Daily Post : 12th December 2013

Quote of the day :

I am a world-class procrastinator. I’m only an actor because I’ve been putting off being a writer for 35 years.
~ Bill Nighy

(He is 64 today. Happy birthday Bill!)

Pic of the day :

Lacking the weather for winter wonderland scenes, I’ve dug out a photo of a frosty web.

frosty web

Tube of the day :

I imagine this will get removed in short order, which is a shame as I don’t think it was ever converted from VHS to DVD, but until then, enjoy ‘A Garfield Christmas Special’


On this day…

Born today :

  • Actor, Bill Nighy
  • Actor and singer, Frank Sinatra
  • Presenter, tap dancer and choreographer, Lionel Blair
  • Actress, Jennifer Connelly
  • Painter, Edvard Munch
  • Singer, Dionne Warwick
  • Actress, Sarah Douglas
  • Actress, Connie Francis
  • Actress and presenter, Kate Humble
    (She is also the current President of the RSPB (2013))
  • Theatre actor, playwright and producer, John Osborne
  • Actor, Edward Robinson
  • entrepreneur, Henry Wells
    (Founded Wells Fargo & Co and AmEx)
  • Drummer, Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull)

Also on this day in history

1408 The Order of the Dragon was created by Emperor Sigismund, King of Hungary, and his wife Queen Barbara of Celje

1800 and Washington DC becomes the capital of the States, having previously shuffled in from New York to Philadelphia.

Txt’ed anyone recently? Here’s a few facts to possibly give you pause for thought.

Marconi only gave the first public demonstration of radio in 1896. Just 5 years later, in 1901 Guglielmo Marconi sent the first radio message across the Atlantic ocean, transmitted from Cornwall, England to St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, a distance of some 2,200 miles. Not quite a full tweet though as it was simply the letter ‘S’ in Morse code.
(See also: Sir J.C. Bose diode detector received Marconi’s first transatlantic wireless signal)

If you want a diverting story to follow-up, hoaxes and rumours abound about time travelers and smartphones appearing in the old silent movies of the day. Here’s just one:
Is this a time-traveller in a Charlie Chaplin film? Footage from 1928 shows woman using a mobile phone. (Or was it simply an early hearing aid?)

In 1955 Sir Christopher Cockerell patented the prototype of his hovercraft (British patent number 854211)*. As a curious coincidence in relation to the above story, Cockerell worked for many years for Marconi as a radio engineer.

*(As a random fact, the US patent for 854211 is for the folding hood to a pram (buggy)).

Trekkies, that didn’t already know, might like to bookmark this day as, back in 1964, shooting started for the Star Trek pilot, "The Cage" (Menagerie)

The US’s copyright law was amended in 1980 to include computer programs

Trending at this moment:

Not even going to follow this trend on Twitter as some of the posts that burned my eyeballs just go to show why we do in fact need more censorship at the ISP and browser level!

The real story is however WHAT gets censored that shouldn’t – like covering up the shame, illegal activities and tricks of corporates, politicians, stars, celebrities and generally anyone with enough money, power and/or connections to silence the media and block the Internet. It’s a dark, murky path when you head down that road.

Or using loopholes they ‘accidentally’ leave in Internet laws allowing for covert spying on anyone they deem a target, however tenuous the link. The (misuse) of powers by police and Councils in the UK being a point in case. We are screwed anyway really. Can you really trust a government with dirty or shameful, self-interested secrets to hide to make censorship laws we – the public – can trust?

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