st and 42 days on I’m a few pennies away from the £20 mark. You get £1 for joining, and once you reach £20 you can transfer it to your PayPal account.

Twenty quid is twenty quid at the end of the day, but as you’ll note, it adds up at pennies a day. That said, that’s more that I’m getting from Google lately :/

(Addenda Nov 2011. I did have another two sites doing just this! If can find the backups I’ll copy the articles here. ~ Paul).

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