Neverwinter Nights links

Neverwinter Nights Links

  • Bioware
    There was a dedicated section, even a chess module now. Now? Now you have to dig deep to even find acknowledgement that they made the game!
  • Biowares NWN Forum : Needless to say that went from well populated to removed from existence in the past decade
  • Bioware Patches – manual (Good luck finding patches on Bioware now!)

    I had a problem with automatic updates – I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one…

    I did do a little digging today (9-dec-2013) and found this quote, which sums it up:
    The publisher was Atari, and they never "took care of" anything correctly after going into the publishing business, no matter who owned them.
    Atari don’t have the best reputation in the world, but neither do Activision that now own Blizzard.
    There’s no profit in support, you see…
    Customer loyally you say?
    Falls on deaf ears mate!

  • Cautionary note : I believe the following link is the update that the auto-update fails to find, but it does download at the moment and hasn’t set my firewall ablaze, but if you are the caution type, don’t use it! However, if is housed at Bioware so I assume it’s the original file. I found the link on an old forum. It also only works with the Hordes Expansion.

    I’ve just tried installing the game on Windows 7 and am having all sorts of fun. The original game – once I got it installed – hangs, so needs the patch. To install it though… The original wanted the serial number from the SoU expansion. The SoU wanted the serial number from the Horde box and the Horde expansion just didn’t want to know! In the end I got around in by looking for the ‘nwncdkey.ini’ and manually entering the codes in the right order, then install the Horde expansion. Then, finally, you can install the patch. Then the damned game, which was intolerably jerky by now, won’t play because it’s changed it’s mind about the serial numbers… *sigh* I’ll uninstall and try another day.

    Posted by ‘Oclair Monanari’ over 2 years ago

  • IGN Vault: NWN This is still with us
  • On my travels I found the web site of artist Gareth Hinds who was responsible for this masterpiece, along with several other characterisations from Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide.

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