Spellcaster University: Bullet points

Bullet points for rooms etc in Spellcaster University

This is more of a supplementary index page, a quick answer to “How do I get this?”

See the expanded pages in our Spellcaster University Guide for more detailed information.

Classes and utility rooms and how to draw them

Drawing card cards in Spellcaster University
{ Drawing cards. Here ‘base’ for gold }

Base class rooms for gold

Alchemy room (3 disciplines)

Arcane room (3 disciplines)

Light room (3 disciplines)

Nature room (3 disciplines)

Shadow room (3 disciplines)

(The above five can also be obtained from the Sneakly merchants for 200g)

General use rooms

Room – (notes) – [card acquired with…]


Bright Staff Refectory (teachers dining lounge), [light mana]

Dormitory (large shared bedroom), [gold]

Gazebo (generates Prestige), [arcane mana]

Guidance Office (career guidance), [arcane mana]

Guinea-pig Tower (comms tower), [natural mana]

Infirmary (healing events), [alchemy mana]

Janitor Lodge (-), [shadow mana]

Library (-), [alchemy mana]

Observatory (Lord of Evil event), [alchemy mana]

Prison (naughty corner), [shadow mana]

Refectory (student dining hall), [gold]

Private apartment (teachers private study/bedroom), [gold]

Private room (students small private bedroom), [gold]

Student’s hall (student lounge), [gold]

Teacher’s lounge (teachers lounge), [gold]

Trophy Room (buffs adjacent rooms), [light mana]

Magic classrooms

Alchemy rooms

Enchanter’s Workshop (enchantments)

Potions Workshop (potions)

Runic Scriptorium (runes)

Arcane rooms

Elementalists Dojo (elementalism)

Interdimensional Room (portals)

Temporal Room (time magic)

Light rooms

Cloister of the Righteous (sacred)

Hero’s Chapel (heroism)

Chamber of Truth (retribution)

Nature rooms

Dolmen (druidism)

Greenhouse (herbalism)

Stable (beast magic)

Shadow rooms

Assassins’ Arena (assassination)

Crypt (necromancy)

Demonic Chamber (demonology)

(Wearable) Equipment

{ Students sporting the latest wearable accessories }

Alchemist Talisman, (30% alchemy mana buff), [alchemy mana, events]

Arcane Crystal Staff (learn all magic 25% faster), [arcane mana, events]

Arcane Amulet (30% arcane mana buff), [arcane mana, events]

Autumn Shoulderguards (doubles life gains), [natural mana, events]

Demonic Horns, (double damage in combat), [shadow mana, events]

Flower Crown (cures boredom), [light mana, events]

Horns of the Forest King (caffeine boost to slow tiredness), [natural mana, events]

Infernal Wings, (125% shadow mana buff), [shadow mana, events]

Necro Staff , (30% shadow mana buff), [shadow mana, events]

Sacred Halo (lessens hunger pangs), [light mana, events]

Shaman Staff (30% nature mana buff), [natural mana, events]

Sign of the Eldest (helps repel Lord of Evil), [arcane mana, events]

Wild Breast Plate , (small Orc rep gains), [shadow mana, events]

Wings of the Archangel (125% light buff), [light mana, events]

Wolf Tooth (20% speed buff), [natural mana, events]

Room items

Spellcaster University improvement items
{ Spellcaster University improvement items }

Artifacts (sword items)

Alembic, (for alcohol), [alchemy mana]

Ancient Harp*, (stops aberrations), [arcane mana]
(Chaos challenge unlocks)

Armed Chest* (slightly increases enchantment), [alchemy mana]
(Speed challenge unlocks)

Armillary Sphere, (small chance for Passionate trait), [arcane mana]

Base spellbook, (small spec. gain), [gold]

Celestial Fireflies (+25% to mana gains from events), [light mana]

De Vermi Tentaculi (Non-humans improve known magics), [shadow magic]

Door Between Worlds, (25% buff to portals and enchant), [arcane mana]

Heroic Statue, (small chance for ‘Brave’ trait), [light mana]

Magic armour, (health protection), [gold]

Mandragorc, (chance for ‘Manadragorc Root’), [nature mana]

Mystical Eye, (students behave for a few minutes), [arcane mana]

Plane Telescope* (chance to extend studies 1 year), [arcane mana]
(Rage challenge unlocks)

Potted unicorn plant, (chance for ‘Unicorn Horn’), [nature mana]

Psy Crystal, (boosts activities, but also needs), [arcane mana]

Pyre, (change to become Good), [light mana]

Reliquary (light buff 50%, but shadow debuff 50%), [light mana]

Runic Stone, (small runes buff), [alchemy mana]

Scholar’s Hand-Eating Flower, (reduces boredom, but also health), [nature mana]

Sword in the Stone* (improves Heroism slightly), [light mana]
*(Darkness challenge unlocks)

Tentacle, (slightly improve Demonology and Portal Magic, but lose sanity), [shadow magic]

Totem, (slightly improves Druidism), [nature mana]

Unfinished Golem , (reduces school maintenance 25%), [alchemy mana]

War Drum, (slightly reduce tiredness], [nature mana]

Weapons Racks, (slightly improves Assassination and Retribution), [light mana]


Bed of Repentance, (chance to negative trait), [light mana]

Canopy beds, (lose tiredness, earn gold), [gold]

Child-eating Bed, (chance for Sleeper’s Soul), [shadow mana]

Coffin, (small chance of vampirism), [shadow mana]

Green Bed, (small gain in Druidism and Herbalism), [nature mana]

Medical Bed, (heals quickly, earns gold), [light mana]

Tribal Bed, (good energy buff), [nature mana]

Decorations (paintings)

Astral Clock*, (day planner, prevents needs burst), [alchemy mana]
*(Chaos challenge unlocks)

Big Hourglass, (slightly increase Time Magic), [arcane mana]

Clans Banner, (improve Orc rep.), [nature mana]

Demon Tapestry, (slightly improve Demonology), [shadow mana]

Evil Banner, (improve lord of Evil rep.), [shadow mana]

Guild Banner, (improves Adventurers guild rep), [alchemy mana]

Hunting trophy, (move faster in the room), [gold]

Ivy, (improve, speed-up activity in nearby rooms), [nature mana]

Inquisition Banner, (improve Inquisition rep.), [light mana]

Lunar Calendar, (change to become a werewolf), [nature mana]

Painting, (needs rare slows), [gold]

Pentacle, (chance to turn bad), [shadow mana]

Ritual Orc Painting (chance for half-orcs new students), [alchemy mana]

Royal Banner, (improve Kingdom rep.), [arcane mana]

Sacred Stained Glass Window, (slightly improve Sacred Magic), [light mana]

School coat of arms, (generate Prestige), [gold]

Shadow-Weaving Spider* (generate the resource you have the least of), [shadow mana]
*Speed challenge unlocks

Student of the month portrait, (learn faster, but also tire faster), [gold]

Village banner, (improve Peasants rep.), [gold]

Weapons and shield, (greatly improve fighting skill for a few minutes), [gold].

Window on Another World, (slightly improve Portal Magic), [arcane mana]

Familiars (dragons, pets)

Aquarium, (generate gold), [alchemy mana]

Animal in a Box*, (slightly improves Beast skills), [Nature(?) mana]
*(Darkness challenge unlocks)

Black Dragon, (learn Shadow more effectively for a few minutes), [shadow mana]

Blue Dragon, (learn Alchemy more effectively for a few minutes), [alchemy mana]

Drooler, (assistant janitor, cleans), [alchemy mana]

Fairy Dragon, (greater chance of non-human students), [arcane mana]

Faun, (Helps with Tiredness, Hunger and Boredom of teachers), [nature mana]

Green Dragon, (learn Nature Light more effectively for a few minutes), [nature mana)

Large Phoenix, (for dungeon runs, resurrect one student). [light mana]

Mana-Eating Snake, (Improve efficiency of that floor/level), [nature mana]

Manywings, (chance for Manywings component), [arcane mana]

Marsh Vulture , (learn Necromancy and Demonology if bad, lose sanity if good), [shadow mana]

Mystical Birds, (improves sanity and elementalism, but poops a lot), [arcane mana]

Pegasus (chance to raise wealth), [light mana]

Purple Dragon, (learn Arcane more effectively for a few minutes), [arcane mana)

Turquoise Dragon, (learn much faster for a few minutes), [arcane mana]

White Dragon, (learn Light more effectively for a few minutes), [light mana)

Witch’s cat, (reduces needs), [gold]

Relics (chests)

Ancient Hermit Crab*, (Teacher may permanently gain a positive trait), [natural mana]
*(Rage challenge unlocks)

Coffee machine (reduce tiredness for a few minutes), [gold]

Criticality Prism* (Teacher get buff to teaching), [arcane mana]
*(Transumation challenge unlocks)

Crystal Ball, (Teacher may permanently lose a negative trait), [arcane mana]

Grotesque Relic, (increases change of Deepfolk students), [Alchemy ?]

Magic Hat, (Teachers may teach permanently better), [arcane mana]

Parkofite, (chance of ‘Parkofite Hat’, good for Kigdom events), [natural mana]

Ritual components (Teachers may create potion components), [shadow mana]

Scales (Potion cards played 40% more efficient). [alchemy mana]

Skull (Teacher needs lessen, they may leave union), [shadow mana]

Vase of Eternity, (change new student will be Elves), [arcane mana]


Medicine cabinet, (heals), [gold]

Component Supply, (chance fore potion components), [alchemy mana]

Snow crystal balls collection, (Lessens boredom, tiredness and hunger for Teachers), [gold]

Terrarium, (slightly increase their Herborism), [natural mana]

Trophy Showcase, (chance for Ambitious trait), [light mana]

Kitchen tools (cauldrons)

NOTE: Like rooms, utensils are fixed on placement. They cannot be removed or replaced!
(As at v1.01)

Health-risk Waffle Maker, (helps with hunger, and Orcs, but unhealthy), [shadow mana]

Heating Box of the Future, (helps with hunger), [arcane mana]

Cornucopia*, (generates gold relative to nature level), [nature magic]
*(Transmutation challenge unlocks)

Multi-function Cauldron, (helps slightly with Hunger, Tiredness and Boredom), [alchemy mana]

World Tree Wood Table Set, (generates Prestige), [nature magic]

Xar-Saroth Raclette Device , (creates Cheese), [light mana]

Teachers and improving the faculty

Faculty staff
{ Faculty staff comprising teachers, a psychologist and a janitor }

NOTE: Like rooms and utensils, teachering upgrades are fixed on placement. They cannot be removed or replaced!
(As at v1.01)

Mentor, (Teacher becomes Excellent, with +3 positive traits), [alchemy mana]

PhD in Theoretical Magic, (Teacher generates a lot of mana), [arcane mana]

Priesthood, (Teacher immune to hunger and tiredness), [light mana]

Warden, (Teacher can greatly boost students learning), [natural mana]

Infernal Pact, (Teacher works for free, gives Loord of Evil rep.), [shadow mana]

Student races

Non-humans in Spellcaster university
{ Non humans in Spellcaster university }

Deepfolk, (help repel Evil), [ via arcane mana, Grotesque Statue, Peasants]

Elves:, (learn faster in high-up rooms), [via light mana, Vase of Eternity, Shifty merchant]

Half-orcs, (learn faster with pet, better behaved), [via alchemy mana, Ritual Orc Painting, no faction (?)]

Vampires:, (learn magic faster, esp. Shadow), [via shadow mana, Coffins, Lord of Evil]

Werewolves:, (Hit hard, regenerate), [via nature mana, no relic (?), no faction (?)]

Potions, you’ve got to mix it, mix it!

{ Available potions }

Potion ingredients

Alcohol via placed Alembic artifact, [events only? alchemy too?]

Cheese via placed Xar-Saroth’s Raclette dish cauldron, [light mana]

Mandragorc root via placed Mandragorc artifact artifact, [nature mana]

Milliwing feather via placed Milliwing familiar, [nature mana]

Parkofit hat via placed Parkofit relic, [nature mana]

Sleeper’s soul via Child-devouring bed, [shadow mana]

Unicorn Horn via Potted unicorn artifact, [nature mana(?)]


Alchemical reagent: gives 200 alchemy mana

Bottled glory: Rewards 5 prestige on use.

Cleansing potion: Removes the graffiti

Demonic distillation: gives 200 shadow mana

Destruction potion: Throw at invaders

Filtered power: gives 200 arcane mana

Philosopher’s Stone: Rewards 300g on use.

Sacred elixir: gives 200 light mana

Sylvan elixir: gives 200 natural mana

Void potion: closes portal, puts out fires

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