Daily Post : 9th December

Quote of the day :

You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic.

~ Bill Watterson

Or, as Karen Lamb put it:

A year from now you may wish you had started today.

Pic of the day :

Street performer in Liverpool, doing the levitating fakir illusion, floating a few feet above the ground. I know how the trick’s down, or at least one way how, but try as I may I couldn’t see the artifacts. Very interesting costume he had too, demonic or maybe a djinn look, with gold and black make-up and paint applied for a marble effect. There was another one a little further up and some people were convinced he was a statue until he blinked, then they were sure he was just an animatronic.


Tube of the day :

Just so we are clear, I’m not putting off finishing this post while watching the 37th of 340,000 youtube clips on ‘procrastination’, it’s background research. I’ll just watch this next one and make a start…


Can’t just do one, I’ll just add this one of Ellen Degeneres’ live show:


On this day…

Funny, when you look at these often enough, even within the past week, patterns seem to emerge. One day the majority are composers (however obscure), the next it’s all singers and musician, then actors and actresses. I’ve not going to list them all, but today is a good day to born if you want to be a Noble prize winner, it seems. (i.e. Roger Wolcott Sperry 1904, James Rainwater 1917, William Lipscomb 1919, Henry Way Kendall, 1926 …)

Born today :

  • Computer scientist, Grace Murray Hopper
  • Poet, John Milton (1608)
  • Architect, John Dobson
  • Historian and archaeologist, Johann J Winckelmann (1717)
  • Neuropsychologist, Roger Wolcott Sperry
  • Actress, Dame Judi Dench
  • Actress, Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Wicked of the West)
  • Actor, John Malkovich (one of my favourites)
  • Actor, Michael Dorn (Worf)
  • Actor, Kirk Douglas (real name Issur Danielovitch). He’s 97 today!
  • Actor, Robert Livingston (early westerns, mostly)
  • Actor, Douglas Fairbanks Jr
  • Singer, Donny Osmond
  • Crown princess of Japan, Masako Owada

Also on this day in history

This day in 1854 Lord Tennyson’s poem, Charge of the Light Brigade was published.

Going back half a century or so, the very first episode of Coronation Street was aired on ITV. Started in 1960, it’s the world’s longest-running television soap opera. Given it’s use of northern dialects and Ena Sharples hairneck, critics at the time thought it would bomb. By ‘eck, they was wrong! Within months is had reached number 1 in the ratings and stayed there for the rest of the year. According to wikipedia it went on to peak at over 21 million viewers by 1964. No computers, no consoles y’see. Us folk back then, we ‘ad nowt else to do!

Largely unrelated beyond the fact most of the cast of Corrie were Mancs, but I found an interesting article in the Echo on Scousers and woolybacks Scousers, plastic Scousers and woolybacks – here are the views of Liverpool Echo readers. The version I heard was that (us) woolies got the name originally because farmers had to pay a penny to get sheep through styles, but people were free – so they carried the animals on their back to save money. Don’t know if it’s remotely true but I liked the imagery.

Trending at this moment:

Besides the continuing backlash at the thought of MPs getting an undeserved 11% pay rise, there is this story in the Independent in Google’s ‘hot’ UK searches : Susan Boyle ‘relieved’ after Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. I know a number of people with this, including my own son, so anything that raises awareness in a positive way is a good thing.

I really don’t have much truck with the whole celebrity culture, but I’ll give this one a mention. Also in the news is a young Internet sensation, Rebecca Black. As it’s popular, all the news sites and papers have picked up on it, so I’ve just gone with the highest ranked of these at the moment : Friday Internet sensation Rebecca Black comes back with new viral single – Saturday. What struck me about the story is not this, but her previous song, Friday, made when she was just 13. It went viral in 2011 getting 61 million views – for being the world song in the world! Specifically, this part in the article, The bullying forced Rebecca to be home-schooled..

As the saying goes, ‘Haters just gotta hate’. My take is that instead of seeing the positive side, that, in terms of numbers, every single person in the UK listened to and watched her song, they saw her as an easy target, someone to be trolled, bullied and reviled. I’ll not bother listening myself, because I really dislike the whole X-Factor ideal, but all the same, kudos to her for having the gumption to rise above the haters and try again.

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