Spellcaster university: Traits

Student and Facilty traits and their effects

Sometimes it makes little difference, sometimes it can make a noticeable difference to your progress.

Consider a Brilliant and Passionate Worker, of Lawful Good alignment and blessed with Child of Nature, in a Passionate Nature House, with a Nature teacher who is also Lawful Good and is excellent.
The bonuses start to stack up, especially later in their studies:
+40% +25% +10% +25% +10% +25% +10% +25%…

Then consider a less favourable combination, one with a dumb, deaf chaotic evil student, with hay fever, and shoved in the greenhouse with a bad teacher, pedagogically speaking. Instead of all those increases, you receive penalties to learning, starting with -50% for their allergy to pollen and -40% to learning.

There are checks and balances though, so if you push that deaf student, eyes and nose streaming into a stable with an excellent teacher and Nature focus, the checks (+25, +20%) can start to balance things.

Overall, it’s just a fun addition to the game, but if you wanted to make things challenging – a short game, with a speed challenge, at the Archmage level, it would take a lot more care in placements to win.

spellcaster university teacher

Pro tip

Buff and counter traits with optimal placement of accessories. The most notable ones are below.

Bed of Repentance – chance to remove a negative trait
(Drawn with Light mana)

Teachers’ rooms*:
*(e.g. Private apartment, Teacher’s lounge, Bright Staff Refectory, (Trophy room))

Ancient Hermit Crab (relic) – Teacher may permanently gain a positive trait
(Drawn with Natural mana, once unlocked)

Crystal Ball (relic) – Teacher may permanently lose a negative trait
(Drawn with Arcane mana)

Magic Hat (relic) – Can permanently raise teacher’s pedagogy, up to Excellent
(Drawn with Arcane mana)

Student rooms*:
*(e.g. Bedrooms, Students hall, (Trophy room))

Armillary Sphere (artifact) – small chance for Passionate trait
(Drawn with Natural mana, once unlocked)

Specific classroom*:
(e.g. Righteous Cloister vs Demonic Chamber)

Pyre (artifact) – chance to become Good
(Drawn with Light mana)

Pentacle (decoration) – chance to turn Bad
(Drawn with Shadow mana)

Student and House Magic Affinities and Aversions

Magic-related traits (positive)

Alchemy apprentice: learns Alchemy 25% faster

Arcane scholar: learns Arcane magic 25% faster

Child of Nature: learns Nature spells 25% faster

Chosen of Light: learns Light magic 25% faster

Shadow Disciple: learns Shadow skills 25% faster


Passionate: learns level 4 and 5 spells 25% faster

Worker: learns magic 10% faster

Magic-related traits (negative)

Allergic to crustaceans: learns Alchemy 50% slower

Down to earth: learns Arcane magic 50% slower

Allergic to pollen: learns Natural magic 50% slower

Goth: learns Light magic 50% slower

Claustrophobia: learns Shadow magic 50% slower


Deaf: learns magic 15% slower

Positive traits

Ambitious: better futures possible

Athletic: moves 25% faster

Beautiful: loses much less sanity when insulted

Comical: reduces boredom for nearby students

Courageous: deals 35% more damage in combat

Diligent: generates 10% more mana when studying

Gourmet: hunger lowers 30% faster when eating

Jack of all trades: learns the first level of all magic disciplines 100% faster

Orphan: no Prestige loss if they die (awww :( )

Popular: doubles Prestige gain (or loss) at the end of their studies

Steadfast: loses 20% less sanity

Unbreakable: reduces all health losses by 20%

Well-behaved: this student misbehaves half as much

Negative traits

Aggressive: makes the students they bully lose much more sanity.

Antisocial: works less efficiently in crowded rooms

Bibliophobia: inefficient when studying in the library

Bully: lowers sanity of nearby students

Chatty: slows learning rate for others in the room

Coward: deals 50% less damage in combat. Runs away if the school is attacked.

Demoralised: slowly loses sanity over time

Heavy-sleeper: tiredness lowers 30% slower when sleeping

Hyperactive: misbehaves a lot, but moves a bit faster

Hypochondriac: slowly loses health over time

Pretentious: increases boredom in nearby characters

Procrastinator: acts and gets tired 25% slower (i.e. ineffective)

Old-fashioned: loses sanity faster

Shifty: misbehaves much more than other students

Slow: moves 20% slower

Ugly: loses much more sanity when other students are mean to them

Voracious: hunger lowers 30% slower (than normal) while eating

Student Intelligence

Dumb: learning rate reduced by 40%

A bit slow: learning rate reduced by 20%

Normal: no change

Smart: learning rate increased by 20%

Brilliant: learning rate increased by 40%


Miserable: reduces all money gains from the student by 50%

Poor: reduces all money gains from the student by 25%

Average: unaltered

Well-off: increase all money gains from the student by 25%

Wealthy: increase all money gains from the student by 50%


Lawful Good (Neutral, Evil)
Neutral Good (Neutral (true neutral), Evil)
Chaotic Good (Neutral, Evil)

The needs and learning rate of the student and their reacher are affected by and correspond to their respective morality. e.g.:

The needs of a Chaotic student grow more slowly if their teacher is also Chaotic.

Similarly, an Evil student learns faster if their teacher is also bad, while a Good students learns better with a good-aligned teacher. Neutral students work best with a balanced teacher.

Teachers’ Traits (positive):

Ancient wisdom: students learn 10% faster

Corpore sano: slows growth rate of needs by 20%

Erudite: increases the learning rate of students by 10%

Ex-Adventurer: while teaching, may improve your reputation with the Adventurer’s guild

Ex-Inquisitor: while teaching, may improve your reputation with the Inquisition

Fun: students get bored half as fast

Job lover: reduces their boredom growth by 50%

Hawk-eye: students in the same room misbehave 75% less for 2 minutes

Inspiring: students in the class have a chance of losing a negative trait

Light sleeper: tiredness lowers 30% faster while this character is resting

Punctual: moves faster than most characters

Under the King’s protection: while teaching, may improve your reputation with the King

Teachers’ Traits (negative)

Clumsy: Active students in the same room have a 50% greater chance of suffering from a magical aberration

Demanding: their wage is 30% higher than other staff

Demoralised: slowly loses sanity over time

Elder: slow movement rate

Poser: boredom grows by 20% for all other characters in the room

Relaxed: moves a little slower, students learn 10% slower

Round belly: gets hungry faster

Teacher’s pedagogy

Bad: lowers student learning rate by 20%

Poor: lowers student learning rate by 10%

Normal: no change

Good: increases student learning rate by 10%

Excellent: increases student learning rate by 20%


See also: main Spellcaster University Guide.

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