Book review: Brian Lumsey’s e-Branch series

Brian Lumsey’s e-Branch series

Brian Lumley’s   E-Branch Series
Published by Hodder & Stoughton

Necroscope: Invaders     E-Branch volume 1  (ISBN 0-340-73376-4)
Necroscope: Defilers     E-Branch volume 2  (ISBN 0-340-79245-0)
Necroscope: Avengers   E-Branch volume 3  (ISBN 0-340-79247-7)

The stories revolved around the idea of wormholes and vampires. These are books 11-13 in the Necroscope series so I guess it was a daft idea to read them thus. The books made constant references to the past (books) as I kept having this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I was missing the picture somewhere. That aside, what did I think?

I read them in three days and whilst I couldn’t put them down I was constantly annoyed as the descriptions of the main characters – often seeming verbatim – were repeated in every book.   I get the feeling that if I bothered to read the other ten volumes I’d have the same features rammed down my throat.   It’s cynical I know and I mean no insult to the author, but it felt like it was done to boost the word count rather than the storyline.   Also, the accents of the Irish, Australians and Scottish encountered were almost clich√© in the wording.

The plot has a few kinks that still niggle me too.   One of the characters, a psychic member of that E-Branch, knowing what was trapped below her and fully understanding the possible (and eventual) repercussions, lets three powerful vampires into the world when she could have let destroyed them.   This was to hopefully save the life of a worker she knew was as good as a dead man anyway!   Then there’s a three-year gap in the story where I get the feeling it never happened, or it happened in a different order.   Finally is the end.   Up to the last chapter, I’d been reasonably enjoying the plot.   Then, it follows, the three vampires or Wamphyri are all killed off as they try to flee back to their own world, but the “heroes” are all now vampires themselves.   OK so far.   The ending is the precognitive main character, Ian Goodfly, seeing the future where E-Branch is fighting a world overrun by vampires seeded by the now-dead Wamphyri, and again hundreds of years into Earths future where mankind wins out.

Overall? I’m not sure if I wholly enjoyed them, but if (or when) volume 14 comes outs I will get it. Go figure!

Brian Lumley Necroscope Defilers e-branch series

{ Brian Lumley Necroscope Defilers e-branch series }

Brian Lumley Return of the Deep Ones and other Mythos tales
Published by   ROC Books (ISBN : 0-14-017303-X)

If you like H.P. Lovecraft or even August Derleth’s work, you’ll enjoy this collection of Cthulhu inspired tales. What more can I say.

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