Spellcaster University: Potions guide

Potions, you’ve got to mix it, mix it!

{ Available potions }

It should be noted the while potions come under the category of alchemy, there are quite separate. There are cards and items that can affect potions, but a grandmaster alchemist is no better at mixology than a first-year student of portal magic. If you have the cards, you have the potions.

Now for the guide to mixing potions:
There isn’t one!
Any other guide you read is probably wrong because the alchemy tables are randomly generated for each game. i.e. the result from mixing cheese, alcohol and mandragorc root can be different in every game, (within the available variations).

Potion ingredients

Produced by the Alembic artefact (sword), but others cards can offer it too.
It is always good to keep a bottle of booze or two handy for the Orcs and grumpy parents
Card from events only? Or Alchemy?

Is primarily produced Xar-Saroth’s Raclette dish, but others cards can offer it too.
It is always good to keep a cheese or two handy for the Orcs.
Xar-Saroth’s Raclette dish is a utensil (cauldron) card and can be offered when spending Light mana

Mandragorc root
This is produced by the Mandragorc artefact (sword); the card can be obtained by spending Natural mana.

Milliwing feather
This feather is dropped by the Milliwing familiar, which can be had by spending Natural mana.

Parkofit hat
This is produced by the Parkofit relic (chest); the card can be obtained by spending Natural mana.
It is always good to keep one of these handy for the king; saves upsetting other groups.

Sleeper’s soul
This is a by-product of the child-devouring bed. It is a wildcard for the other five ingredients.
This requires a child-devouring bed component card and may be offending when spending Shadow mana.

Unicorn Horn
This is produced by the Potted unicorn artefact (sword); the card can be bought with Natural (?) mana.


The help guide in the actual game gives all this, but I might as well include it here too.

Bottled glory: Rewards 5 prestige on use. Valuable then.

Philosopher’s Stone: Rewards 300g on use. Good to have.

Cleansing potion: Will remove the graffiti from the walls. Also valued by monks fro cleaning yaks.

Alchemical reagent: gives 200 alchemy mana

Demonic distillation: gives 200 shadow mana

Filtered power: gives 200 arcane mana

Sylvan elixir: gives 200 natural mana (Also wanted by the monks)

Sacred elixir: gives 200 light mana

Destruction potion: Basically, a petrol bomb. Lob it at invaders, like Orc hordes.

Void potion: closes portal, puts out fires. Mostly, though there’s an event that it’s handy to have one for.


See also: main Spellcaster University Guide.

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