Warhammer 40k II revisited

Dawn of War II

I really didn’t like Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II at first, several reasons, not least of all it isn’t playable on an otherwise excellent computer. So I left it a while, upgraded everything, went to play – and can’t because I am FORCED to wait 55 minutes while it connects to Steam, logs me in and forces updates down my throat.

All for auto-updating, up to a point, but this is just taking the proverbial. Considering the complete hash they made by converting the Warhammer fantasy game to PvP orientated MMO and, being blunt, the scam they pulled with this joke of a game (you can only play one race – humans – unless you multi-play online)…

As far as I am concerned I will NEVER trust another Games Workshop computer game again. As an extreme push, years down the line, I may look at subsequent releases when they fall out of favour and into the $4.99 bargain bin… even then.

I note that in one of the patches:
“Players choosing to remain in ‘off-line’ mode will continue to have access to off-line Campaign and LAN game modes without connecting to Games for Window LIVE or Steam.”
But seeing as I have to connect and get the huge patch down to play the standalone version…

Regardless of the dubiously favourable review others have given it for its online multi-player orientation and based on the fact I bought it after enjoying every other Warhammer game (right back to ‘Shadow of the Horned Rat’ in 1995) and was really looking forward to enhanced graphics… I strongly feel that with only one race to play I have been ripped off, cheated, side-lined and dumped upon after many years of support for them.*

My rating: Fail, 2/10

(It should, in fairness be noted that if they had given all 4 races to play I’d have given it 9/10 and raved about it).

*(I started playing the tabletop Warhammer RPG way back in 1986).

As an aside, for the Warhammer Online, this entry on Warhammer in Wikipedia says it all:
Notably, this game will not be using the published rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battles nor Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, but rather use a simplified system designed by Mythic.

Personally I could translate that as: Warhammer RPG has Humans, Orcs, Elves and Dwarves. Warhammer Online also has them. Perhaps unfair, but not far off the mark!

On the plus side, the music is awesome, just a shame most developers don’t include (or offer) the soundtracks. Just listen to the riveting Eldar track on youtube:

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