Neverwinter Nights Guide : Henchmen Quests Chapter 2

NWN Henchmen Quests : Chapter 2

Boddyknock Glinckle, Sorcerer

Wants a Prism Blossom Seed ehich can be found in a crate in the first level of the Creator Ruins, below Troll Caves

Reward: enhances the Lantanese Ring

Enchant now has Charisma +3 and Regeneration +1

Daelan Redtiger, Barbarian

Want the Bloody axe from the Dwarf, Gorkan, lurking in the 3rd challenge room, Green Griffon Inn

Reward: enhances the Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe

Enchant now has Strength +3 and gives Immunity to fear

Grimgnaw, Monk

Wants the Corpse Hand found in a chest in the Arcane Brotherhood’s tomb on North Road

Reward : enhances the Amulet of the Long Death

Enchant now has Constitution +3 and gives Spell Resistance 10

Linu La’Neral, Cleric

Wants her husband’s journal, that of Synth La’neral, found on (his) corpse in the 1st level of Troll caves on East Road

Reward: enhances the Pendant of the Elf

Enchant now has Dexterity +3

Sharwyn, Bard

Wants the Nymph’s hair from the Armoire in southern most bedroom in the Nymph’s home, Neverwinter Woods

Reward: enhances the Belt of the Performer

Enchant now gives Charisma +3, Perform +3 and Persuade +3

Tomi Undergallows, Rogue

Wants the Star of Calimshan, found in a crate in the Casting Chamber in Wanev’s Tower, on the South Road

Reward: enhances the Ring of the Rogue

Enchant now gives Dexterity +3, Traps +2 and Locks +2

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