101 ways to improve World of Warcraft

(This is messy, clunky and probably full of typos and the odd bit of bile, I’ll split it up later, for the moment it will suffice, albeit it ugly. I will break it up into 10+ pages with menus and stuff
~ Ack)

WoW sucks /qq

OK, several million subscribers, billions in the bank, a movie, a mega franchise… argue otherwise, so perhaps I’m wrong?

Yes, but still, I could argue that they also lost close to 100 million subscribers in their very long history and more recently, due to the fail-fest that was Warlords of Draenor, their subs dropped from 10 or 11 million with its release too, at best, 3 or 4 million in Legion. Hard to say really as they stopped publishing the numbers after the people left at the rate of a million a month during WoD! Does it change the fact that Warcraft is full of holes their rushing, cost cutting, poor beta-testing and some truly awful design and development issues spewed out with Warlords of Draenor? No!

Over the years, I have submitted literally hundreds of suggestions to Blizzard. Many have been used, though naturally if doesn’t mean it was because of me. These include trivial things such as typos, exploits, though to the Group Finder. Adding search to achievements was one of mine too.

Assign gear stats dynamically to sort class imbalance

Just wrote a perfectly worded suggestion about this to Blizzard and overwrote the copy before I could paste it here. D’oh! Have posted about it before, a few times, this just put it better. I think.

My argument went like this:

Heirlooms: Dynamically upgrade as you level up. Much loved.
Timewalk and Legion gear: Dynamically assigned as you level up. Liked
RNG drop, fixed stat gear: Hated (unless BiS)

Here’s the thing, and I was talking about this in the guild the other day: Here we are, at 7.3. We have galaxy leaping, portal (wormhole) hopping spaceships, complete with laser cannon batteries. You have flying sled (aka mage class mount), you have Star Wars style laser swords, rocket launcher, submarines…

You have all this… but ask an expert tailor to craft a jacket – and the very best he can come up with is last year style (i.e. i835), made in completely random colours (i.e. stats) that – even if the unlikely event (RNG) it’s what you wanted you then need to spend a fortune to get it anywhere near the current fashion. That, in my opinion, is utterly ridiculous. (See also: Cognitive Dissonance: Is Blizzard playing psychological mind games?

Equally, consider the stats. Mostly I play a fire mage, here the fashion (stat priority) various experts agree (OR NOT!) I should be sporting as at patch 7.3:

Mastery > Haste = Versatility > Intellect > Critical Strike (via Icy Veins)

Intellect > Critical Strike > Mastery > Haste > Versatility (via Noxxic)

Intellect > Critical Strike > Mastery > Versatility = Haste (via Wowhead)

Haste > Critical Strike > Intellect > Versatility > Mastery (add-on ‘Pawn’)

Then, generally, they tell you that their advice isn’t entirely reliable and to go play with Simulations, Recount, Dummy Targets, and make your own spreadsheets. Rinse and repeat for all classes. This for a “game” with millions of players. Oh, and by the way, if you want to change to pvp or single target vs multiple target or, far worse from one spec (e.g. fire) to another (e.g. frost), then all you know, all you have learnt is lost. Thats’ before you even begin to think about soft and hard caps, let alone rotation, talents, trinkets, etc. All because Blizzard appear to view RNG-based grind for gear as a way of keeping players active. And by active I mean paying. That, to me, is neither logical or user friendly. I don’t know about you, but I just want to play to relax, not prep for a Masters degree in maths modelling!

Suggested Solution:

Instead of fixed stats, (even dynamically fixed stats), pool them. Instead of an i880 epic helm with 5,700 worth of int, stamina, crit and haste it will have an i880 epic hat value, the points of which go into the cauldron with your blue i820 trinket* and your i780 green chest.

Voila: You have 20,000 optimally split into int, stamina, crit, mastery, haste, vers

Want to play an off-spec?

Voila: You have 20,000 optimally split into int, stamina, haste, vers, crit, mastery

You see what I did there?

Some would argue it takes out the reason to do or repeat instances. I would argue it gives most people more of a reason to do them. If everything you own is automatically BiS you free up bag/bank space, you don’t need to worry about if you need more crit or more haste, the only thing you have to focus on is rotation and what you actually want to do in the game.

Legion gear, timewalk gear, heirlooms, ‘loot specialization’ (which doesn’t actually work anyway most if the time!) are already dynamic in a sense. Blizzard just need to go the whole hog and add a TW reward system to raids to encourage grind.

Here’s a thought, besides a TW style badge system, which I’d recommend: old raid mounts with a ~ 0.1% chance. Invincible, Mimiron’s Head, Felsteel Annihilator whatever. The dynamic gear system, for some, takes away the reason to repeat a 7/7 raid because everything is automatically BiS, the bag loot says, ok, instead of doing old raids for the mount and mogs, do new ones, maybe on alts

See also Secondary stats, below.

But, what happens then to (buffing) professions? To enchanting? To jewelcrafting? To…

Blizzard, IMO, don’t listen to anyone else – not even themselves! – but if they had me as a consultant I’d suggest this:

Intel, Crit, Versatility etc, as individual buffs, go out the window due to a fixed balance. In their place:

Primary (enchant/gem/glyph etc) stack 0.1% to 1% iLevel (capped at +5 iLevel))
i.e. It can make you more powerful, effectively better geared, but never unbalanced.

Secondary apply secondary none/out of combat bonuses (e.g. speed, invulnerability)
Thus speed would only affect travelling, but not affect tactical movement; invulnerability would reduce repair bills, but have no other benefit.

There can be other fun / useful things (e.g. sparks off armour, shielding, muddy prints) which could be applied in combat, but could be used by anyone, so again there is little to no affect on balance.

Spells and rotations aside, that only leaves items with ‘on equip’ and ‘on use’ that apply overwhelming burst damage etc – buggering up balance. These will ALWAYS be a problem, whether a blue quest item or a legendary. Blizzard have a few options, most of which will be deeply unpopular, but again, if they ever hope to balance classes they have to make the hard choices. I’d consider a two tier approach, some of which they already use. First would be to remove any and all spell based affects, making them generic, the second would be tiered unlocking: e.g. If PvP, disable, else…

The other question remains that of single/target verse AoE and that too can and must be sorted via spell options. All that done, it’s purely about rotation and skill.

World Quest reputation tokens for alts

Rep grind for mains is tedious, for alts, each one is more boring and more annoying than the last. Yet, upon getting exalted with a faction, there is no rep reward. Obviously, as you don’t need it.

How about this: upon getting fully exalted the faction chest now gives a 1,000 or 1,500 BoA token for an alt. Still a grind, but it takes a lot of the edge from it and gives main(s) an extra incentive to do the daily 4/4 faction chests.

Update: They went partially towards this in as much as if a character is exalted with a faction and gets rep tokens from class hall missions these are then BoA instead of BoP. A start. There’s also supposed to a faction wide token in patch 7.3 (similar to the 1,000 point one in WoD).


Make Legion reputation recipes BoA

Reason: Guys I know you love your grind, when it’s us doing the work, but grinding multiple alts to exalted for the sake of recipes is utterly soul-destroying.

Find a way round it, like this, that’s fair to players – ESPECIALLY while is near impossible to level professions up to 800 without them – and due to (poor) design it’s almost as hard to get to 800 for crafting due to everything going green and grey around 780 or earlier.

Another solution:
Add BoA reputation tabards, purchasable at exalted. Similar to the old city tabards and the guild tabards.

Quartermaster: Exalted, gov’ner? Fair do’s to you, mate! Here, tell y’ what, I can sell y’ a pass for your friends (alts), open a few doors for y’, know what I mean?

Account wide bank

Asked for this so many times over the years. Still asking. We NEED a guild bank style bank for accounts for storing mats, BoA items, flask etc. Yes, you can relog and send, but it’s a clunky, messy fudge. Maybe I’m not typical, but I doubt it. You log onto an alt one day and find 2,000 ore/herbs/flasks/potions/food you’d forgot about, needed, once, and see are now worthless. Or even in the current expansion you have a few crafters and are bouncing mats around all the time when, really, you want the option of a communal account storage.

Seriously, it would make our lives (especially crafters) if all the mats could be stored in a server shared account bank.

@targetarea macro

Mages and several other classes really need this target area macro as our dps/healing suffers a lot without it!

/cast [@player] Flamestrike
– is actually handy if you want to fast drop one on your own head.
But ranged are not meant to be in the thick of battle!

/cast [@cursor] Flamestrike
– handy if you want to… well, randomly drop a pillar of flame somewhere because you are using tab and 1,2,3 etc to cast and @cursor is dropped wherever the mouse is dangling.
Better than nothing, but it’s barely a duct tape patch up really, unless you play solely with a 27 button mouse.

@cursor, for casters, is like ok stop dps, find the mouse icon, move it,
look at the k/b, look bar to the screen to see the target is still where the cursor is, return to the k/b.

However, for instance with @targetarea {skull}:
If single target, on proc press 3 (pyro), else press 4 (flamestrike)

You can apply it equally to blizzard, healing rain, totems, rain of fire, any spells that overwise target a radial area.

Timewalk Challenge Gold Warlords Guild Edition (etc.)

Purely on OCD, it’s annoying the hell out of me that a) we didn’t get it at the time, and b) that it’s still in the guild rewards lists and we can never complete it. It is especilly galling that we did complete the MoP one and you removed the pet – taking away all the impetus for the WoD challenge.

Please do return challenge modes, perhaps via Timewalk weeks.

Applies equally for those wanting the mounts and mogs, of course.

Report a player for SELLING BOOSTS

Said it before, many times, I’ll say it again. Until I and many other players see that you are serious about banning gold and boost sellers we wll retain the nagging suspicion that either a) they work for Blizzard indirectly (paranoid) or b) you, Blizzard, indirectly benefit from players getting said boosts ( pay to win. )

There NEEDS to be an option to “report boost seller” and if the count passes (say) 250, it needs to trigger a suspension / investigation.

(Note this is more for characters with names like Fsfdfsafd citing their personal ‘say Fred sent you’ code, and directing you to web sites asking for large sums of cash or gold for services, rather than (i.e) established raid guilds selling mount runs on their own server.)

Transmogs for Fishing Rods and Bags

What fishing mog is complete without the rod and tackle of choice? Sorry but the artifact rod is just UGLY. There’s about a dozen other looks we could apply, if you’d let us.

Ditto (but more problematic) bags. There are scores of designs for bags, from sacks to crates to a fridge, it would be nice is we could customise our bank and inventory bag tabs. (p.s. Upgrade the default backpack. It’s been 12 years already, the 16 slot holdall is looking decrepit now!)

[Swollen Murloc Pet]

Anyone that’s done the quest for the artifact fishing rod or used that particular lure will know this little dancing guy. He’s basically Murky!

Make this a pet.

‘Cos, cute murloc. Do it, you know you want to 🙂

Inscription idea for Legion

Daily quest or ideally a repeatable craft to make BoE scrolls that rewards a random (old) recipe on opening.

There are enough collectors that would greatly welcome the chance for get low drop recipes like the mechanical toad schematic or +4 stats enchant etc. Or, PLEASE!, the Rhinestone glasses and High Society Top Hat, or even removed recipes from Naxx 60, etc.

I recommend you make it BoA on opening. This way it’s a simple scroll that sells, not something greedy traders will snatch up and flip for 10,000g, 100,000g. BoA lets you send it to any of your crafters, less frustration.

Sort secondary stats dynamically!

It is clear – has been clear to the whole WoW community for over a decade – that Blizzard are basically crap at balancing secondary stats and that everything they have tried has been ripped up. More shredding ahead in patch 7.15 onwards too!

Simple solution (mage example):

Robe before: 2,000 intelligence, 1,200 stamina, 800 Haste, 200 mastery
Robe after: 4,200 iLevel points (hidden from players)

Wipe it across the board and code like this:

If Fire then (get iLevel, apply Crit, etc)
If Frost then (get iLevel, apply Haste, etc)
If Arcane then (get iLevel, apply …)

Trinkets can get squirrely can but can have the same elements applied. Pairs all the stuff right down in raids and everything and is simply an absolute for comparisons:

i.e. "IS an upgrade/is NOT an upgrade".

In a similar way, as I posted elsewhere:

IMO Blizzard are running round like a headless chicken and do not know what to do. The solution is obvious, if they take their heads out the sand. Baseline stats on gear that dynamically alters with class spec. (Think heirlooms, they are dynamic). Here’s how it goes:

BEFORE: Chestplate of Something: Crit 700, Haste 300

AFTER: Chestplate of Other (baseline 1000)

IF Resto Druid (global);
haste=base*45%, mastery=base*30% crit=base*20%, vers=base*5%

IF Guardian Druid (global);
vers=base*35%, mastery=35% haste=base*20%, crit=base*10

IF …

Programmers will understand what I mean with a global variable, but if you don’t it goes like this: gear no longer has stats, it has one baseline that alters with your class build. No more armour swapping – ALL gear is now Best in Slot!

More than that (though similar to how it probably works) the stats go into a pot. How it works now (WRONG!) is individual items add up (imbalances) to dictate performance. This way the sum of the gear does. Not the same thing. Instead of adding 5% crit (etc) the item adds iLevel points. No under/over capped stats. Blizzard set the caps (which they do anyway) and they are fixed thereafter.

Sure you can buff one stat with gems and enchants but if Blizzard realise this is a problem for say Fire Mages they either tweak just one spell (or go to the global file and say, OK, drop base crit 0.15%, raise haste 0.15%). Hell, if they got creative under the hood they could even code to account for gems and enchants! Or change the way they work altogether. Instead of a stat it could apply a FUN, dynamically applied proc. (i.e instead of +200 stat it will summon an imp, or thrown daggers, a target shield, or a healing butterfly, or … You can sit for weeks tossing up options, as long as they all do the same base effect, something that will improve healing/tanking/balancing – without affecting the stat/spell tuning. (See also comment on Tabula Rosa, below!)

There shouldn’t even be a performance issue as the change would only be applied only when you (for example) change from Fire to Arcane. This is no different from heirlooms changing when you go from level 59 to 60!

Figures above don’t matter, so don’t get nerdy on me over soft cap/hard cap, but if you have this talent and that trinket – and that boss… All this crap is the reason Blizzard can’t balance their maths; because one item of gear can grossly affect who is top or bottom of Recount. There is no reason, in a given patch or expansion, why one class should consistently be at the top or bottom of output or why, all of a sudden with THIS one mythic item, the positions should flip. The BiS is a fundamentally flawed system based on RNG grind of select bosses.

Dynamic gear, one global rule covering the 12 classes, never have to bugger about again, only tiny tweaks to individual spells (or trinket etc).

There’s no reason, as such, why primary stats can’t go into the same global file and be handled in a similar way – which, actually IS what happens with a lot of gear now anyway, if you hadn’t noticed. For instance if I change my guardian druid to restoration the agility is replaced with intelligence.

This way any iLevel upgrade IS an upgrade, not subject to theoretical caps based on simulations. Basically, yes it removes all secondary stats as far as gear drops go, which is game-changing, as the secondaries are flatlined and remove the need to have 4 different chests in your bag for your druid, for instance.

There is a precedent in the removal of hit, expertise and resilience; the underlying code theory exists in heirlooms. Blizzard just need to move out of their obsession with "BiS gear drops are why people blah blah blah…"

(None of this "Mr Robot says I need a crit cap of 37.5% and haste cap of 32.5%, while Icy Veins tell me I need 40% haste and 30% crit and that haste is more important that strength – and all I ever get is mastery/res drops that I need for my main-spec tank /RAGE")

Blizzard just need to find a better reason to do particular instances/raid than simply RNG and "I need for grind this place for that item." Rep/instance table rewards and loot bags comes to mind.

This way the whole BiS/"which is better?" goes out the window and falls into the lap of Blizzard to fine tune under the hood. Blizzard can worry about the issue of tables for talents (if talent sheet 1,2,3,4,3 add x to crit, y to haste; if talent sheet 1,2,3,4,2 add y to haste, x to crit). There’s no great performance issues as the changes can only be applied out of combat and there’s no sweeping nerfs/buffs as the gear is stabilised. Spell/talent tweaks will become more common, but incremental rather than a rage-inducing nerfbats!

Sure, purists will hate the idea, third parties with a vested interest will rage (those like Mr Robot and sites generating ad revenue from this specific issue). Ultimately it will become about the game and not RNG, at least as far as gear goes. Anyway they can still at least go these sites for rotations and talent choices etc.

Ultimately it comes down to this:

Tabula Rasa gear: (think full heirloom set)

Stats are fixed as a sum base rate and GENERATED based on class, spec, times level and progress. Gear does NOT show stats, just item level, though the totals should still be included in the character sheet.

Vague example:
A level 10, i15 geared character has 140 points distributed as %s
A level 99, i705 geared character has 12,250 points distributed as %s
A level 110, i865 geared character has 25,000 points distributed as %s

Take it as granted stuff like hard cap/soft cap / BiS is a thing. It’s the difference, in part, between 100 and 300dps, for instance. It’s the difference that results in a filthy casual that gets kicked from a pug because their dps isn’t good enough for some mythic raider with an addiction to BiS gearing. It exists not because it’s a great system but because it ‘encourages’ mindless repetition and grind to keep people subbed – and causes year after year after year of rage quit at nerfs and ‘unfair’ buffs because Blizzard CANNOT make it work. (They have had 12 years of trying and still can’t get it right, hmmm!)

Imagine instead if every item, as far as primary and especially secondary stats go, is the best item for you at that level. Imagine as well if, in the same gear, when you swap from say a PvE restoration druid raid healer to a PvP Feral DPS your gear recalculated the secondary stats and you are still in BiS gear! No more mindlessly repeating raids for better stats, for off-spec builds, no more having multiple sets of gear for every occasion.

How would Warcraft look then?

They don’t have to look like ‘noobs’ asking if this item is better than that, as automatically i845 IS better than than i840. Equally, they aren’t in the wholly wrong gear because, as it is now (especially for trinkets), an i820 blue item can be better than an i865 epic item! Every combat aspect is immediately improved for them.

‘Hard Core’ raiders (and pvp’ers)?
OK, you’ll have a hard core minority (of what is a minority!) that will argue to keep their elistist BiS system, but for everyone else? Progress is automatically faster (unless Blizzard drop the RNG, but still, faster) as every item will let you squeeze the best performance out of it. They have more free/playing time as they aren’t pouring over Mr Robot, Target Dummies etc to get gear to perfection. They have more free time because a drop is a win, every time. They have more choice and free time because while they gear their main (artifact weapon aside) they are automatically gearing every aspect of that main. If the raid is short a healer or a tank they can try, no more question of "I would but my off-spec gear is…" How is that not better for the players? Suppose the raid needs a priest for some reason, and you are tired of playing a warlock; the RNG grind of quickly gearing the priest is no longer such a hindrance. Win again, for the players.

As far as raiders go, it becomes purer; like pvp; it’s not about the gear but about skill, rotation, tactics. A "scrub" pug or "filthy casual guild" will still wipe in the previous expansions mythics, will still experience a wipefest in current raids because of skills, team work and familiarity concerns. Seen like that, Blizzard can get gear out of their focus and design for game-play more!

The problem is that this doesn’t suit Blizzard. It’s not the cost of the change (however much it is a factor), it’s not the programming difficulty (at all), it’s purely a mindset. They would rather keep fudging a perennially broken system than a) let go of their grind/rng obsessive mentality and b) remotely entertaining the idea of free/easy gear.

Get your heads out of that sand, Blizzard:
a) Let players do stuff for FUN (it is a game, remember!) rather than mindlessly banging their head and raging over drop rates, nerfs, imbalanced classes etc etc

b) It’s not free, it’s simply – better. They are gearing that CHARACTER, just in an optimal way, instead of endlessly repeating to get [this drop] and hoarding gear at the same time for off-specs. You aren’t giving them free gear, you are giving them balanced gear that offers them the option of exploring many other aspects of what is otherwise a vast, multifaceted game.

Think of it like this, Blizzard: Sure, there is a small percent of players that will, as always, rub their hands together, say, "OK, got 10/10 mythic, got my mount to show off, I’ll unsub until the next raid content patch".

The rest, the other 99% of the player base? It frees up time to explore, to grind rep or pets or mounts or, try pvp, or indeed to progress raiding. I like Warcraft, strange as it seems – well, liked… – but it is fundamentally flawed by what is essentially constitutional stupidity. Fix this, (yes, my way!), make more things account wide so that the game becomes about designing for THE PLAYER and NOT for the main/alt spec, and you will fix most of what is wrong with the game.*

*(We can talk about BB rep, WSG rep, 0.00001% RNGs… and Nomi… later, but don’t get me started on that ‘care package‘ episode, ‘cos that betrayal can never be forgiven!!)

If the CEO of Activision has to sack all the current Warcraft Developers to make this happen, I am cool with that; I have no faith in anyone that thinks Nomi is fun or fair!

BoA / BtA / Battle.net Account Bound tab

While you are working on the transmog and tabard tabs, might I also argue the case for a BoA tab.

The game – particularly via MoP and archaeology treasures – has scores of interesting weapons, armour pieces etc that are (for short periods) good for levelling alts, and for transmog looks. Seems silly to have them filling up slots when, by their nature, you want then available for all alts.

May encourage gameplay too, if collectors see what they miss.

Make more things account wide to make the game friendlier for alts

We all know you love us to grind, and we do, but the grind in this expansion goes way beyond any other expansion to the point where playing makes you feel sick. It needs to change.


Reputation needs to be either account wide or at least 100% to 500% faster on alts after an exalted unlock.

Artifact Research again needs to be account wide or vastly accelerated on alts.

Update: The latter point will be added in patch 7.3

Raise the quest limit: to at least 30

Tried to take the weekly quest today – had to drop 4 quests to get it. Seriously Blizzard, are you trolling us? You DROPPED The quest limit from 25 to 20?

Please put it back – and raise it another 5 for good measure.

You have profession quests, raid quest that takes weeks/months, pet quests that are account wide and take up a lot of slots, a smorgasbord of other quests.

At the very least:

a) put a counter on
b) Remove account wide quests from the count
c) put it back to 25

*inserts scowling face*
I swear, I truly swear I believe the Devs are trying to put the players off the game, a dig here, a cut there…

Developer poking someone with a stick Hey!

Developer poking someone with a stick Hey, quit it!

Developer poking someone with a stick Ow!

Developer poking someone with a stick Really, that not funny, give it a rest!

Developer poking someone with a stick DAMN IT! I’m not joking, back off!

Developer poking someone with a stick Oh **** this, I’m off, had enough of this shit.

Shareholder: "Hey, where’d all the players go?"
Dev (examining fingernails in a disinterested manner): "Dunno mate, nothing we did wrong"

Get over your obsession with GRIND. Find a better way

Following on from the above post about making the game friendlier for alts, Blizzard really need to get over their blinkered obsession with mindless grinding as a way of keeping players paying. My belief is it is a banal mix of ego, fixated mindset and typical lumbering (idiotic) corporate strategy that crushes innovation and boldness.

Extremetech posted an article with a gushing review of Legion from a returning player – one who is such a great fan they missed (like many) all of MoP and WoD. Apparently, after a break of several years, the author returns and boldly claims that after "Two months with World of Warcraft" Legion prove(s) it’s Blizzard’s strongest expansion yet

As commenters on Facebook and Extremetech pointed out:

I’d have to disagree that this is the strongest expac yet… The same problems that have been plaguing the game (HA plague) for the last couple of expansions have only grown worse. The only thing that blizzard has kept strong is probably the promise to pump out content, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Ugly Tuco
[…] However, comparing BC and Wrath to Legion… Legion is now my favorite. The one surprise for me was the death of many of my alts. I have one character of each class to level 100. However, I have been forced to play my main again. […]

So, how much did blizzard pay you for this article. Class design is absolutely horrible this expansion, worst it’s ever been. There is definitely more to do then wod, but more to do doesn’t mean fun to do. I was bored a month into this sorry excuse of an expansion, quit and haven’t looked back. Strongest expansion my ass. The current dev team is total garbage.

Herbrecht Von Jeromen
To me, this article seems more like advertising than reviewing.
Tell me the game is not all about grinding and farming, like in the 12 past years.
I suppose you can’t.

My reply to that Extremetech post (on Facebook), extended slightly, is below.

I both agree – and wholly disagree. Certainly, in many respects, it’s the best expansion since Burning Crusade. However, it’s so much grind that often as not I either log in and log out again because either a) I can’t be bothered or b) well, I can’t be bothered.

For some, the expansion plays to their goals: single class, single spec, all powerful main – but even here, from friends, it’s the same, "I can’t face…"

So, while we do the on Nightmare/ToV raid, most of the time we hang around Dalaran or faceroll old content for mogs and mounts. Legion is just more grind and it’s not fun.

For those – yes, like me – that happily level and swap between multiple alts and like crafting over mythic progress… the game is designed to weed us out. To do much beyond LFR needs a certain level of gear, more specifically a certain level of artifact. And therein lies the problem – the time needed to finish the class hall for the third relic, the soul-destroying grind of MONTHS of dailies for each alt – for each class of each alt to feed the ravenous hunger of resources and artifact power.

One absolute character, yes Legion is awesome, by the time you are talking 3 alts, several specs it is starting to wear you down.

Contemplating cooking when you have to rely on the moronic cook Nomi (once your star pupil) instead of discovery… the hate is real. I didn’t think it was possible to loathe an npc vendor but *twitch*. That little bastard sums up half of what is wrong with Legion. Him and the seagulls, but those at least you can kill. So I play less and less and each time I log in and see there are 60 more World Quests and even the thought of doing 4 because I’ve run out of resources AGAIN – makes me sick. So, I go fishing in Pandaria or potter round my garrison tending the garden.

Am I right? Am I wrong?

Well, in the first days of Legion we had 40 or 50 people online; now, despite gaining over 100 new/returning guildies the numbers online sink to the low 20s or below. So too when you log in to the realm list. Long-time players will remember when all almost every pve realm was either full or medium all the time. Now? When was the last time anyone in Europe saw more than two or three full realms and no medium? I can name three full pve realms: Draenor (Horde), Silvermoon (Ally), Hyjal (French, 50/50 ish). The rest of the realms are empty. The grind (of which we are all familiar with), the countless dead and dying realms and the utter lack of love for guilds this expansion… I suspect, even more than WoD, many will leave the game because at the same time there’s both too much and too little to do. I’ll stay for the ride, but my contempt for the Devs this expansion is matched only by my loathing for Nomi. I suspect they are related!

Case in point:
In the next patch (7.15) they are making it easier to level up artifacts. The method is capped at level 15 (of 34) and, we are told, is a great way to level up your alts and off-specs. Look on the wowhead and battle.net forums and the fans will gush with sickening levels of sycophantic obsequiousness at this generous solution.

Wait, what? You THANK them, for this?

Here’s how it works now:

You grind instances and world quests for artifact points. AND you grind for resources for class hall missions and for artifact research. Any interest or attention to the content died long ago, it is now blind repetition for points. It is the same dispiriting sense that shift workers feel when they have to get up at 4.50am for work; you know you don’t want to, but it is what it is. What can you do, eh?

Here’s how it works in 7.5:

You can buy artifact points with resources and …

Hmmm! Anyone else see the flaw here?

You NEED to grind resource to level up the artifact research to speed up artifact gain… so you spend the resources on buying point and now not only do you still have to grind millions of points for the artifact, you also have to grind World Quests twice as hard to replace the resources! Yes, you can buy resources bags (BoA, I believe) for Blood of Sargeros, but given the trade/mats value of these is 300 to 600g each you are throwing away a tonne of gold.

Q.E.D.: The ‘solution’ is worse than the problem! Innovation?

I could run circles around the entire management team and every single Dev as they are stuck in a mindset, one half obsessed with profit at any cost, the other with, "that’s what we have always done it and it’s always worked / Because I say so". No, no, it hasn’t. Not when people buy a new expansion and leave by the millions shortly after because under the hype and gloss nothing has changed. Twelve years on, six expansions and still: Same shit, different day.

(Part) Solution:
Make more things account wide. A lot more things. Ultimately people want a main, but not always the same main and forcing them to play the same exact GRIND over and over and over again to get to the same place is not the way to do it. See next point, Blizzard, if you are reading.

My personal view of the Devs? They are idiots!

Ironic quote follows:

Dr Who (S34 E6: The Caretaker)(Peter Capaldi) on the human race:
“You’re all stupid, the whole lot of you.”

Clara Oswald:
“It means that you are a very clever man, making the mistake common to very clever people of assuming that everybody else is stupid.”

(Yes, I know the developers are all probably highly intelligent, highly educated people, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stupid, trust me, this I know. 😉 As one blog post (Derek Sivers) I read pointed out, "There are no smart people or stupid people, just people being smart or being stupid." A better article though, originally in the Wall Street Journal, is Why Smart People are Stupid. Really, Devs, let go of that damned anchor, you are pulling the ship down! Also for the Devs: Why Smart People Act So Stupid.

Replacing the grind stick with a better carrot

Devotees can argue until they are blue in the face how brilliant WoW is, how the millions of subscribers PROVE it. Yet for every ONE million that still plays, Blizzard could point out TWENTY million that quit! There is obviously a vast array of reasons for quitting, whether for a few expansions or forever, but the biggest will be boredom: the game is no longer fun. You can throw in ageing player base, rage quits at nerfs, etc, but ultimately most leave because they got sick of it all. The paper columns and twitch streams might focus on the mythic raiders, but in a typical guild of 1,000 members you’ll only have 20 mythic raiders. All the (media) focus is on less than 2% of the players!

And Blizzard? They focus on grind, on repetition. Anything to keep the players subscribed. Whether monthly events or 1% mounts or achievements that takes months, even years to achieve… until people are so sick they can’t face it any more and leave.

If blizzard want a carrot and stick, make a QUICK and easy daily with a reward table that entices people to keep up the subs for that ‘lottery’ ticket.

Once they have that revenue base fixed, then can look more at taking the soulless grind out of the equation and start adding content that people want: i.e. – NOT content that they do without thinking and hate more each time because they are giving up their life for nothing and at some level they know this. Not simply playing to relax or forget life or work or a fight with the ex, or a game night with mates but "must do missions, must feed machine" Then they snap and go postal and everyone either says, "(Never) saw that coming", or "Can sympathise, gets me like that some days!"

Example loot table (account wide daily, BoA reward):

55% xx gold
40% xx mats/ artifact points/ resources
5.0% battle pet / rare or epic BoE/BoA item (or cosmetic)
0.89% ‘Lottery/Daily bag’ only items (a toy, a pet, and a unique mount*)
0.1% Something eye-opening, like a game token, a really rare mount
<0.1% Lottery time: Removed items, TCG mounts, and the like. BMAH or better.

*(Unique, not the same old shit in a different shade of red or blue!)

Given a 100 active players in a guild, it needs to common enough to be comment-worthy in guild chat on a regular basis, with once a month a post in GC/trade worthy of ‘gz! I want that so much’ or ‘pics or it never happened’ and maybe once a year a post of "OMFG, No way!" It also needs to be balanced enough to make people want to do it, to log in to do and be rewarded (yes, for nothing!), to see that there’s hope, but at the same time balancing the tricky percentage that will always despair because it’s never them… ‘cos RNG. (Good luck with that 😛 )

Tie it in to a guild achievement as well, maybe. People still belong to guilds, if you recall, Blizzard, though there’s absolutely no recognition of this in Legion. As I’ve said elsewhere, as I do find it curious; mythic raiding is set as the pinnacle to reach for – yet expansion by expansion Blizzard have stripped away reasons and perks to be in a guild until, in WoD and far more so in Legion, meh. Now, it is often argued, (unless you are a raider), what’s the point?

Let’s be honest, most if not all of the creative individuals that pour their soul into the game care if you play, if you love the game. However, in absolute contrast, the board of directors and shareholders of Activision/Blizzards couldn’t give a shit, as long as you pay, and pay, and pay, and buy into other Blizzard games and offerings* and pay MORE: as long as the money rolls in! Fix that twisted obsession of yours, Blizzard, and you can fix the game and still profit!

*(OK, hands up anyone that spent £400 for game tokens for gold to buy the Mad Merchant’s 2 million gold spider mount, or who spend £200 … for the pet, or who bought Overwatch JUST to get the Baby Winston pet for WoW, or Mercy’s Wings for Diablo, knowing they’ll never play Overwatch.

(Troll: ‘lol? pay? I just used my gold’

Reply: ‘Yes, £400 worth, which took you how long to earn, in game, precisely? Months of garrison missions on 50 alts? Hundreds, thousands of hours of mats farming? Untold hours camping AH, flipping mogs (etc) across a score of servers? You just paid a higher price without realising 😉 )

Guess what, either way Blizzard made you their bitch, and as long as your money rolls in, they won’t give a shit about YOU. And when the racket finally shudders to a halt, will they care or will they move on to the next thing? By all means, play their game, I know I do, but is it so much to ask that they give an ounce of respect, consideration and thought to the people putting the food on their plate?
(Hint to the next Dev that offers us a ‘care package’ when THEY **** up: DON’T)

(Nothing against pure capitalism per se, but not a fan, no.)

Movable Guild Tabs

At present if you want to swap a tab around you have to move everything one item at a time, rename the tab, change the information etc. Pain in the backside, really. You should, as a guildmaster, be able to lock/unlock them and move them about similar to regular bags.

Please, in the greater scheme of things, make this a (lesser) priority for Legions. Guild Leaders will love you for it – even as we mutter "About bloody time" 😉

WTB 5-seater transport

You’ve probably seen this before, many times, all the same, I was disappointed it never showed in MoP and all but gave up after the emptiness of WoD garrisons. Still, I think there’s a place for 5-seater ox and cart (land) and zeppelin airships (flying) for parties to have fun travelling together. Multi-boxers would love it too, but that’s another matter.

One can assume a suitably high price tab, whether rep grind, a tonne of gold or rep grind and a tonne of gold in mats (as an engineered zep would be). Both have precedents already from WotLK and MoP.

(Not commenting at all on the 2,000,000g vendor spider mount in Legion, or the 10,000,000g ceilings in AH and BMAH, nope!)

Scroll (off-hand) mog, please

[image to follow]

Because, as one guildie put it, "that would be rather epic, actually"

Saw the goblin on the 23rd patch notes and all I could think was, Oh yes, I want that

Come on guys, we have torches, frying pans, dynamite, books, red hot pokers (!), herb bags and even a vial of chloroform (!), a rolled up scroll is the missing link.

If you could apply it to (artifact) weapons and well as off-hands, all the better!

Guild Garrisons

Empty mage tower : Guild Classic Raider unlocks portals to Stormwind etc

Dust, Dust and More Dust onlocks a Disenchanter

Rinse and repeat through all professions and things – like portals, vendors, an AH.

Show some love for guilds this expansion, all you’ve done in the past few years is take perks from them (i.e summon, mass resurrect, discounts).

(Guild Wars has had something like this for many years in the form of upgradeable islands with a choice of styles).

Copy Çåtš

Do you really have to make a copying name so hard? It’s not to protect identities, and it’s not to stop players typing in accented names, all it does it annoy people for absolutely no good reason.

Case in point, I wanted to email a guild member (free) enchants. To do so, I had to look up extended characters sets and mess about with alt inserts. Or I can look the person up on battle.net and try and copy the name from there. Or, if they were on-line I could invite them to a group, travel to them, trade, and return to where I wanted to be. But why when mail is instant?

Under right-click ‘other options’ in channels and guild lists just add “copy name”. Not hard! Not like you can’t copy and paste text in the game anyway.

Similarly, a battle.net friend makes a new alt and asks for a guild invite and you can’t simply /ginvite, you have to faff about finding the name of the character, perhaps dodge around foreign character sets, then invite. Sloppy!

Capturing Demonic ‘pets’

Would be rather cool to allow Warlocks to capture demonic pets – like the Fel Screecher – in the same way Hunters can.

Wardrobe (/pet /mount) check feature in auction house

It would be nice if you could add a search tick to AH (like ‘wearable’) for learnable / unknown transmogs. Low on priority, yes, but would be nice to see.

All the mog flippers would wholeheartedly agree as well, but that’s another kettle of fish 😀

Ditto for battle pets, especially given there are over 850 available pets in the game, half of which are cagable for auction house. The 3/3 night be a tad awkward, but really it just needs coding for 0/3, for ‘none of those known’

In comparison there’s only a few BoE mounts that can be posted on the auction house – perhaps that will change in the future.

Vendor Crowning

Please create a dismount zone around all vemdors and quest givens – especially in the class halls

Reason: There are always inconsiderate and usually malicious players will block these with the biggest mounts they can (i.e passive-aggressive griefing)

This, of course if why you should have made the class halls a guild thing (or solo) – an officer kick these pillocks out.

It’s the same with the class hall that allow mounts, with xmas etc (largely but not wholly fixed due to small dismount area and HUGE enlarged mounts). Please give them all a wide berth 🙂

(OK this IS a rant, still angry about this a year or two on!

Note that this actually affected ALL accounts worldwide and rather than admit a major screw up they tried to hot fix it and kept quiet. Only 5% or more of characters didn’t get fixed because the data was irretrievably lost! Imagine if that had been pets – or mounts… you log in and find you have no mounts, and they can’t get them back, so offer you one single racial mount as an apology and tell you to farm them all again. Which is exactly what the Devs and blues did over this.)

Fix the archaeology reset data wipe issues YOU caused in the WoD pre-patch

The archaeology rest last October (2014) is a known bug and, for those affected, still an unresolved issue. One for which Blizzard shameful and disgusting solution was to lock the thread after 6 months of promising to sort the problem and dismiss it.

All that aside, I have the preceding Professor title (for 20 artifacts and the ‘It belongs in a museum’). I can also show, though BoA items, pets and mounts that, just prior to WoD breaking my profession, I had 29 of the 30 required artifacts and have since acquired 4 more – shown as 4/30 since reset and available as WoD BoA items like a mace and necklace.

Please restore a modicum of faith in your company and put the proper count and achievement in place. I can live with the empty boxes in the archaeology tab but I honestly can’t face years of grind in very old content to repeat things I worked damned hard for in the first place.

Suggested solution for archaeology reset caused by 6.0 re-WoD patch.

Still not happy you’ve been so unhelpful, obstructively so, over this issue, eventually locking the thread but I have a possible solution that may help, though not fix it:

Make archaeology account wide

Personally utterly disgusted at how you handled this and that you could not/would not fix it, but this may help, a little. Better than nothing, which is what you offered, hmm.

Organise RAF rewards better

For a multi-billion dollar company, the status method is naff!

When you RAF someone have a status link for it, ideally under the hands icon. Suggested change:

The grip does it’s ‘get Blizz more minions’ thing and, under it, it says:

“You have no RAF rewards pending”


“You will be eligible for [gametime][RAF reward] from [friend1] in xx days”
(repeated if necessary)

* (Though the coding may take a few days, surely it’s worth it in reduced Customer Support costs?)

Enchanting the ‘Boots of the Bay’

I assume this is a bug and not ‘working as intended’ but you can’t cast an enchant on these boots – not even a level 1 minor speed.

If it isn’t a bug, please forward this to suggestions and ask them if they intended to have my nice new shiny shoes broken, it’s ‘cobblers’ and would they please fix it!

Balance Darkmoon Arena! (for chest)

(Note that I have the reward.)

In what way is it a true pvp – balanced – arena when you can go in and find you are facing a druid, DK and friend that will gank you to boost each other? It’s NOT 1vs1 or many vs many it’s 2:1, 3:1, 5:1

If this was a ladder event the forums would explode over the unfairness of the situation.

I propose:
a) you make it hourly, not 3-hourly
b) it’s not CRZ and
c) ideally, when the chest spawns and the arena clears it’s 1vs1 against an elite (Brawler style) NPC.

Darkmoon Rabbit loot – or not

Just killed the Darkmoon Rabbit in a large group. No loot was dropped and either someone skinned it or the corpse despawned.

Conflicting reports on forums (personal loot vs first to loot vs leader disbanding to get drop).

This sort of rubbish is adding to ruining the game. Might I suggest you add an (automatically awarded) drop bag to the wee beastie.

e.g. loot table:
Rabbit’s lucky foot (worth 1c)
Rabbit’s unlucky foot (worth 1s)
or Darkmoon Rabbit

Add recipes to ‘Collections’ in Legions

People collect things, often obsessively so, it’s what keeps players paying their subs. Gear, achievements, pets, mounts, toys, (xmogs) – and recipes.

I asked support whether Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses and Pattern: High Society Top Hat are in the game. They can’t answer because it’s a secret. Devs don’t give this out! They don’t even tell their own GMs! I can perfectly understand detailed like drop mechanisms, but to take the in-game stance that you can neither confirm nor deny their existence when they are listed on battle.net by them

"I spoke with a GM today, 10/29/15, and he or she confirmed both Pattern: High Society Top Hat and Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses are indeed in the game."

And the next comment starts:

"Ok spoke with a GM today about this pattern and the rhinestone sunglasses pattern. They said the patterns are NOT in game. the only way to obtain the items, not the pattern, is from Blingtron."

Both offered screenshots backing it up. I have asked several times myself and the closest to believable is that it IS in the game BUT the drop rate/mechanism in so extremely low as to be impossible to get. So why bother putting the thing in the game if so. It makes no sense!


Anyone claiming to have this is trolling, unless they are a troll, perhaps, as armory shows Zapatas (Draenor EU) has High Society Hat learned. (I have a few alts on that server and he does indeed have it).

The add-on Acki’s Recipe List is invaluable for recipe collections, but this should be in game, either under collections or under professions.

Addenda: I do note that Blizzard make big steps towards this in Legion, but it still needs more work to cover older expansions etc.

End the spam!

Selling store mounts and game time…

As ever – it worries me that even after 12 years YOU do nothing about trade spam from hacked accounts and stolen credit cards etc. The only conclusion is you profit from criminal activities at our expense. Disturbing thought!

Selling store items: as ever it completely baffles me that you cannot detect such spam and that you will not add an option to report "Selling store items and game time" – As ever, it makes me wonder why not.

Boosts for cash, gold sellers, etc

Help… Yes, please help me understand this. I know you don’t answer, but feel free to make an exception. Explain to me why for weeks on end, month after month, the same people – despite untold reports for spamming etc – continue to ply their services despite contravening all your rules?

The only plausable reasons are either that

a) You, Blizzard, run these services, or that
b) You allow them because indirectly you profit and/or
c) You couldn’t care less!

Gold price spam

Just an observation, watching trade spam scroll by:

[slysesp-bronzebeard]: -= TitaniumBay =- Get up to 30% more gold compared to WoW token

No, not reporting a spammer, per se. Just observing that after ten years, untold billions in revenue, you still appear incapable of doing anything at all about gold sellers, cloned mount sellers, spammed site selling boosts for hard cash. Not like Titanium Bay haven’t been advertising in game for years.

Yet you do nothing.


Remove level restrictions on out of battle enchantments

There are some enchantments – like Angler, Gatherer – that should NOT have a level restriction as they are purely for farming and have no effect on dps etc.

Amend Dungeon Deserter flag – and part-completed instances

This needs fixing in a fairer way. After a long wait I finally joined a raid group, accepted – and couldn’t enter as they’d already pulled the last boss. I hardly think it’s fair that:

a) You do not give the option to only enter new raids. Many do not want to join with one or more bosses down as it means re-queueing again to get them and hoping it’s not yet another partial!

b) To be flagged for deserting a raid that you cannot enter.

Remove the cost to move players (and guilds)

The game is dying, I know, you know it. Please remove atrophying factors like the (ludicrous) costs to move players and guilds from dead servers that are hastening the decline.

AP merged with BB – then you lost – drove away – some 5m subscribers. The server is emptier than ever. (Legion helped a lot, but still you look are see one, two, perhaps three ‘high’ realms and pages of ‘low’ ones, when there was a time most were ‘full’ or ‘high’

It’s simple economics. The less that log on the less there are to play with, to recruit. Guilds wither and die. More leave. Vicious circle.

That AND/OR merge more servers, fast.

(Addenda: I note there was a Dev comment, during Blizzcon, that they are looking at this problem, but have no solution yet.)

Typo for [Swift Zulian Tiger]

Looking on Black Market..

[Swift Zulian Tiger] is dropped by the High “Preist” 😛

Add a short ‘realm fatigue’ to custom searches

Reasoning: as you must see yourself, most groups as constantly spammed by people joining and leaving a moment later as they realm hop to find rares etc. A short (say 1 minute, 2 minute) fatigue will curtail this without in being a nuisance to regular players.

Addenda: Blizzard did actually nerf realm hopping like this into the ground, at least as far as spam hop farming goes, but they still try)


Really, this is starting to tick me off. I have posted several suggestion, on the forums, here, direct to the devs (as have countless others). And to all the Devs turn a blind eye. In my last message to those – bastions (no, that’s not the right word, bast-something!) – I wrote:

Fix the rep grind for Booty Bay (without destroying Blood sail rep)

It is both the height of irony and insult that in the ‘submit suggestion’ you ask how the game can be fixed in a "fun and fair way" – and yet utterly ignore every suggestion sent in both here, and in the forums.

In what way is killing some 34,000 mobs (hated to exalted) FUN? And FAIR? I just crit hit a pirate with 1,800 health for 8 MILLION damage!

I am personally convinced you want to antagonise and alienate players and I just don’t get why!

The game has 5 to 10 millions players (they hide that number, now), though according to some sources it has lost over 100 million in their 12-year history; yet still, as ever, the focus is on the tiny, tiny percentage that do mythic raiding. So why go out of their way to make things such a grind that no-one in their right mind will ever do them?

For the record I have ‘Insane in the Membrane’ (got it back in 2011). In a moment of madness though I decided to get BloodSail Pirates to exalted – turning Booty Bay from Exalted to hated in the process. And there is really only one place in the game to do the grind, so you meet lots of people doing it as well and from most you get the same moans:

About the time it takes?
Nope, that’s taken as granted in rep grinds and mount farming etc.
About needing to murder some 34,000 pirates – the population of the average small town?
Nope, most try very hard not to think about the numbers, it’s too disheartening.
So, what do they complain about?
Their shoulder, their (tennis) elbow, the numbness in their fingers, their wrist…
Basically, they all complain about RSI damage due to the nature of the grind. And it’s not simply a case of do it in smaller sessions, you are talking about 80 hours or more of running in a circle clicking, and most (obsessives) just want it done.

Am I fair in my accusations against Blizzard for what is an optional and frankly crazy grind for an old faction/title?

I ask again, what is ‘fair’ or ‘fun’ about killing over 30,000 trash mobs?

I also point out that, prior to 4.03 there were a number of repeatable quests that, while still a grind, offered variance and more interest. The mobs and quest givers are still there, as they were, just one day someone in Blizzard decided to make the Booty Bay reputation farm exponentially harder and ZERO fun. That was, of course, years ago. They have had time enough to consider whether the choice was ‘fun or ‘fair’ – have had many reasonable suggestions for options, options that can be applied throughout the game. But no, they are obsessed with grind as a way of keeping players and are unable to see that actually it is the level of grind that’s turning people off the game. Whether this rep, or gold for a 2,000,000g vendor mount, or resources and artifact power (per spec/per alt). It’s all to much. You either snap, or quit the game. And the grind and apparently hatred for alts in this expansion suggests to some – like me – that they are trying to kill the game.

Crazy? I once worked for a major PLC. About a month in I commented that they (the board of directors) where going to mothball the factory. No way, the workers pointed out, they just took on hundreds more staff, they are spending millions on new lines. Yes, I said, I know. They are making the place look a better option for a takeover. The factory is now a bulldozed. a housing estate obliterating any evidence of its existence. The new Japanese owners just took the contracts, the technology, the licences and IP, and moved them to other countries. They bought a lame duck instead of a golden goose and assess stripped it, basically. The parallels are not lost on me. Warcraft is no longer Activision’s golden egg trove. They have milked all the billions they could out of the game, saving the company and investing it in other ventures and now, I suspect, are looking to pass the ageing game on, or find reasons to eventually shut it down (with the same callous disregard Electronic Artist shows to their player bases (and staff)).

Noticed how the best and brightest of Blizzard’s staff are leaving the (sinking) ship?

We shall see!

Suggestion for Silverwing / Warsong rep grind

Yes, this old chestnut!

Blizzard really DO need to improve Rep for Silverwing Sentinels/Warsong Outriders.

For those that disagree because they spent hundred of hours monotonously repeating the same instance post Vanilla I would point out that before that it was as easy as Ashran and AV is now, once. It was only with BC that it went crazy. Most of the people with it got it back in the day. The rest, those without the desire or comfort to start a pre-made give up. I suspect everyone else in the game just wants to tick the box.

A typical player (not premade) needs 400+ hours to exalted. Most give up. 1200 flags – 400 wins (nothing for a loss) in a typical wipefest pug is just players thumping each other in the middle. This length of time for such a trivial thing (in real terms) is not dedication, it’s a waste of a life!

This isn’t a grind, it isn’t a game – not when something takes months and months of RSI inducing clicking – it’s a job!

Suggestion: Amend the reputation such that :
a) A loss still gives some rep, perhaps a 1/3 that of a win.
b) Grabbing a flag gives 1/3 flag rep to the team
c) Knocking / taking a flag from an enemy gives 1/3 flag rep to the team
d) Handing in a flag and winning for 3 flags as is.

This way you get at least something per instance and have a chance to improve the rep, even in a poor group. It gives something at least to the casual players without, one would hope, having the trolls piling in crying about nerfs – to whom I would again remind you that once is was a matter of a few hours to get.

It’s not a massive boost, but a good compromise, I feel.

Being frank, not only ludicrously low, it’s sadistically so for those that want the rep / title more than endlessly repeating the same one pvp instance when there are so many others to do. For the average player you are talking perhaps 800+ matches – That’s at least 400 hours without queueing times!

It ceases to be a game and turns into a full time job. That is unrealistic. It is also disheartening.

Addenda: Nov 2016 I heard talk (in Blizzcon 2016) they are finally looking into this and it may be that simply getting the flag will count. I’ll take that compromise. The (after the fact) purists can defend hard if that what the want, the rest of us can get gt on with playing and moving on. Blizzard needs to be a game, not an unpaid niche career!

BUG : Fishing for aggro?

Noticed this several times, particularly in Tanaan. You can be fishing from dry land and pull aggro from the likes of daggerfish, even though you aren’t in the water. Any attempt to attack is evaded so you have to stop fishing, enter the water, kill the pest(s) and go back to land. Not a hardship, but annoying to pull aggro in such a way.

(I’ve seen similar bugs in Legion where the fish flop out the water and chase you up a hill. Silly and annoying, but funny at the same time).

Atiesh and Naxx 60

Return Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian to the game, along with old Naxx (and the removed recipes from Naxx).

I don’t imagine it will take a vast amount of work to drop (a hidden) Naxx back over Plaguelands, accessing entering via the Caverns of Time.

I dare say you get this request a lot, but it still has merit, given every nearly other legendary from MC up is still easier available. Might – might – even bring a few people back!

typo: Taralune

(Pet master) Taralune says: "It is folly to underestimate the STENGTH of nature."

THIS! : Blizzardwatch: The mistakes of Warlords and how Legion must avoid them

Besides the fact garrisons should have been a guild thing, not a mindless grind for alts – even in that grind is relogging a score of characters for gold missions – my biggest, unforgiving gripe about WoD related to this that you pointed out:

But World of Warcraft, the biggest MMO in the world, seems to be a victim not of any of its rivals but rather its own company and its unwillingness to talk to the players.

In the 6.0 pre-patch event Blizzard introduce a bug that reset everyone’s archaeology, only catching it after all the EU and part of the US were affected. For many, perhaps most, it was fixed on the fly – without a word to players. It was only admitted weeks later as the number still affected grew. Long story short, for the rest – they killed archaeology stone dead.

Hundreds, thousands of hours of progress was reset and they couldn’t fix it because – somehow – they had deleted all the players data. (Just think about that!) In the end they came up with a solution, a ‘care package‘ – their words. And the generous offer – to cover in many cases thousands of hours of farming? They ticked off two MoP achievements people already had and boosted the profession to 700 – which they already had in most cases. Then they told players that’s your lot, there is no discussion, if you want the progress back redo it. And locked the thread. (Look up “archaeology reset” on the EU forum). This single betrayal of players trust leaves you speechless at times!

Added to this is – garrisons. In many ways it’s good, in others, it’s soul-destroying inanity. It’s possible via simply mining and later herbs and xp missions to level your alts from 91 to 100 without ever leaving your garrison. Missions can gear you up to as much as i670. Via BoA gear compliments of your main characters shipyard and Tanann farming you can boost them to i695. That’s without them ever leaving the garrison and getter gear than all the LFR combined. In this mindlessness they all but killed farming mats (some will consider this a blessing) and just about every profession beyond.

Will I buy Legions? Yes, probably, if only to have the boxed. Will I play it though? … I’ve better things to do with my life than be bored by an uncaring company that I can no longer trust.

Extend the Black Market stocks

Make Black Market more like Auction House, adding more items a day and, importantly, old – near impossible to get – items like Blizzcon pets/toys, more TCG items etc.

Items like Murky, Big Blizzard Bear, Mini Tyrael, Murloc Suit

Costume, some TCG mounts & toys still appear on ebay with eye-watering prices like £399, $4,000. Adding these to BMAH would appease collectors and& generate large sales for time tokens as players added millions of gold to their alts.

Fix Ring Toss in Darkmoon

Sorry, but sloppy design and buggy code.

You have the option to ‘leave the vehicle’ – but you can’t until you use all 10 rings.

You also have an achievement for getting 10 rings on the totrtoise – but no counter, making it unnecessarily hard to follow your progress if more than one person is playing. Or even if just you.

Improve the rewards inside Fel-Touched Pet Supplies

I have to say, once you have the 4 pets from the Tiny Terrors, which you can get cheaply enough on AH anyway, there’s little incentive to waste time on the Tiny Terrors of Tanaan.

The Pet Charms want increasing from the pitiful 1-2 to 8-10, more in line with the Menagerie. Also, if the same way, you ideally want bandages and training stones (i.e. critter, beast). Adding pet food wouldf be nice too.

wow tokens should stack

We might want to use the right away – like, for instance, if it the end of April and we have exams to study for and need a break, or we have an embolism after trying to farm the High Society Top Hat you set a drop rate of 0.0000001% for, hmm…

Anyway, I digress. No reason they shouldn’t be stackable

For dismounting near all vendors

(Addenda: Now partially implemented)

You can get Baby Spice from Dalaran quest (Small Spice Bag) that reduces them by 50% for engineers a “gnomish shrink ray” (albeit with a 5 min cooldown).

What would be handy right now – and I assume easily codable even in a hot fix – is an alchemy potion (based on Baby Spice) to do the same. They enlarge, you lob a vial at them, shrink them down to tiny.

Still, a proper exclusion zone fix before the 25th would be nice.

Change the Trading Point benefits

(Addenda: They did fix this shortly after I posted the suggestion)

Forgive me for stating the obvious here, but this is yet another example of how poorly thought out WoD is. Allow me to enlightment you!

I want to upgrade my Trading Post to level 3 to get the 20% bonus to reputation in Draenor.

However the plans require completion of the achievement “Savage Friends” : to get at least 3 factions in Draenor to Exalted.

You see where I’m going here?

By the time you can upgrade your trading post there’s little point!

Searchable achievements

(Addenda: They did implement this after my suggetion as well)

You must have had this request on the board for years, surely!? Please implement it if so as the achievement list is getting unwieldy.

If you can also flag by options that would be brilliant.

Search achievements for ‘savage’

AND / OR: list:
i) incomplete
ii) rewards title
iii) rewards mount
iv) rewards pet /other

Go on, you know you want to 😀

Inscription’s Milling tool – on player and/ garrison shed

Inscription takes up a tonne of milled herbs – and milling 5 at a time
is just tedious (and open to RSI !)

So, to make it easy for use – and less boring – how about a milling machine. Something like the enchanters have but instead (the option to) drag a stack of herb or the mixing bowl and drop the in. A lot easier all round than milling 200 stacks 5 at a time.

(Addenda: Then did put in mass milling after that, greatly enhanced for Legion milling for scribes)

Amend iLevel limit on Gather Spell and similar enchants.

At present Gather and similar (non combat) spells cannot be applied to gear like gloves of i600. As they can’t be otherwise enchanted this serves do purpose and is actually (trivially) detrimental to the game resources and player free slots as those that use it must have a second pair of gloves they simply do not need.

You have to hand it to them&hellip:

Ever noticed in the start screen that Kargath’s sword hand in on the right, but in the rest of the game it’s on the left?

Grey out known plans etc

Would make life so much easier for every player in the game – possibly reduce tickets to Customer Support.

Reasoning: there is absolutely no point buying a recipe or object you already know – and can’t learn again – so why show them.

Please code this across the board: Mounts and Toys, Garrison plans, all professions.

If you could add it to 6.1, would be great!

Buying stacks

Stop the clickfest with traders – add option for ‘full stack’ or a value

Having a lot of alts I see this regularly and it’s as poorly implemented as it is annoying.

Here I am, 100,000 garrison resources to spend on mats (across server) – and clicking 200 times for each stack of meat, four etc. At the least you can add a button for +50 or +200

( They is an add-on called Buy’em all that lefts you do just this )

Option to Report player for: Trolling

It’s been like this for years and if anything the chat in trade & general is getting worse. Usually it’s the same few people – on Aerie Peak it’s the like of Sonzo, Uncheerful, Milpocbo (lately). Often they are from the same guild & delight in winding up / shocking or annoying everyone possible.

Yes, you can turn off channels & ignore people, but why should 10,000 have
to do so because you (Blizzard) will not act against a tiny minority of social deviants?

Enchanter / enchant effects preview

The garrison enchanter follower would be greatly enhanced it you could preview the effects – as opposed to wasting a load of mats trying them or wandering over to 3rd party sites like wowhead.

(Addenda: They later fixed this by adding the illusion tomes for weapon enchant mogs)

Add fishing level – including buffs – to ‘General’ information in character sheets

(Addenda: This is implemented now).

Make the garrison herb garden tools BoA rather than BoP

The gold cost alone is high enough, as is the time needed to level alts and your garrison to level three for the herb garden, but the time it takes to collect 1,000 seeds on top is just way too long – months rather than days and no shortcut through dedicated farming/grind.

On top of this, these are the sort of items players want on their town/bank/display alts that they typically neither want nor need to level up.

(Addenda: They is live now, in Legion. They didn’t make them BoA, but they are uncommon, BoP items so you can farm the look on alts. Woot! They all gave them a reskin so they look better than ever!)

Change rerolls to give choice, please.

You did it in Diablo and I hated it so much I stopped playing the game.

You craft something which – half the time – has versatility (useless for most classes) – so you reroll, and reroll and so on until after 10 tries you’ve wasted more mats trying to get a better – talent specific – crafted item than it takes to just or DE the thing and make another!

The re-roll should give you the option, from a list, of what you recreate!

(Should have this anyway as a crafter!)

(Addenda, they never did fix this, though they did make the reroll recipe vastly cheaper to craft. Still, enough already with the mindless RNG grind crap, develop a better system and, until then, fetch back reforging stats. I did note they mentioned something about stats in Blizzcon 2016 but they are still the same old same old company when the hard core ‘we like in this way” calling the shots.

You need to grow and evolve, Blizzard – you will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER find a player that says ‘I love doing the same instance every day to see if I get a Trinket of the Crit for my collection, as I have the Trinkets of Vers, Haste and of Useless Stats.’

Yes people grind instance for gear, but most of the time they hate doing so and they hate it more when the stuff is useless for their class because they need crit/mastery and 4/5 bosses instances give versatility/haste gear. Meanwhile the poor sod that actually wants vers/haste only ever sees crit/mastt ‘cos RNG!

Garrison and Followers: You appear to need tweaks to follower gear drops

Wants a way to trade or change follower items and better chance of weapons vs armour.

i.e Currently I have 15 +615 (useless) and no other weapon upgrades, but:
11 +630 armour, 3 +615, 3 +615, a +9, 2 +6 and 5+ 3 armour

Or maybe it’s just rng and others need only weapons, but those I asked all see similar.

(Addenda: Garrsion are history now, really, but at the time they replied by adding an epic gear token to missions and to the vendor in the garrison town hall.

Raid / LFG tokens

How’s this idea:

IF no loot in bag THEN spawn raid token*

*(Think Mark of the Illidari or Darkmoon prize Tickets)

It’s not all about the loot, obviously, but at the same time, getting a dozen empty bags in a row is off-putting.

So, offer stackable marks or tokens you can trade with the appropriate faction i.e:

30 tokens : potions or flask or banquet
150 tokens : pet
500 tokens: mount / gear / tabard

Something whereby you win – by losing. Encourages raiding/pugging without quite as bad RNG/rage imbalance.


Makes Reaves / Blingtron 6000 a toy

Blingtron 4000 was always resummonable, now a toy
Blingtron 5000 was always resummonable, now a toy
Blingtron 6000 costs 5 felslate a time to summon, as a once off.

Reaves, to summon, has a current mat cost of around 350g worth of Blood of Sargeros/ore and lasts a few minutes before being permanently destroyed! As a result, few people see the Blingtron 6000 Gift Package, as even those with the module are loathe to summon him.

Seriously Blizzard? Is this ‘fun’ or ‘fair’ for engineers? Or for other players who rarely see Reaves because: ~350g a time to summon.

I honestly swear I believe 100% Blizzard WANT to drive away players this expansion. The hate for professions, alts and even main off-specs is real and pervasive throughout Legion.

While Blingtron package can give mats like Blood of Sargeros (<5%), Infernal Brimstone (<2%) and Felwork (0.6%), the only reason to summon this over the earlier models is a chance for the Knockoff Blingtron pet (which TSM average at 85,000g, though I’ve only seen once, at 200,000g). (Given a drop rate of 0.1% that’s 3 years and 350,000g in mats, on average!) Fun, Blizzard? Fair?

Those looking for the pet (there is no new mount in the bag) have three options

Option 1) Level an engineer to learn Reaves/Blingtron (at over 50,000g) and chance RNG daily.

Option 2) Keep trying AH (only seen it once, at 200,000g (TSM=85,000g))

Option 3) Keep searching Group finder and hope someone has shared (or blind lucky seeing it announced in /trade. or passing one).

Similarly, just look at alchemy: you cannot get to 800 without level 3 flasks (everything is grey at 785) – but the proc rate to discover the level 3 recipes is just 0.1% (tested) meaning you might need to craft a million gold worth of flasks (per recipe) to get to 800 to learn the cauldron. That or months of waiting for Darkmoon fair to come round. Is this what the Developers have sunk to, hoping such a deplorable system will encourage players to keep their accounts open? And given this applies to nearly every profession (especially Blacksmithing)…

My utter disgust and contempt for the Devs and Blizzard verges on loathing. More and more each day I do not want to play, not when I feel/sense so much hate and callous indifference coming from them; though they are happy to keep taking our money! Even logging on lately puts me in a bad mood!

Update: At least they sorted this one! The discovery rate for flask etc improved too, but it’s still a gold sink, but more bearable. Now to get them to separate Blingtron 4,5 and 6k.

Improve respawn timer for the ‘What Horrible Presents’ quest.

A straw poll of all the people in Frostfire agreed, it’s a good quest, but the person that approved the timer on these ‘Unusual Gifts’ is an idiot and should be sacked.

Please fix said timer and know that the millions of players needlessly frustrated will lose no sleep over his dismissal so close to Christmas.

Sighed A. Grinch.

I send the above to Blizzard (I’m sure countless other complained) but really it was just another example of Blizzard’s arrogance (they’ll put up with anything (No, Blizz, we will NOT!)), and sloppy, cost-cutting ‘rush it out’ mentality ruling the games progression and development.

Option to remove forced effects – i.e. fireballs from artifact, shadows on priests

Result! I dare saw many, many others said the said thing but still, within a week or two of me sending the suggestion they added an npc and the option to toggle them on or off, (for mages at least).

Really, I’m sure some dev – *A* Dev thought, “this will be really cool..”, but there’s hundreds of thousands, if not millions of mages etc who might disagree, (as evidenced by the forum posts).

So, yes, please give us a glyph or set up option to toggle/remove distracting **** like this.

Ta =D

Dismounting around Santa

Thank you, finally!

OK, it took over 10 years of millions of players making the same suggestion but you got the message – eventually.

So, yes, thank you for putting a no-fly zone around Santa and the Christmas presents. It is so, so much easier, so much less annoying and frustrating.

Now extend the range because players with a huge mount, stacking growth potions etc., can get round your fix!

As they can in some class hall, like the Warlock one.

(Guild) credit where credit’s due in instances! (I think they did fix this one).

Not only do guild runs for Timewalk not count but it seems even lower level instances don’t either. Yes – maybe – working as intended, but it’s still wrong.

"Any level-appropriate Normal or HC dungeon via Dungeon Finder…"

It’s level appropriate, not just WoD appropriate – or should be!

To be honest, I find it ridiculous that – despite the tooltip saying otherwise – the timewalk instances do not actually count toward the 7/7 weekly guild challenges. They are, beyond question, far harder than simply strolling through a HC with a couple of i730 geared guild members that smash everything aside.

Please fix this.

Working as intended!

Devolving pets, e.g. Sting Ray Pup – Bug? Or “Working as Intended”

In some respects this is pedantic, and the vast majority will never see it, but it you do, it can be annoying. More so as I was told in no uncertain terms that it is indeed “working as intended” by a GM


Just bought a rare Sting Ray Pup – and it devolved into an uncommon one on learning. This is the 2nd/3rd vendor pet I’ve seen do this and I am not a happy bunny.

If it’s a bug, please fix it as it’s annoying and a waste of players and CS time.

If it’s “working as intended”, then the Devs are being idiots. Sorry, but yes, they are: people do not like being cheated and designing a system to cheat customers and make them feel bad is the life stuff of scammers and con artist, and marketing and PRs nightmares.

It goes like like:
If I buy a common pet and it evolved on learning, “Wohoo, RNG loves me”
If I buy a RARE (e.g. Sting Ray Pup, Nightwatch Swooper) or EPIC pet (e.g. Ash’ana) and it devolved, I feel cheated. I Have been cheated. I paid for that and this is what I get?”

It is not a BIG think and pet tokens to upgrade to a rare are easy to get, thanks to WQs, but it is still very, very annoying. I’ve run businesses in the past and trust me when I say (in the UK and elsewhere) if you try and scam customers you get the people from fraud and Trading Standards visiting and asking awkward questions like "Why does this genuine Rembramt have a Rolex on his wrist?"

OK it’s just a game and at several levels I’m overthinking this (what can I say, I have issues!) HOWEVER, the principal is the same. Some of the devolving pets are intentional and people, whether in a game or in real life do not like to feel cheated. Seriously? I could run circles round have your Devs for half the stuff they do and do not do… *mutter*

Oh aye, you owe me 5 tokens for an upgrade, or a new pet, I paid 100 tokens for a rare blue pet and that con artist Margoss sold me a common or garden green one with a paint job that washed off!

(Addenda: I got a refund – again – and it devolved, again. Not a bug, it is intentional, by Blizzard.

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