Sheila White : Spirit of England

Spirit of England

They called her "Merrie England"
In the lively days of old,
Though her summers were as dreary,
And the winters were as cold.

The spirit of her people
Was hearty, bright and gay,
It never daunted, never waned,
Like the spirit of today.

Oh spirit of modern England,
Rise before its too late,
Or those who once revered you,
Will be hammering on your gate.

They will sneer at your claim to glory,
Trample down your flag so brave,
The spirit of "Merrie England"
Is calling from the grave.

Vikings, Saxons and Romans came,
Britons Honoured Englands name.
The spirit of "Merrie England" asks,
Are you equal to the task?


© Sheila White, 1985

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