UK Elections 2017: A fundamental party you can hope for

UK Elections 2017

So, here we are again, voting days away, only it’s not so easy this time.

Tories and May?

They offer the most realistic chance of a favourable Brexit.
They offer the most realistic chance of improving the economy, eventually.

Tories as a whole are in it for themselves and their corporate buddies. They may have plenty of rhetoric, but the woman is so shifty it’s almost unclean to watch. Mrs May, a woman of the people? Not bloody likely, her party bus was filmed close up on a farm complex, away from the public eye and us ‘dirty’ voters. That is as fake as it gets. Plus she wants to bring back fox hunting, so I’ve gone right off her with that as well.

Their policy is pretty much a tax-free gravy train for the corporations and multinationals, paid for by the middle and working classes.

Labour and Corbyn?

I like a lot of his policies. Most, actually, but not all.
Instead of being owned by the corporations, he’s owned by the unions. Not sure which is the worst! He cannot be trusted on immigration, or on dealing with terrorism. In fact, I’d go as far as to suggest that in his barmy world they are not ‘terrorists’ they are ‘deeply misunderstood freedom fighters’ (that just happen to happily murder women and children) and if we just talked to them we’d all get along wonderfully. And nationalising everything? That’s just bloody crazy. The country is up to its neck in debt after bailing out the banks (I’d have let the buggers sink!), his idea to shake the rich to find the hundreds of billions needed for all his wish list is just unreal. He CANNOT be trusted to run the country.

The rest?

UKIP?: Right about now I’m in favour of a lot of their policies! They have no chance of getting in, but still, racist slurs aside, they talk to the ‘common man’ Including immigrants!

Greens?: They just appear to want Brexit reversed. They are a joke.

SNP?: They are downright dangerous.

Lib Dems?: Now they really are a joke! They want to legalised narcotic drugs, reverse the Brexit vote (vote again until you get it “right”). Plus they are responsible in a large part for university fees rocketing from £3,000 a year to £9,000. There is absolutely nothing liberal or democratic about that party. They are an utter joke and need to lose what few seats they still hold.

So, basically, that leaves me learning towards Tory, but with utter revulsion, and my wife, tentatively (to save the NHS) leaning towards Labour, but really not trusting them.

So I made up a new party. A bit late this time around, but if a party had the following manifesto, AND I could trust them to deliver on the promises without destroying the country in the process, I’d vote for something like the (fictitious) ‘Fundamental Party’ below, that takes a bit from UKIP, a chunk from Labour, (bugger all from the Lib Dem loonies!), and has a certain Conservative business-headedness about them.

I give you the Fundamental Party:

Fundamental Party logo


  1. Taxes: Raise corporate tax to 25% (still well below countries like Germany (30%) and France 33%)
  2. Tax loopholes: Close them all, make tax avoidance exploitation of loopholes a criminal offence with punitive costs and jail time. Call it what it is: legalised money laundering! If you make money in the UK, you pay tax in the UK, not shift it through other countries!
  3. NHS: Protect and enhance, removing all privatised aspects. Medical tourists to be charged (Canadian style) prior to submission.
  4. Immigration: We are a small island. Net immigration needs to drop below zero, with Australian style vetting as standard.
    (Existing immigrants to be protected, as any other citizen, unless a threat to national security)
  5. Terrorism: ZERO TOLERANCE.
    Hate preachers jailed/deported. If a mosque is proven to be preaching extremism and jihadism then – ideally with the full support of the Muslim councils – it must be closed. The decent Muslims in this country need to police their communities.
  6. Sharia Laws and courts: Banned outright. They have no place in our society or legal system.
  7. University fees: Initially, a freeze on increases, removal of interest on student loans. When the economy is stabilised, and the money is available, fees are reduced and abolished over time, with the tuition element of historic UK student finance loans cancelled (provided they passed. e.g. If they spent the money instead on a car, a holiday, a boob job, or travelling to Syria to see their jihadi mates, then no!)
  8. Police and Armed forces: Invested in. Red tape removed, more community policing.
    Bobbies on the beat!
    Hard line, zero tolerance for drug dealers, paedophiles, violent crime.
  9. Parliament: Cleaned up!
    9.1 MP’s outright banned from taking multiple, conflicting posts
    (e.g I want to be an MP – AND a director and a board member here, here and here, and…)
    You have one job, do it!
    9.2: Ministers must be expected to be experts in the offices/departments they are residing over.
    (Really, how can they govern what they do not understand!)
    9.3: Introduce a proportional representation voting system.
    9.4: ‘Cash for gongs’, cronyism and similar corruptions made illegal
    9.5: House of Lords cut back. No more life peerages and inherited posts.
    9.6 Full transparency for MP and Lords expenses, votes, attendance etc.
  10. Overseas Aid: Cut to 0.2% or less. We need to fix our country first, not send hundreds of millions a year to wealthy, growing countries like India and Pakistan, for instance.
  11. Climate Change: Climate change is real, mankind is a factor. Sensible innovation needed.
  12. BREXIT: Hard line exit.
  13. Employment: Ban zero hours contracts.
    Punitive fines for firms found paying below the minimum wage.
  14. BBC television license: Scrapped. They can run adverts like everyone else.
  15. Payday loans: A ban on loans over 50% APR. (Rates of over 1,000% APR are ridiculous!)

As a jpeg:


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