Brexit – the idiot vote?

Apparently – according to an article in the Guardian by Matthew d’Ancona – anyone that votes OUT is a xenophobic “idiot” only trotting along by the racist calls of a dog whistle!

He starts off reasonably with a headline of We’re just 10 days from making the most terrible mistake on Europe and within a sentence is reduced to ranting that
“The leave campaign’s arguments on immigration may successfully exploit voters’ fears, but they are not only objectionable – they’re absurd.”
By the end, he is loudly, and in a highlighted block quote, hurling this*:

With a symphony of dog whistles as our soundtrack, we are trudging dangerously close to the idiot option.

*(When he says ‘we’, it is clearly in the tone of “you idiots are dragging ME to a place I do not want to go, you are all morons”).

I first posted this to comments on Facebook under the article, then decided to share it here because I rather take offence at some pompous columnist that has never met me, that neither knows nor cares if I exist, but yet feels justified in calling me – and every single ‘OUT’ voter – a lap dog, a racist xenophobe, and an idiot!

Having accepted (?) the result will be OUT, you are reduced to petty name calling, Guardian? How very predictable. Oh yes, do trot of the lap dogs and xenophobia labels.

If, for instance, 330,00 people decided to up sticks from Manchester and move to Lincoln, the besieged city would be in chaos, it absolutely could not cope. That’s not xenophobia, that’s pure logistics. The fact that numbers of migrants entering the UK are spread about (well, concentrated in certain areas) does not alter the fact the country cannot build infrastructure fast enough to cope. And housing. Assume that it’s 80,000 houses they need – please, oh enlightened Guardian, protector of truth and harmony – do tell: how these migrants, routinely needed in this country by the NHS, supermarkets, cleaning firms, public transport and most other sectors of the service economy are going to afford a house on minimum wage, zero hour contracts?

BUT OK LOOK – IT’S NOT JUST IMMIGRATION, AND IT’S NOT JUST US … Look at the polls across Europe – France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc. are all, in the majority, fed up with the EU. Does that makes 55% of Europe idiot lapdogs (by the way, calling us that just pisses us off. You know NOTHING about any of us bar, a blind, biased assumption of our reasoning and desultory view of our intelligence). Outside the ivory tower of your think tank (where, perhaps you think the immigrants are here to serve you drinks in restaurants, drive you to a lecture and sweep the floors of your halls?), in the real world, the common folk of all nations are getting well racked off with the EU – for a raft of reasons. All people asked – all over Europe – think some power should be taken off Brussels and returned to the sovereign nations.

Year on year since 2004 opinions about the EU have declined.

What about politics swings? In some countries the left wing are overwhelmingly again the EU, in others the right wing are – you cannot have it both ways when you blow your whistle!

Refugees and immigration (obviously jumped on by the racists) – every single country listed is deeply unhappy. Not just a few angry neo-nazi skinheads, but whole nations – the lowest figure is Netherlands where 63% think the EU made a right pig’s ear of it. We are slightly higher at 70%. In Spanish and Italy it’s 75-77% of the poll, by the time you get to Sweden (not in the EU but taking the fallout for their decisions) it’s 88%. No need to ask where poor Greece stand on the matter!

Ah, but it’s all xenophobia, you claim, Mr d’Ancia, so why does the question of the EU’s handling of the economy raise so many hackles? Poland and (less so) Germany might approve, but Hungary and the Netherlands are rather more split on the matter (48, 49%)… and so on up the ladder, UK 55%, France 66%, Italy 68%.

What about party divide, seeing as you choose to wave that stick at us, hoping we’ll chase it like good little puppies (you arrogant bastard!): There in not one single party in any country in Europe that wants the EU to have more power. Not one! So why is it that only this week the EU proposed replacing every country’s National Insurance with TIN* – mandated and controlled from Brussels – with a side proposal to pursue a global package?

(e.g. EU SUPERSTATE (step 1): Fury over plans for European-wide ‘tax harmonisation’
Or, EU to impose pan-Europe tax system and tax ID number for every European — and wants to make it global.)

*(Not that the Guardian has or would cover this hot topic so close to the referendum, but under the noble intention of cracking down on tax evasion on the 8th June 2016 that is what the EU voted on – 20 said yes, 15 no, 21 abstained. Don’t just take my xenophobic ‘idiot’ word for it, please do look up ‘Tax ID number for every European’, specifically: Procedure : 2016/0011(CNS) on the European Parliament’s own official website)

That is their stated desire – for every person in the world to owe allegiance to the presidents of the world, sorry, the presidents of the EU (e.g. to Juncker). I’m sorry if I seem little stupid ‘idiot’ for not wanting a bureaucrat superstate to control the world, but I’m funny like that, I have an issue with power mad elitists in bed with global corporations, it edges towards a dystopia of nightmare proportions for the planet (but hey, YOU will be ok, right?). OK, I’m done, I’ll be a good little doggy, please can I have a fresh bowl of kibble? Oh, sorry, Matthew, I meant WOOF! (‘cos obviously I’m a Guardian reader, I’m too stupid to think for myself. You condescending ****).

Also, you obfuscating, mind-game playing, insulting prig, I would like to point that it is a long-standing game of people like Blair’s Labour party, like Gordon Brown, like Cameron’s Tory party – and like you – to label and tar anyone with the remotest genuine and reasonable concern about unregulated mass immigration as a xenophobe, a racist. Unregulated immigration IS madness. It helps no-one, except possibly the ultra rich – and perhaps think tank columnists who want servants! Besides, it’s not just immigration, mindless red tape, the proposal of a Europe-wide tax system controlled by the EU, or the nefarious TTIP deals, the buggers also want to create their own army. Given we already have NATO, the UN, and sovereign nations own military forces I happen to think that alone is a bloody good reason for us – and the rest of Europe to exit the EU and disband that dangerous monolith!

I’ll refrain from mentioning the Juncker has proposed that he also be given command of a newly created EU army, assumedly under his control, e.g.

Guardian:”>Jean-Claude Juncker calls for EU army: European commission president says this military development would persuade Russia the bloc is serious about defending its values

BBC: European Union army proposal from Jean-Claude Juncker (13 March 2015)

Euroactiv: UK, Central Europe frown at Juncker’s European army ‘During an interview on 8 March, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the EU needed its own military, in order to deal with the Russian threat, as well as to restore the bloc’s standing around the world. Not everyone agrees. Germany and France support Juncker’s idea…

Financial Times: Germany to push for progress towards European army (May 2016)

The Telegraph: MPs warn voters being ‘conned’ as Brussels keeps plans for EU army secret until after referendum (May 2016)

In 2011, similar proposals were vetoed by Britain, although there were concerns that a loophole could allow nine states to group together to bypass opponents.
In an effort to avoid derailing the Prime Minister’s Remain campaign, the policy plans will not be sent to national governments until the day after Britons vote.

Oops, said I wouldn’t mention that!

With (NO) apology to the ‘Bremain’ camp who claim there’s isn’t a single valid reason for voting to leave the EU :P

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