Book review : Salvatore’s Demon Trilogy

R.A. Salvatore – The Demon Trilogy

The Demon Awakens ISBN 1-85798-827-2
The Demon Spirit ISBN 1-85798-904-X
The Demon Apostle ISBN 1-85798-923-6
Published by Millennium Fantasy

As a long time fan of Salvatore how could I not read these three meaty tomes. There’s a lot in these besides the words, but that’s a philosophical matter. You’ll notice it or not, as is your bent. So, what are these three volumes about and did I like them ?

There’s a lot of reflective thinking on the part of the main character – the ranger Elbryan Wynden – but I reckon it all adds the plot and is very well done. The story follows the line that mans’ greediness and general self-centered nature when it escalates (like it has these past few decades in the real world…) leads to real Demons awakening and urging folk to ever worse acts. The plot follows one such Demons rise and banquishment (or not) by a Elbryan and his childhood sweetheart, a drunken monk, a rowdy Centaur, a few Elves and a few ne’er-do-wells.

I’d give it a 4/5 I reckon. Worth it just for the descriptiveness of a few of the battles. Leaves itself open for furthers adventures too.

{ Salvatore’s Demon Trilogy }

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