Forty nine this week and feeling it

49 this week, the years go fast!

(End August 2011)

Still waiting to see the NHS psychologists, but doing what I can to keep my moods in check and avoid the really dark lows. According to the last update I had I am third in the queue for screening – and it will be another month before they can see me! Same the world over apparently, too many people with mental health problems and far, far too few trained and qualified therapists.

Anyway, so far this past week or so I’ve managed:

  • Sorted my books (missing two boxes full of Tolkien and Anne McCaffrey and all Piers Anthony Xanth novels – NOT happy about that!).
  • Sorted most of my old pictures. Done the old colour photos and scanned most of the slides, mostly just the black and white negatives to go now. Will get a buy a copy of Adobe Lightroom this week, organise them better and tidy a few up.
  • Sorted all my clothes, throwing out the old stuff, buying new jeans, shoes etc.

Going with a new look, new feel to improve my self-esteem and get my head right. Had a semi-colour to cover all the grey. Have replaced baggy old t-shirts with sports shirts, while my old green coat is now a long black Cashmere one (which I’ve never worn since ‘cos I’m told I look “like an undertaker in that”). Looking out for a full length leather trench coat too, see how that looks on me.

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