Netgear wireless network running again, finally

Netgear wireless

Yesterday the (replacement) DG834N died. I’d turned it off to move it to it’s finally position, plugged it back in, and it curled up with power warnings. I was not happy.

I was this close ‘. .’ to tossing it in the rubbish in temper, sod the warranty, but my wife commented that “It’s not like you to give up without a fight” so I left it there, near the bin.

Anyway, plugged in it one last time and it came on fine. After scowling at it a few minutes I swapped everything over and tried again.

And beggar me if it didn’t work properly!

Good connection with Netgear DG834N and WN311B :

Good connection with Netgear DG834N and WN311B

The Smart Wizard has it cycling from 11Mb/s to 165Mb/s, all with a good signal, but other monitoring has it steady around 120 to 35Mb/s with a good signal.

And I have absolutely no idea why it has sorted itself out.

Just in time for my wife’s 22″ Mitsubishi 2060u monitor to fail!

My own give the odd warning flicker too :(

That said, not a complaint, we’ve had then for years and they get hammered. My own is on for up to 18 hours a day, most days.

It has been playing up a bit lately anyway, sometimes refusing to turn on, but it seems to be doing it more often lately, so not I’m off to choose a nice LCD for her to replace it. There are lots of cheap ones – as low as £130 for a decent 22″ Samsung but I think I’ll settle on a 24″ Dell as all the reports for these are excellent.

The thing about LCD’s is this, using Dab’s cautionary wording:

There is a commonly accepted “tolerance level” set by each manufacturer, such that a display is only said to be faulty if the number of dead pixels exceeds this level.

I wouldn’t touch Acer LCD’s with a dirty bargepole, not ever.  Dell however offer:

The Premium Panel Guarantee

Dell monitors are designed and built to our highest standards, providing the quality and reliability you expect when you see the Dell logo. Each has been exhaustively tested and comes backed by a Dell Limited Warranty. Unyielding commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our customers has driven Dell to offer a Premium Panel Guarantee ensuring replacement of UltraSharp series monitors with zero bright pixels. Even if only one bright pixel is found, a free panel exchange is guaranteed during the limited warranty period, so you can rest assured your investment is protected.

When the time comes for me to upgrade I’m looking at either a 27″ or 30″ Dell. Can’t decide between the 27″ Dell UltraSharp 2709W Widescreen Flat Panel and the monster 30″ Dell Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor UltraSharp 3008WFP SuperView. It will come down to backwards compatibility rather than price in the end, really. I recall reading than some games, notably the older ones I like, have issues with such high resolutions and the screens can’t drop down low enough to accommodate them.  That said, the website confirms resolutions of 640 x 480 through to the default 2560 x 1600 so that’s my next upgrade sorted!

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