2019: EU falls


The EU is a ruddy great Ponzi scheme with 500 million mugs being played by a relative handful of utterly corrupt bankers, politicians and multi-nationals. And it will all come falling down soon, with or without our help, we will just speed up the inevitable.

For instance, I read, the USA keeps 10% aside to buffer in case of another banking crash, the EU and ECB keep just 1%. At present, pretty much, France, England and Germany are carrying the weight of the other 25 poorer countries – including Spain and Italy – most if not all of which are, pretty much, bankrupt. A huge amount of the blame for this bankrupt state is blamed firstly on the Euro, secondly on the EU itself.

Something like 50% of Germany’s money is tied up in bonds for Italy (etc.) and are essentially worthless. At some point soon they will need to be written off – just like, years ago, all the unpayable debts for parts of South America, Africa and other third world countries were written off because they defaulted and couldn’t even afford the interest. Can you imagine the ****storm that will follow when the linchpin of the EU faces up to the fact all its banks need saving by the very same (German) people they have spent decades screwing over. It will be Greece all over again, but spread across 27 countries – expect a run on the banks across the whole EU within a year.

That is what Mrs May and co. are keeping to themselves, I believe. So, do we get dragged down with them, or run like hell?

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