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Updates for October 2008

Anyway, for a few weeks now Live Messenger has been off-line, reporting: messenger problem 80072745. Normally I fix things like that straight away but most of the time I don’t bother with Messenger so I ignored it. Healthier to get out the chair and ask if someone wants a cuppa than message the next room, eh. However my wife was off-line too and found it inconvenient so I looked for a solution.

Microsoft’s support was suitably vague and useless so I looked at Google. Lots of weird and wonderful solutions were claimed, as were registry hacks and the blatantly dubious ones along the lines of, You’ve got spyware, try our RemovetheBotsWeInstalled, only $39.95

Personally my first thought was to blame Norton Internet Suite ‘cos it can be a beggar for blocking stuff you want but a quick test absolved Symantec (this time). Turns out the culprit was my Netgear router and if you have one – possibley given their popularity – then that’s probably the cause. Or specifically one of the setting you can enable. Go into the settings (, admin, password) and simply untick / disable the uPnP option. Simple as that.

On a funnier note, Louise got this the other month and I just had to share!

Stare at the image below for long enough and you should see a giraffe.

Hidden giraffe

No, don’t take your eyes off the hidden giraffe until he comes into focus! ↑↑

All change, again!

Lot of serious health issues left me wrecked for a long time but I’m starting to fight back. First off I’ve moved to a really nice dedicated server with Hostgator and am finally getting everything how I like it. I’ll be tinkering with things for a few months, so please bear with me. If it all goes pear shaped in generally means I’m tinkering, watched it happen and am flapping while I fix it.

Basically, I could sit and mope in my cave, festering, wasting all my talents or, as one of my psychiatrists tactfully advised me, get a life!. Long story short, I’m still in my cave, but I’m remembering who and what I am and what I can share with the world…

~ Paul

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