Daily Post : On this day, 10th January

Quote of the day :

With the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice.
~ Pat Benatar (whose birthday it is today).

Picture of the day :

Taken in Chester Zoo, a lioness is having a mid-day snooze.


Youtube video of the day :

I’m a long time Scorpions fan so given it is Michael Schenker’s birthday you can have something by him. Stuck for choice really, was tempted to link ‘Doctor doctor’, but I’m in the mood for MSG’s Lost Horizons…


Born on this day…

Born today :

  • Singer, Rod Stewart
  • Singer, Pat Benatar
  • Rock guitarist, Michael Schenker
    (Scorpions, UFO, MSG)
  • Rock musician and drummer, Aynsley Dunbar
    (UFO, MSG, Jeff Beck, Whitesnake, Bowie, Jefferson Starship…)
  • Rock musician and drummer, Neal Smith
    (Alice Cooper)
  • Vocalist and keyboard player, Donald Fagen
    (Steeleye Dan)
  • Boxer, George Foreman
    Though far better known for the grill bearing his name than his heavy-weigh and gold medal wins.
  • Sculptor, Dame Barbara Hepworth
  • Actor, Bernard Lee
    Best known for playing ‘M’ in the early bond films.
  • Actor, Alex Meraz
  • Computer Scientist, Donald Knuth
    Author of ongoing multi-volume book series, ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ and creator of TEX and Metafont.
  • Author, Steve Hamilton

Also on this day in history

49 BC : Julius Caesar, general and governor of Cisalpine and Transalpine Gaul, covering what is now northern Italy, France and Belgium had been ordered back to Rome to be decommissioned and retired as an ordinary citizen. I’m not sure what the Latin for ‘stuff that for a game of soldiers’ is off-hand, but having had said notice, this is the day he, with one of his legions crossed the Rubicon,remarking, Jacta alea est (The die is cast).

In crossing the stream with his soldiers he defied the Senate, breaking Lex Cornelia Majestatis and so declaring war against the Roman Republic. In a three-year civil war with effectively a handful of elite soldiers he took on and beat the greatest army in the world that had conquered most of the known world. That said, in the previous decades he was the was reputed to have fought across Europe, subduing over 800 towns and defeating armies totalling over 3 million men, with a third killed and another third enslaved.

1839 : Indian Tea was auctioned for the first time in Britain.

1840 : The Penny Post was introduced in Britain, ending the system whereby the receiver paid the postage, not the sender. I imagine somewhere there are junk mailing companies lobbying to have the system reversed!

1863 : London’s first underground railway, the Metropolitan, opened, connecting Paddington Station and Farringdon Station. It is the eorld’s oldest underground railway.

1870 : John D. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil.

1927 : Fritz Lang’s futuristic film ‘Metropolis‘ was released in Germany.

1929 : Tin Tin, created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé (Georges Prosper Remi) appeared for the first time.

1946 : The UN General assembly met for the first time, in London, with representatives from 51 countries.

1949 : RCA and Columbia launched the vinyl record in the USA, introducing 45 rpm and 33.3 rpm, respectively.

1951 : The first passenger jet trip was made.

1957 : Harold MacMillan became the Conservative prime minister of Britain.

1973 : In the UK the Open University (OU) began granting distance-based learning. It now offers thousands of Internet based learning courses, though a typical degree will cost you over £16,500 in fees alone… now*.

*(In 2012 the fees rocketed up, trebling from £700 a module (60 credits), £1,400 a year full-time to its present rate, which I think is ridiculous for a distance learning course, though I’m not alone. A consequence of the government bailing out the banks, sadly. The Guardian: Open University raises fees to £5,000 a year)

1985 : Sir Clive Sinclair launched his Sinclair C5, battery-operated tricycle. It barely sold 17,000 units in its life and has been ridiculed ever since, though really, when you think about it, he was just 30 years ahead of the time.

1990 : Time Inc and Warner Communications completed a $14 billion merger. Ten years later to the day AoL upped the stakes and paid $162 billion for Time-Warner, one of (if not) the largest corporate mergers ever. (Now known as Time Warner Inc).

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