Warcraft One Million Gold Giveway via Twitter

The draw will start on May 1st, with the million gold winner drawn on May 31st.

Here’s the first proper tweet about it:

Coming soon : Jaw dropping giveway for #WoW: 30 daily draws of 10,000g and one of those lucky winners will be drawn to win ONE MILLION GOLD !!!

Can you really afford that?

Not only can I afford it, I could probably make it back in a few weeks if I really wanted! I don’t know if this is true, but I heard second-hand that I was the first person in Europe to make over a million gold on Auction House! And that was before Cataclysm came out. Prices have gotten stupid since this last expansion.

Warcraft Millionaire

How did you make so much?

I’m very good at trading in the Auction House. Across my alts I’ve learnt almost every recipe in every single profession in the game and I’ve played for altogether too many hours over too many years!

(You might notice the gold is actually a negative value – that’s because when they added ‘achievements’ they didn’t test it for players with many millions of gold. As I understand it, the calculation converts gold and silver to copper, then multiples it by various modifiers, and converts it back, but they used the wrong integer for the maths, and so it broke).

Warcraft millionaire bank alt


Warcraft millionaire trained skills

Why are you doing this?

Several reasons but the best answer is obvious – as a viral thing to hopefully get more followers on Twitter and more visitors here.

Plus I didn’t know what else to spent it on. I’ve long since run out of things to buy in the game!

I’m on a different server, can I still enter?

You can enter, but you’ll need a character on Aerie Peak (Europe) for me to trade you the gold if you are a winner.

Do I have to follow you on Twitter then?

It would be nice, but it’s not a condition, no.

Are they any conditions?

Only this : you should have a regular, active Twitter account, or if you are new to Twitter you must me know your main character – in advance, or in the RT.

The reason for this is obvious – I am not trawling through a million replies a day from some bot created a gold farmer, nor players that create scores of Twitter accounts to boost their chances of winning. Anything that smells of spam will be ignored! (i.e. a level 1 alt on AP as your ‘main’ and a new Twitter account with no profile or posts has no chance of being drawn).

What’s the prize worth?

If you were stupid enough to be a gold buyer, the main price would set you back about £1,500, so it’s not a piffling amount. (Hence the above rules against bots and gold farmers!)

To put it into perspective, it would take about 40,000 daily quests (at 25g each) to earn that – 1,600 days (4 years) of doing 25 quests a day.

OK, How do I enter?

By re-tweeting the daily message about it. One person will be drawn around midnight and one of these 30 winners gets drawn for the main prize.

(When I start on May 1st, 2011, it will look something like this:

#WoW Win ONE MILLION GOLD! RT to be in the daily 10,000g draw & chance to win jackpot. Read more: #d1rnd(33)

This link will be for this page, obviously and the #d1rnd(33) will be different each day).

Here’s the daily winners:

  1. @winners name and WoW ‘main’

(Addenda: Poor response, gave away a few 100k in game, then just gave away my guild and everything and stopped playing)

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