Neverwinter Nights Guide : Henchmen Quests Chapter 1

NWN Henchmen Quests : Chapter 1

Boddyknock Glinckle, Sorcerer

He needs a Bread recipe. It can be found on a corpse in Siril the Baker’s, in the Beggar’s Nest

Rewards: Lantanese Ring

Enchant : Charisma +1 and Regeneration +1

Daelan Redtiger, Barbarian

He wants his mother’s Uthgardt brooch. It can be found in a chest on a ship in the Dock district

Rewards: Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe:

Enchant : Strength +1 and Immunity to fear

Grimgnaw, Monk

He requires a Silver Ring (with Eagle crest), which can be found in a desk in a house in No-Mans Land,
near Blackgate proper

Rewards: Amulet of the Long Death

Enchant : Constitution +1 and Spell Resistance 10

Linu La’Neral, Cleric

She requests a Silver Chalice of Moonbow, currently in a cabinet in Meldanen’s Casting room, Blacklake District

Rewards: Pendant of the Elf

Enchant : Dexterity +1

Sharwyn, Bard

She desire a Celestial Elixir, resting on an alchemist table in Tangebrook Estate, Peninsula District

Rewards: Belt of the Performer

Enchant : Charisma +1, Perform +1 and Persuade +1

Tomi Undergallows, Rogue

He needs a forged Document, atop a bookshelf in Thomas Wheelwright’s, in the Beggar’s Nest.

Rewards: Ring of the Rogue

Enchant : Dexterity +1, Traps +1 and Locks +1

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