20 ways to tell when you've been playing Warcraft too long

You know when you have been playing too much World of Warcraft when…

More than a few such thought cross my mind from time to time, so I trawled a lot of forums etc for more and edited the entries to come up with some of the funniest and sadly true one-liners about Warcraft addicts.

You want to Hearthstone home from school / work to get back into the game.

You cut yourself and mentally try to click ‘Flash Heal’, then curse because that spell is on your alt, before your brain finally registers, Damn, I’m actually bleeding! Ow, Ow Owwwwww!

You wonder why the jewelry store can’t craft a ring with an agility bonus for you.

When you think or heavens forbid actually say "lol" in real life conversations.

When someone trips on the street, you silently think to yourself "Noob"

You look forward to the weekly server updates so you can wash the dishes.

You walk outside and the sun burns your eyes after days in your darkened WoW environment.

Your mobile phone has a Murloc ring tone.

When choose Domestic Science as one of your college options because you want to level up your cooking.

You think I wish I was a Gnome for my racial bonus during your Engineering exams.

When your partner asks you to put the vacuum round the living room and you want to know what the quest reward is.

You ask the bank teller: How much gold have I left in my account, please?

Your daughter has finally stopped asking for a pony for her birthday – but can she have 600g for her epic mount.

Your car runs out of petrol and you think, "Ah beggar, OOM"

You are in a garage showroom and ask the car salesman how many MP5 it does.

In varying degrees I may have been guilty of a few of the ones above, though I have not yet descended into the depravity of some of the nutters that play. The scary thing is at least one or two of the following are very probably true!

Your partner dumps/leaves you and you don’t notice for four days because you are grinding honour for gear

You stand outside WH Smith / NatWest Bank in a tatty robe begging, 1g plzz!

You shout down to your wife: What!? You can’t be going into labour, we are at Kael’this! Smiley is shocked

When you want to loot the corpse at funerals Smiley afraid

and finally:

You know how many hours you’ve played in total to the nearest thousand – and yet you still play

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