NWN Magical equipment list

Magical items and equipment in Neverwinter Nights


This game has more enchanted weapons and armour and so forth than you can shake a stick at!
I well counted over a hundred items, often with enhancements like Mighty, Keen, elemental damage, feats and increased stats. Below is a guide to some of the more powerful equipment to look out for.

Note that a number of items can only be bought and do not appear randomly, whilst others are only rewarded for quests. Please also note that, like the Gold version now available, I have both the expansions installed and this can affect/add extra things, as opposed to just the standalone copy of ‘Neverwinter Nights’. Anyway, The enchanted equipment includes:

(Lesser/Greater/Epic) Amulet of Health
(Lesser) Amulet of the Master
(Lesser) Gauntlets of Ogre Power
(Lesser) Ring of Power
Ring of Yusam (Quest item from Yusam in Beorunna’s Well)
    (Resist Bludgeoning 10/-, Improved Evasion and Normal (green) light (15m))
Ring of the Wood Elves (Resist Spells 16)
Cloak of Fortitude
Boots of Hardiness

Of these I consider the ‘Amulet of the Master’ (and it’s lesser version), the ‘Ring of Power and, especially, ‘the Ring of Yusam’ to be essential to life and limb, even well into the game expansions. The ‘Cloaks of Fortitude’ are always nice for the extra to saving throws, as are the ‘Boots of Hardiness’ for the constitution enhancement – though I preferred the ‘Boots of Haste’ until better equipment was available..

The ‘Gladiator Blade’ (Longsword +2, 1d6 acid) from Mutamin in the Green Griffon is nice too, thought I made do well enough with the Astral Blade +1 from Marrok’s forge.

Some of the forge items from Marrok and later, from Silverblade – especially the Ravenger Halberd are awesome and certainly need considering.

Random Treasure

If you can wear one, the Thieves’ Hood is well worth the price for the poison resistance value alone. These can be bought early on, and I have also seen it appear (randomly) in chests, rubble and corpses.

Most items are random, though a few – like the Watchman’s Helm – appear in fixed places and/or as quest rewards. A selection may also appear with merchants at various levels, though the prices can be exhorbitant.

Chapter One (Level 8)

Towards the end of chapter one, after you attain a total of 8 levels, it seems, you begin to find more interesting and more valuable artifacts. My personal favourites amongst these include:

Belt of Hill Giant Strength (+3)
Bracer of Dexterity +3
Scabbard of Blessing (Aid and Bless 3 times a day)
Gloves of the Rogue
Thayvian Circlet (boasts intelligence and saving throws)
Cutting Star kukri (causes blindness and fire damage)


Amulet of (cold, fire, electric, acid) Resistance 20/-
Calduran Smoothhands armour (Spell Resistance 14)
Thieves hood (includes immunity to poison)
Shukenja helm (extra spells for Sorcerors)
Boots of Elvenkind (dexterity and hide)

Chapter Two (level 11)

It does appear to me that the rise in value and power is every three levels, with 11 character levels being the sweet spot for chapter two. Here are a few of the more impressive items you may discover if you are lucky:

My favourites
Belt Frost Giant Strength (+4)
Boots of Haste
Watchman’s Helm (+8 to search, spot and listen) (Also may be be earned, or bought)

Amulets and the like
Ring of Holiness (Several bonus spells for Clerics)
Ring of Magic Defence (also offers Dispel Magic once a day)
Ring of Elemental Resistance
Greater (Brawler, swordsman, archers) Belt (Resist (relative) damage 20/-)

Shields and armour
Aurumvorax armour (Light armour with damage resistance)
Uthgardt Holy Shield (+2 strength at the cost of charisma)
Enkido’s armour (Heavy armour with damage resistance)

Projectile weapons
Crossbow of Affliction
Crossbow of Accuracy
Sling of Seeking
Elven Court Bow

Chapters Two to Three (level 14)

Of those below, as a Bardic adventurer, I lean heavily towards the first seven artifacts.

My favourites
Belt of Fire Giant Strength (+5)
Bracer of Dexterity +5
Dragon Slippers (Immunity to knockdown and fear, spell resistance and +2 to dexterity)

Cold Iron Blade (includes 1d6 cold, +1 fortitude)
Lifting Note bow (includes Perform +8 for Bards)
Protector shield (AC1 +2 and +1 damage reduction for 5 soak)
Petty’s Tempest (additional electrical damage and slow)

Amulets and the like
Clear Thought +4 (to intelligence)
Periapt of Wisdom +5
Amulet of Power (Bonus spells for Wizards)

Ring of Fortitude +5
Ring of Protection +5
Scarab of protection +4 (to saving throws)

Shields and armour
Dragon Shield
Greater Shield of Dawn
Hastsezini’s Shield (AC3 +5)

Armour of Freedom
(Copper, White, Red, Blue) Dragon Armour
Delvers Armour ((Heavy) includes +2 to saving throws)
Elven Chainmail

Boots of Striding +4 (to constitution)
Bracer of Armor +5
Gargoyle Boots (includes 10 ‘Stoneskin’ charges)

Blade of the Elements (Katana – slay elementals)
Bloodstone Double Axe (includes Regeneration +1)
Breath of the Maiden (Short sword draining Constitution)

Eberond’s Flail (offers spell resist 14)
Kintharsta Katana (includes Blind DC-14 50% / 2 rounds)
Tethir Wood Cudgel (adds include acid damage)
Will of Atar Halberd (fire damage)

Projectile weapons
Crossbow of Murder
Longarm Bow
Lesser Oath Bow

Chapters Three to Four (level 17 on)

By the time you have gained a total of 17 character levels a veritable dragons hoard of enchanted items opens itself up to you for availability, if you are lucky enough to get the right item.

My firm favourites (as a Bard) are:
Hammer of Thunderbolts (1d8 +5, 1d6 electrical, Stun DC-14 75% / 1)
Squires Defence Armour (Strength +3) (Can be bought)
and/or Armour of Fleetness (Light armour with Haste)

Amulets and the like
Ring of Clear Thought +5
Scarab of Protection +5
Talisman of Pure (Good, Evil) (Spell Resist 12, Charisma +3, Wisdom +3)

Belt of Agility +4
Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt
Girdle of Holy Might (Bonus high level spells for Clerics)

Shields and Armour
Shield of the Holy (Bonus Feat: Extra Turning for Clerics)

Aslyferun elven chain (Damage reduction and only light armour)
Balduran’s Armour (Regeneration +1 and enhanced Charisma) (Heavy armour) (Can be bought)
Chainmail of Speed (medium armour with Haste) (Can be bought, if I recall)

Kumakawa Armour (AC3 +3 and Improved Evasion)
Robe of the Arch Magi (includes AC+5, Bonus feat: Spell penetration and saving throw +1)
Robe of Vecna (includes Bonus Feat: Spell Focus to the 6 schools)

Axe of Culling (1d12 +3, 1d6 Fire, Dispel Magic)
Axe of Dead Illusk (for its Fear and +3 Vampiric regeneration)
Offhand Axe (1d6 +3, 1d6 sonic, bonus feat: two-weapon fighting)
Mordan’s Withering Blade (Battleaxe with ‘Wounding’ damage)

Scimitar of Speed (1d6 +1, 1d6 sonic and Haste)
Leech dagger (1d4 +5 and +3 Vampiric regeneration)
The Lucky One (Short sword with bonus feat: Improved Evasion)
Staff of the Magi (Several stored spells and Dispel Magic DC-14)

Death’s Handmaiden Scythe
Discord (Bastard sword) (1d6 sonic and Confusion)
Divine Fury Katana (1d10 +3, 1d6 Elec and Stun DC-14 50% / 2 rounds)
Sword of Lyons (two-bladed) (includes +2 to Strength and Charisma)

Projectile weapons
Taralash Bow (1d8 +4, Haste, Mighty +4, Spot +4)
Tasheron’s Bow (1d6 +1, Lightning, 1d6 fire. Unlimited ammo)
Phantom Bow (1d6 +3, Mighty +3, Haste, Phantasmal Killer (7) 1/day)

Graceblood Crossbow (1d10 +5 and Haste)
Cross of the High Forest (!d8+4 and Regeneration +1)
Crossbow of the Unicorn (1d8 +5 and Haste)

Tempertuppin’s Ever-thrown (1d4 +1, unlimited 1d6 fire)
Sling of Arvoreen (1d4 +4, Mighty +4, Freedom)
Sling of Force (1d4 +3, Strength +2, Mighty +3)

Shadows of Undrentide

Hordes of the Underdark

Rough notes for now!

Chapter 1

I won’t spoil the packrat hunt by saying where all these are, but here’s a selection of the items you are likely to be interesting in treasuring for yourself and henchmen. Note however that these are consistant for *my character*. I believe other race and class and/or level combination may see some small differences. I know beyond doubt this is true for certain chests in the Hordes campaign.

I am using :) to denote a particular favourite of mine from here on.

Chapter 2

The merchant High Wizard, Gulhrys, has a large selection of dyes if you want to get creative personalising your robes.

If you have the gold, then some, the Drow weaponsmith Rizolvir can enchant your favourite weapon(s) to insanely powerful levels.

Don’t forget to check the stock with your bottled djinn, as this now includes: ‘Lesser Golem Armour’, which offers AC5 +5, strength +5 and immunity to level and ability drain.

(Area outsite camp)

Platinum Helm (Haste, Resist Electric 35/- )

Prismatic Dragon Boots (includes immunity to fear and knockout,
    dexterity +4 and magic resistance 24,
  but at a cost of charisma -2 and persuade -10)

Ring of Major Acid Resistance (2)

(Freedom Area – Cult temple – Soldalis’s chest and corpse)

Epic gloves of Spellcraft

Rod of Thunder and Lightning
    (Soundburst (3) *unlimited*, Chain lightning (20) 1/day)

Ring of Major Fire Resistance

(Bash the boxes to get splinters. Inner Sanctum)

Warlord’s Breastplate in chest near Elder Monk

(Bone ring in garbage)

Ring of Major Acid Resistance 30/- (Drow Handmaiden)

Warlord’s Breastplate (+ to charisma, persuade and decent armour)

Cult Shadow Master

Mystra’s Belt of Might and Warding (Strength +4, AC+2)

Hatred kukri (includes keen and on hit Poison: DC22 1d2 Strength)*
It is possible to enchant weapons with ‘on hit drain strength DC-24)

Strife kukri (includes keen and on hit Doom DC-22 50% / 2 rounds)

Lavoera’s Wrath mace.
    Includes On hit slay Undead DC-20
Personally my mind boggles at the fact there didn’t seem to be an option to return this to Lavoera, but there you go. If I recall, it needs a Lore of 42 to identify and, as it is only for Outsiders, a ‘use magic device’ skill of about 45

Strangely nothing amazing in the dragon’s hoard, but the bracers AC-6 are OK I guess.

Illithid, slave pens, drider cells, coocon: Pearl of Bashing Volkarion: Pearl of ()

Ring of Clear Thought +6

Ring of Protection +6

BEHOLDER AREA: Treasure includes (orb of magic dead zone)

Ironskin ring (or buy)
(on the Drow emissary) Drow / Beholder treasure chests: Spellmasher axe

Mantle of Greater Stealth (Hide, Move silently +30)

Amulet of Divine Radiance (Charisma +6, bonus feat: extra turning)


For Dwarf, Gnome and Halfling fighters, I think these are nice:

Merkil’s Plate
  (AC7 +5, Resist bludgeon 10/- on hit Horizikaul’s Boom (lvl 4)

For other races:

Searing Armour (AC8 +5, on hit Searing Light (lvl 5)

(Dahanna had) Bloodletter bastard sword (wounding weapon)

(Another had Kossuths Belt of Priestly Might.)

Defeating the demi-lich, (), gets you a treasure trove, which includes:
Lichskull helm (Concentration & Spellcraft +12, Spell Resistance 18)

Epic Gloves of Concentration

(Short sword of) Unmaking (Dexterity +3, +’s vs Golem)

Ring of Spell Battle (Spellcraft +10)

Merkil’s Hammer (+++ vs Golem)

(Flying elf isle)

Assanti Bow ()

Sabal’s Flail (includes 2d6 fire)

Ring of Major Electrical Resistance

Robe of the Drow (AC+7, Constitution +5, Dexterity +5)

The Mirror of All Seeing is great too. Several nice spells to cast daily.
Due (almost certainly to a bug) I found three of these myself!

Out of interest, for me going ‘out of character’ – doing something that I wouldn’t do if I /was/ my creation – is as much cheating as taking a hex editor to the save file. However, for those of you morally bankrupt enough, you can give the mirror to the Seer, get the XP reward, then ask for it back…


p class=”uncommon”>Chapter 3

Given this is the end of the Neverwinter series, (barring downloadable modules) you can expect a few decent items and you’ll not be disappointed!

In the town, you can purchase from Gru’ul:

A selection of +5 to +10 rings, belts and amulets (etc), including…
+10 to dexterity (belt of agility)
+10 strength (Belt of Storm Giant Strength).
+10 to saving throws (amulet of protection)

Vorpal blades and other incredible weapons*
*(Which the spirit of Rizolvir can enchant still further)

Crown of Thorns (includes +5 regeneration, several elemental resistances 10/- and
    damage resistances soaking +5 / 10))

Shield of Prator ((AC2 +5, Magic resistance 14,
    Resistance 10/- to several elements and Wisdom +3)

Others, including your bottled djinn (you should ideally have) and the ghost of the Drow weaponsmith are other good options for shopping sprees. If you are wondering about the +8 versions of your Astral Blade and Gladiator Club, this is the town to buy them.

In and out of town (in fixed locations) you can find:
(if you can’t find them, email or ask over the forums)

Periapt of Wisdom +8

Scarab(s) of Protection +7 (Improved Saving Throws)

Ring(s) of Protection +6 (AC deflection)

Ring of Elemental Cold Immunity (100%)

Amulet(s) of Natural Armor +6

Bracers of Armor +7

Boots of Hardiness +3 (AC +3 (dodge) and Constitution +3)

Gloves of Epic Concentration

Gloves of Epic Disciple (2 pairs)

Slasher of Koth (+5, 1d10 electrical and keen)

Cloak of Epic Spell Resistance (32)

Thornshield (!? Hmmm!)

Demonflesh Shield (AC2 +6, Magic resistance 14 and Resistance 10/- to several elements)

Iron Skeleton (AC8 +6, Dexterity +3, Darkvision & immunity to illusions)

Casiel’s Soul (AC8 +6, regeneration +1 and 100% immunity to bludgeoning)

Helm of Righteousness
Another almost essential find, offering: (Regeneration +3
    Immunity to fear, +5 to craft armor/weapons
    +5/7/9 AC vs evil (deflection) and
    Bonus feat: whirlwind attack)

Shroud of Kings – OK, get a bib for the drools :D

This cloak offers AC +5 (deflection) but -4 to Charisma…
offset by +2 to Wisdom, Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength and Constitution abilities!

Ring of Resistance +3 (remember ‘Saving Throw’ bonuses stack well)

Invisible Death armour (AC2 +7, Hide/move silently +10, Improved Invisibility (7) 1/day)

Bloodsucker dagger (includes Vampiric Regeneration +6, the highest in the game, I believe).

Ragged Cloak of the Worg (includes charisma +7, Freedom and AC +6 vs slashing)

Dragon Armour (AC5 +5, Saving Throws +3 and Battletide (9) 1/day)


Amulet of Epic Health

– Your basic amulet of health on uppers and steroids. Enough said! :D

Bolts of Dispelling (+5 piercing, 1d6 acid, Greater Dispelling DC-14)

Sash of Searing (Resist Fire 90% and a host of spell options)

Belt of Cloud Giant Strength (+8)

My favourite of all the armours:
Robe of Leather:
    (AC2 +7 (+3 vs bludgeoning)
    Dexterity +3
    On hit: Infestation of Maggots (lvl 15)*
    Caltrops 3 uses / day
    Greater Cats Grace (11) 1 / day
    Poison Weapon *unlimited* / day)

These need a Lore of over 30, it you are trying.
*Ewww, I’m wearing this festering rag!

Black Bow of Baator (Stacked!
    includes +8 bonus (+3 vs outsider)
    +3 to strength and to dexterity
    Bonus feat: Point blank shot
    and several spells – 3 uses / day)

It also has the distinction of being the only weapon I can recall that was too powerful for Rizolvir to risk enhancing further from the start.

Nemesis morningstar (includes 1d8 divine and Slow DC-16 50% / 2 rounds)
I believe it is also only main weapon in the game to do Divine damage.

Robe of Balpheron
(includes Resist Fire, Cold, Electrical 20/-
Regeneration +5
and on hit, Energy burst (lvl 6))

Caniam Cathix bastard sword (includes 1d10 cold and on hit:Freeze (lvl 5))

Izu’s Hammer of Fabrication (includes +15 to Lore, Craft Weapon & Craft Armor)

Devil’s Sting rapier (includes Poison DC-26 for 1d2 Constition & Strength)
(Needs a Lore skill off 48 to identity correctly too.)
Definitely a weapon to pass to the weaponsmith to work his magic on!

Radiant Death katana (which includes a +12 enhancement bonus!)

The pluses are offset with -5 to natural AC though. I assume this is the premium weapon of the game as is needs a Lore of 54 to identify and can only be used by a Weapon Master.
Actually, that’s not strictly true, it you have a ‘Use Magical Device’ skill of at least 56 you can also use it. Smiley Boggle!

Brimstone bastard sword (+7, 2d6 fire & Daze DC-26 75% /1 round)

Band of Frost and Fire (ring):
    (Resist fire and cold 50%
    Damage reduction soaking +2 / 5
    AC +4 (deflection)


Hammer of the Glacier (1d8, +5, +20 cold & Stun DC-14 75% /1 round)


I am especially pleased with this for several reasons:

  • The absolute minimum damage it does with a critical hit to fire elementals and the like is well over 100!
  • A search on Google pulls no references to it, so I am possible the first person to report finding it
  • I found it by gods honest luck – and it’s a rarely appearing item, it seems, in a fixed locatio – There are three Frost Giants, one a female. I believe there is a small chance you will get in the remains.
  • And it can do mental damage, even before you pay Rizolvir to enhance it further. Woot!

Things I’ve heard of, but not seen at all, though some may be class related…

I am especially interested in finding the ‘Deck of Hazards’, allegedly from Shadows of Undrentide.

This page will be broken up to make it more manageable

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