Neverwinter Night Solution : My hero, Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Neverwinter City Core

After Neverwinter Nights completed
Well, after a harrowing battle with a few more dragons and using up a few valuable scrolls to dispose of the handmaidens protected by a blade barrier, I finally faced the Creator Queen, Morag. Pttt. Not so immortal after I beheaded her with a sonic charged halberd!

Oh blast, this pocket plane is disintegrating…

Kell after defeating Morag and completing Neverwinter Nights

Level 6 Bard
Level 3 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 168
AC 34
XP 173,729
GP 1,692,193
(Appraise: 22)
(Best price for a silver necklace: 310)


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