Neverwinter Nights Hints and Tips, Chapter 4, Neverwinter core and the source stone

Chapter Four: Neverwinter Core and the Source Stone

Defeating the Golems
My own character was – is – a tough old bird, due in no small part to his dodge and evasion skills, so I chose the beat them into scrap metal for the possible extra experience points. The easier way is to look for the door(s) with the glowing lights and kill the wizards fast. These houses and their trapped chests also seem to hold the most powerful (random) equipment in the game too.

The only other difficulty you may encounter is actually touching Morag. I’d taken out her elite guards by forcing them to come at me one at a time through the door.

Using a ‘Horrid Wilting’ scroll killed most of the priestesses chanting behind the ‘Barrier of Blades’, leaving the evil lizard queen vulnerable to the business end of my halberd. Needless to say other weapons work equally well with the respective protective chanter(s) removed. Unless I’m mistaken, killing all the lizard women kills Morag too, but that way you lose 500 experience points you can use towards the expansions.

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