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  1. Kristi says:

    Very interesting notes, can’t wait to see what you will do with it

  2. Kristi says:

    I need a chapter 4, please, it’s driving me nuts

    • Ack says:

      The rest is either lost or still in my head, waiting to be written. Need a week or two to cattle-prod my muses. It involved our ‘prisoner’ being taken to a sanctuary in the Scottish highlands, with flashbacks to the start of the event and hints of connectivity. Other scenes are set in Washington state (fishing), Stavanger (Norway) in a café, and a semi-detached house in London.

      While you asked, here’s some of my notes

      mib in cafe/mcd, ordering (smart menu, feeding rfid tags recommending food from eating habits, advicing a side salad, govt warning about calorie intake and cost of obesity, figures, ‘… and related complications attributes to obesity (heart disease, diabetes, kidney, etc now passing heart diseases cancer as the biggest killer and costing the country xx billion a year to treat…”

      mib… alias smith and jones. schmitt? (slavic Kovac, polish kowalski, smythe and jonus

      Coming home, white period house, getting mail from box, kicking door too while heel, running finger over light dust on a bureau, past a framed photo that is face down, while the others, including an airforce pilot one are prominent, putting an album on, mussorgsky, and sitting in a comfy chair, feet up on a small table, cleaning his gun, a silver .45 with a black handle.

      Fly fishing near a large log cabin somewhere in Washington state. Conversation with an oldish local about (not) catching any salmon (?) here this time of year, about bait and such. Like hearted, smiling, a regular, perhap oft repeated banter. “Just as well, I’d not know what to do if anything ever took the lure!” Image of a half crunched beer can (with 4 by plastic ring) floating downstream and the smile turning to a hardened look at he glances upstream. “Not today, I’m relaxing.”

      Ron gardening, shopping with wife, reading mail and moaning about bills and bylaws
      wife, hilary, being one of the first fatalities as 5g is switched on in london, ron’s ensuring breakfast, aggravated increasingly by the words and noise eating as his mind. has a degree in electrical engineering, figures it out, no-one wants to know, goes slowly insane. carted off, goes nuts and makes a policeman eat a mobile phone, lost teeth, bust lip, choking on components.

      Meanwhile in NYC, Palden Pema… hmmm, need his part in this. something observant, philosophical. Need his story at start.
      Tibetan yak farmer. Name means ‘Glorious Lotus’ so named after the flower blossomed the morning he was born.

      student, scrawny, subdued, retrospective. Goes to get money from ATM, can ‘see’ last transactions and balances, starts taking £500 a day from accounts with over £2,000 in, buying new tablets, laptops etc – someone in college torments him, tries to take a mobile, he snatchhes it back, topples backwards, cracks skulls. Unbeknown to him the ‘agents’ were tacking him. ‘another one lost to us’

      Carla, Italian, brains bf after ‘hearing’ him cheating on her. Italian secret police deal to keep her and infant free – if she ‘helps them’

      Sir Jon, cuts wires to accountants jag after ‘hearing’ him embezzel

      Craig ‘the pencil’ Willings, gutter journalist…

      Solicitors on a feeding frenzy

      Gangster terminates double dealing stooge.

      Side example of research:
      Interesting article, can use this well:
      The Internet Will Literally Kill You By 2014, Predicts Security Firm
      In a self-described bold move, the security firm Internet Identity released a statement this week in which it prognosticated that the Internet will become a murder weapon by 2014.

      Biotech and biorhythms
      Nobel prize winner Otto Von Warburg confirmed that normal, healthy cells have trans-membrane potentials of approximately 70 to 100 millivolts, while fatigued, impaired, and sick cells exhibit progressively lower voltages, which drop to as low as 15 millivolts in cancerous, diseased cells
      this video shows it based on injection and taking year(s) to repalce hair colour

      researching near field transmissions and the viability of subcutaneous biomorphic/cybernetic chargers (i.e jogging on the spot to power up your phone

      The BioCharger device non-invasively delivers a rich pulsed electromagnetic field that communicates with and delivers energy to the body in its own language – digital and analogue electrical signals.
      (hmmm: See Robert O. Becker, “The Body Electric” )
      Kirlian photography refers to a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges in the presence of moisture.



      Technically he’s an antagonist, working for the government, chasing our ‘hero’. He’s not good, but he’s certainly not bad, just going his job. older ‘agent’ Jaded, Think stephen lang – Conan / Avatar

      The dark, broody partner to MiB one. Need names for them.
      x special forces and all about fitness, regular regime of bench presses, press up, jogging.

      Jason Momoa born in Hawii 1979

      Optimal actor : Matthew Gray Gubler
      born in Nevada 1980, 6’1″

  3. Ack says:

    There go, I’ve enabled deeper nesting and following (invididual) posts and comments 🙂

  4. Kristi says:

    I’m not getting notifications on changes on page, shouldn’t I? Also, how do I reply directly to your reply… I seem to be missing something, lol.

    I think it’s good to keep busy. I also struggle to finish something if I don’t finish it in one go. Once I put it on hold I rarely go back to finish.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are a very busy man. Where do you find the time for everything? I’m really enjoying the book, can’t wait to read more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very good. Yes, the jolt scene was good. When can we expect the next chapter? 🙂

    • Ack says:

      Just need to get my act together 🙂

      I tend to jump between projects and interests/obsessions – a lot. Currently ‘on the pan’ are finishing a degree in cloud computing, typing up 4 books from manuscripts, revising 400 web pages of this site, cobbling together a couple of mobile games, developing a gothic sideways scroller, developing a hedgehog game (focus on nature), playing around with a farming MMO (using Atavism). Also learning/refreshing a few languages. Oh, and learning to draw!

      Ah yes, and making a microgame in which the hero of the adventure is poop 😀 😀

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