Neverwinter Night Solution : My hero, Shadows of Undrentide

Shadows of Undrentide

After all the blood and glory of Neverwinter I just want a rest, time to be myself and learn to play the lute, perhaps a few more useful spells. To this end I’ve enrolled in a backwater school in Hilltop where my exploits are largely unknown and I can get on with improving my bardic skills without kids pulling on my wings, pallid survivors touching me for luck and to thank me for my selfless heroic deeds and the thieves guild trying to assassinate me every other week…

Wouldn’t you know it, Drogan is a Harper. Probably knew of my exploits and was grooming me to join.
Still, getting a few artifacts off a rogue band of Kobold, how hard can it be. One warning ‘breath’ and they are bound to cave in and give the things back.

After Chapter 1
Level Bard ()
Level Rogue ()
Level Red Dragon Disciple ()
HP ()
AC ()
XP ()
GP ()

After Interlude
Level Bard ()
Level Rogue ()
Level Red Dragon Disciple ()
HP 196
AC 37
XP 196,990
GP 2,106,102

After Chapter 2
Level 8 Bard
Level 3 Rogue
Level 10 Red Dragon Disciple
HP 204
AC 29
XP 222,041
GP 2,502,314

Kell, Shadows of Undrentide, Heurodis defeated

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