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Daily post. On this day in history, 27th November

Daily post

On this day in history: 27th November

Quote of the day :

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out

~ R Collier

Chosen pic of the day :


{ Pinnochio }

Chosen tube of the day :

Today, albeit back in 1896, was the debut in Frankfurt of "Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30", by Richard Strauss.
(Best recognised as opening the theme to the movie 2001, A space odyssey)

On this day…

Born today:

  • Writer, L Sprague de Camp (one of my favourite sci-fi and fantasy authors)
  • Musician and songwriter, Jimi Hendrix
  • Film maker and screenwriter, Kathryn Bigelow
  • Actor and martial arts expert, Bruce Lee
  • Supertramp’s sax player, Dave Winthrop
  • Actor, Harry "Buster" Merryfield (Uncle Albert, Only Fools and Horses)
  • Actor and comedian, Ernie Wise (as in Morecambe and)
  • British science writer, John Maddox
  • French scholar, Pierre Dupuy
  • Scientist/inventor, Anders Celsius

Bookworms might be interested to know it was on this day in 1582 that William Shakespeare, aged 18, married Anne Hathaway.

It was also today, back in 1895, that Alfred Nobel’s will established Nobel Prizes.

Seems surprising to note the large number of composers born in the past today. As well as Puccini and Blum, I found:

Ascanio Trombeti, 1544
Ottavio Vernizzi, 1569
Josef Antonin Planicky, 1691
Gaetano Pugnani, 1731
Johann Joseph Emmert, 1732
Jean-Pierre Duport, 1741
Boniface Stoecki, 1745
Anton Thadaus Johann Nepomuk Stamitz, 1750
Franz Vinzenz Krommer, 1759
Christian Rummel, 1787
Alexander Egorovich Varlamov, 1801
Julius Benedict, 1804
Michele Puccini, 1813
Harrison Millard, 1830
Margaret Ruthven Lang, 1867
Charles Koechlin, 1867
Mabel Wheeler Daniels, 1878
Adam Tadeusz Wieniawski, 1879
Rudolph Reti, 1885
Stanislaw Wiechowicz, 1893
Robert Blum, 1900
Giuseppe Savagnone, 1902
Daniel Sternefeld, 1905
Rudolf Holzmann, 1910
Victor Alessandro, 1915
Zeev Wolfgang Steinberg, 1918
Siegfried Naumann, 1919
Juan Guinjoan, 1931
Helmut Friedrich Lachenmann, 1935

(Source: History Orb .com, since gone)

Feature image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay
(Font used: Victorian LET)

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