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Book review: David Gemmel – Echoes of the Great Song

David Gemmel: Echoes of the Great Song

Published by Bantum press   (ISBN 0593 04195X)

Follows the trials and demise of a race of Atlantean-like near immortals as catastrophe after catastrophe reduces the super-race to a mere handful of survivors. So much for the synopsis, what was the book like ?

I found it poignant, but humorous. You have to read it – if only to follow the madman Viruk. You are reading it as if you are finding the stuff behind the myths and legends of a tribe.

Gemmel, so what’s not to love, but this book I did particularly enjoy.

Viruk grinned, and levered himself to one elbow. I don’t know why you sub-humans cannot grasp simple realities, he said. We don’t get what we deserve, idiot. We get what we get. Now if you are going to stab me, do it. If not, call for a surgeon. I may be a god, but I am a god with a broken leg.

David Gemmell, Echoes of the Great Song

{ David Gemmell, Echoes of the Great Song, available from Amazon UK }

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