Book review: David Gemmel’s Morningstar

David Gemmel’s Morningstar

David Gemmel, Morningstar, Published by Arrows Books Ltd   (ISBN 0-09-922891-2)

I have yet to read a book by David Gemmel that I didn’t enjoy, but this particular novel is passing brilliant. As well as being thought-provoking, it gives a book a realistic view. The heroes saving the nation aren’t shining Paladins and claymore wielding barbarians, but thieves and murderers doing their level best to get out the way and avoid the conflict they are roped into. Besides that, it’s full of sarcastic humour, which gave me a few laughs.

After the hunchbacked, Wulf, slides down a hill and breaks his bow…

Best I’ve ever had, he muttered. Had it blessed by the Abbess. It’s never let me down before. Witchcraft, that’s what it is!

You fell on it said Mace. That’s not witchcraft, that’s just clumsiness.

Morningstar by David Gemmel

{ Morningstar by David Gemmel, available on Amazon }

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