Neverwinter Nights Guide : my character

The Neverwinter Nights Adventures of Kell Ack’adia

Kell Ack’adia is a teller of tales, a loremaster, and a lousy musician. Though good-natured and friendly at heart he is rather amoral and not beyond interpreting laws and rules to suit the chaotic duality of his own view of the world.

Chapter One: Neverwinter City

On the promise of fame, glory and no small fortune to buy more tomes with I ventured north to Neverwinter to lend what aid I could…

OK, that plague is nasty, and there are city guards with enchanted crossbows ensuring academics like myself don’t try to slip over a wall and risk spreading the disease. Blast, guess I’d better stay and help then!

After Prelude
Can’t have a minute. Sheesh. The facility was attacked by festering undead, manic mages and a horde of goblins. I can’t get out the pox ridden city and this flea ridden lot saunter in, armed to the teeth. Spent a whole day running and hiding and blasting them in the face with the rod of frost I’d earned.

Still, found a decent enchanted shield on one large goblin, and a magic amulet on a barrel. I’ll get a few gold for the latter!

Kell after the Prelude:

Level 3 Bard
HP ()
AC ()
XP 3,009
GP ()

After Beggar District
Help out in the Beggar District indeed. The place was alive with undead, if that’s not a misnomer. Still a number of mercenaries were available for hire. I hated parting with the gold, but it worked to my advantage and one reprobate called Tomi taught me a great deal about the nature of locks and traps.

I’m currently weighed down in scale armour too. It really interferes with my spell casting, limited though it is, but seeing the number of zombies I’d run from… Invested in a nice short sword too, enhanced by a dwarven runesmith to daze opponents for a moment. Also discovered a few enchanted gloves, cloaks and weapons, several of which I sold for a fortune. On top of this haul was a great pair of magic rings from my hired aides, rewards for discovering documents they sought.

Kell after the Beggars District

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
HP ()
AC ()
XP 10,3431
GP 10,431

After Docks District
As if hordes of worm food trying to pull my limbs off wasn’t enough, the docks (and any chance of slinking away on a boat) were even worse as every thug and cutpurse considered me an easy mark. Teaming up with a half-breed barbarian soon whittled them down it size. Also earned me a strength enhancing amulet from Daelin for liberating his mother’s broach from a pirate ship.

All the stress from the constant reality of imminent death fired up the sorcerous side of my nature, making me even stronger, though I’m sure my skin feels tighter, almost leathery. When this is over I really, really need a long soak in a salt bath!

Kell after the Docks District

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
Level 2 Red Dragon Disciple
HP ()
AC ()
XP 22,520
GP 13,278

After Peninsula District
Spend a week helping – with extreme prejudice – persuade the escaped convicts it was safer to return to their cells and stay there. After one particularly harrowing encounter with some brain sucking horror they sought I got roaring drunk, belched and set fire to part of the Militia headquarters. Seems I can do it at least once a day now. What was I drinking!?

Kell after the Peninsula District

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
Level 3 Red Dragon Disciple
HP ()
AC ()
XP 30,573
GP 7,656

After Blacklake
What it is with rich folk and guards. As soon as you enter to ask a few civil questions on the request of the lord of the city they try to cut your head off! Still, knocking a little sense into them, and a little stuffing out of the more stubborn ones has toughened me up a bit.

Kell after the Blacklake District

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
Level 4 Red Dragon Disciple
HP (72)
AC 21
XP 40,342
GP 24,212

After Helms Deep
Sod’s Law really, the clerics finally make the cure for the plague and their head preacher runs off with it. All this time trying to sneak out of the city and then it’s, Well, what are YOU waiting for, portal out of the city after him
Nooo way, there could be a score of them laying in wait and they want me to jump in blind!
No matter, they point out, I can stay here and risk a long, lingering death from a withering disease. Some choice…

Twice damned edifice was full of walking dead men. I hate them almost as much as spiders. This cowl I bought from the dodgy dealer in the docks offers protection from poison but nothing from disease. I swear my skin feels leathery after catching something unpleasant after some dried up thing clawed me. Times like this I wish I had that clumsy cleric along, but oh no, no time to send a runner for the lady Linu.… Still, liberated a few rather nice enhancing bracers and a vicious looking kukri. I’ll have to learn how to use this thing.

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
Level 5 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 81
AC 22
XP 46,427
GP 23,655

Chapter Two: Port Llast and north to Luskan

After North Road and Mutamin’s Challenge
All expenses paid, own room, promise of several thousand gold for helping translate a few dead languages and ask around. I’m good for that. Getting rather good at haggling for prices when I fence all the amulets and runic weapons I keep finding. Folk have no idea of the value of some of the things they dump!

After a liberating talk with a warrior woman I got drunk and in a fit of bravado entered some dungeon challenge, sponsored in part by blood-thirsty nobles scrying our progress. Have at the traps, brave the denizens. No-one mentioned the ruddy spiders. I swear one was the size on a cottage, it was HUGE.
I really don’t like those skittering things lunging at me, all hairy legs and dripping venom. Still, they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m certainly a lot tougher than when I faced by bloated arachnid in the crypts.

Kell after North Road and Mutamins Challenge

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
Level 7 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 105
AC 32
XP 67,611
GP 24,183
(Appraise: ~19)
(Best price for a silver necklace: 300)

After Port Llast and surrounding areas
OK, that’s it, I’m cutting back on all the magical potions I’m drinking when I’m out risking life and limps for these clowns. Times like this I wish I’d stayed with that dancing troupe! Wings, I ask you! I thought my armour felt uncomfortable; next thing I know I’ve got wings sprouting out my back. I wouldn’t mind if they were even useful, but they lack the strength to lift me. Wings are for flying, not ruining a perfectly good, not to mention almost priceless suit of enchanted leathers. All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t wrapped in steel like some spit and polish knight-in-arms.

Added to this, I swear my skin is getting scaly. Either that or I’ve caught yet another unpleasant disease from all this unhygienic places I’m being sent too. On the positive side I seem to need less sleep and answers come easier to me. One can only hope the wings with strengthen in time, I rather like the idea of flying away from danger instead of running like a fool in speed enchanted boots!

Kell after Port Llast

Level 3 Bard
Level 2 Rogue
Level 9 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 127
AC 32
XP 98,423
GP 108,001

After Luskan
Enter the Luskan Tower of Sorcery, we’re right behind you…
Right! Like they were when I was dodging wererats, ghouls and worse in the sewers…
Supping temple wine and eating sweetmeats from silvered plates while I creep around some psychotic wizards den. If they even glance avariciously at this Daystar sword I found I swear I’ll belch and toast them on the spot.

Made a few contacts in the underground here, with a network stretching all the way south to far Calimshar and sold all the artifacts I found ‘discarded’ in locked and trapped chested in the pirate captains quarters and throughout the Tower of Sorcery. And don’t be here when I get back, sayeth the disposed Lich. Not ruddy likely, I’ve just sold everything worth spit for a dragons fortune in gold and precious gems, just keeping a few back for my own use.

Kell after Luskan

Level 3 Bard
Level 3 Rogue
Level 9 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 135
AC 33
XP 115,910
GP 632,755

Chapter Three: Beorunna’s Well

After Beorunna’s Well
After meeting several dragons, none of which tried to eat me on sight, I have finally fully accepted the draconic side of my nature, embracing the magical side of my heritage. I embraced the rewarded treasure just as firmly, acquiring as I have the choicest items from the hoards of ancient white and red wyrms, and choice items from other dragons for my aide.

I have now fully transformed into a half-dragon – helped in no small part by bathing in the blood of the ancient red, Klauth after I hacked off his head. I feel far stronger and the scaly, leathery skin has settled into a soft, supple hide of tiny bronze red scales, iridescent almost. Far from being revolted, Linu and Sharwyn swear the appearance adds to my charm, enhancing me with an air of mystery. I’ve also become fully immune to flames, much to my relief as the fire I’ve been belching lately is substantially hotter and I’ve burnt my lips a few times more than I’d like.

My singing is getting better too!

Kell after Beorunnas Well

Level 5 Bard
Level 3 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 160
AC 35
XP 155,213
GP 1,375,287

Chapter Four: Neverwinter City Core

After Neverwinter Nights completed
Well, after a harrowing battle with a few more dragons and using up a few valuable scrolls to dispose of the handmaidens protected by a blade barriers, I finally faced the Creator Queen, Morag. Pttt. Not so immortal after I beheaded her with a sonic charged halberd!

Oh blast, this pocket plane is disintegrating…

Kell after completing Neverwinter Nights

Level 6 Bard
Level 3 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 168
AC 34
XP 173,729
GP 1,692,193
(Appraise: 22)
(Best price for a silver necklace: 310)

Shadows of Undrentide

After all the blood and glory of Neverwinter I just want a rest, time to be myself and learn to play the lute, perhaps a few more useful spells. To this end I’ve enroled in a backwater school in Hilltop where my exploits are largely unknown and I can get on with improving my bardic skills without kids pulling on my wings, pallid survivors touching me for luck and to thank me for my selfless heroic deeds and the thieves guild trying to assassinate me every other week…

Wouldn’t you know it, Drogan is a Harper. Probably knew of my exploits and was grooming me to join.
Still, getting a few artifacts off a rogue band of Kobold, how hard can it be. One warning ‘breath’ and they are bound to cave in and give the things back.

After Chapter 1
Level Bard
Level Rogue
Level Red Dragon Disciple
HP ()
AC ()
XP ()
GP ()

After Interlude
Level Bard
Level Rogue
Level Red Dragon Disciple
HP 196
AC 37
XP 196,990
GP 2,106,102

After Chapter 2
Level 8 Bard
Level 3 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 204
AC 29
XP 222,041
GP 2,502,314

Kell in NWN Shadows of Undrentide - Heurodis defeated


p class=”rare”>Hordes of the Underdark

After a lot of hopping around the planes I finally got back to Faerun and made my way to Waterdeep. I’ve rented the best room in one of the best inns in the city and am having a good long soak in a hot bath before a much-needed sleep in a real bed. This is what life is really about, eh.

Life, don’t talk to be about life. First decent nights sleep in the gods only know how long and I’m tossing and turning with disturbing dreams, then woken up to the sound of some stinking Drow casting a spell to send everything I own to the nine hells. I’ll ruddy kill her!

In NWN Hordes of the Underdark a Drow robbed Kell naked

Smiley Boggle!

And kill her I did, but that was the start of a startling journey that literally tugged, pulled and dragged me screaming into the nine hells. Or precisely, the 8th hell of Baator. I recovered most of my equipment, bar my bags of holding, which I am still fuming about, but on the positive side I forced a Thiefling to travel the planes creating an epic sonnet about me and my partner in dust and grime, Deekin.

So, finally, I am relaxing in a boiling hot tub of water, my wings being waxed by an incredibly beautiful Erinyes that latched onto me in Cania’s Hellbreath tavern and, for some reason, The Reaper allowed through the portal to Waterdeep to witness our defeat and banishing of the arch-devil Mephistopheles.

Deekin, meanwhile, is beside himself, his tail lashing in happiness. I didn’t think the little guy had it in him, but he traded his favourite quill and ink artifacts we found in Undrentide for the true name of his publisher. I’m not sure what was said in that whispered conversation as he handed over the black ink-blood of Karsus, the archwizard of Netheril, but the evil grin on the ancient Baatorian’s face spoke volumes.

So it ends, for now. I am surrounded by weapons to make the very gods tremble, while Deekin is flying circles around Aribeth and her true love, begging them to fill in the gaps for his next novel on the redemption of the once fallen paladin.

After Chapter 1
Level Bard
Level Rogue
Level Red Dragon Disciple
HP 213
AC 32
XP 251,074
GP 2,777,009

After Chapter 2
Level 10 Bard
Level 7 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 253
AC 47
XP 371,440
GP 1,860,051
Appraise (best price for a silver necklace):
Djinn, Volkarin: 275 gp
Drow Merchants: 325 gp
Duergar Merchants: 475 gp

After Chapter 3
Level 11 Bard
Level 8 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 296
AC 49
371,440 XP
GP 3,138,890
(What can I say, I then spent the lot enhancing weapons with Rizolvir) Smiley Boggle!

Appraise (best price for a silver necklace):
Cania merchants: 250 gp (cap 50,000)
Djinn, Volkarin: 275 gp (cap 15,000)
Drow, Rizolvir: 400 gp (cap 50,000)

Kell redressed in the third level of the Underdark of NWN

And finally :

Kell saved NWN from the Hordes of the Underdark

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