Neverwinter Nights Solution : Introduction


Visit the likes of ( or not, site’s gone) for a full walk-through, I’m just going to give hints and tips (some might say spoilers) for the bits I reckon will cause the most frustration.

For all the roaming nature, the game is largely linear with few if any really difficult puzzles. The hardest things seem to be of the nature: Where the heck is… ? to which I have generally have the answer, and How do I… ?. If that latter sentence ends in …open that door in the Tower of Sorcery ?, then I have to prod and say I hope you didn’t destroy the golem replication pod! Well, you get the idea.

Essentially, besides a look at random items, I have concentrated on the forge and Tome items, and the henchman quests. I have taken numerous screen grabs of equipment, characters and monsters and I’ll work these in over time.

From all the screen grabs I have so far, this picture of an Umber Hulk attacking is firmly amongst my favourites.

Neverwinter Nights umber hulk

Out of interest, in my opinion the best feature of this epic game is … is …

Let’s have a round of applause folks for everyone’s favourite kobold bard, Deekin:

Deekin the Kobold bard

(Update November, 2013. Losing a lot in moving from hand coded php pages to WordPress, (especially due to the time constraints of converting thousands of pages) so, for now, the menu is gone, but the guide breaks down into : )

My hero
Henchmen 1
Henchmen 2
Henchmen 3
Eltoora 1
Eltoora 2
Eltoora 3
Early weapons
Magic items

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