Neverwinter Nights and Eltoora, chapter three

Eltoora Sarptyl, Chapter three

Tome of the Boot
Where: Behind Aarin Gend’s Lodge
Ingredients: Gargoyle skull and Bodak Tooth
Cast: Stoneskin
For ‘Gargoyle Boots’

Tome of Robes
Where: Corpse in a destroyed farmhouse, Northern Homesteads
Ingredients: Quartz and a fire beetle belly
Cast Enervation
Crystal Robes
( AC0 +3
  Focus Feat: Spell Focus: Divination
  Spell Resistance: 14
  BUT Constitution -1 )

Tome of Power
Where: Layenne’s Tomb, Coldwood
Ingredients: 2 Bodak Teeth
Cast: Feeblemind
For a ‘Staff of Power’

Tome of the Amulet
Where: Book pile, Creator Race Ruins
Ingredients: Fen Berry and a Slaad’s Tongue
Cast: Mage Armor
For an ‘Amulet of Nature Armor +5’

Tome of the Ring
Where: (Dead) Dragon’s lair, Moonwood caves
Ingredients: Fen berry and a Rakshasa’s Eye
Cast: ‘Melf’s Acid Arrow’
For a ‘Ring of Regeneration +4’
(A second one can be bought in Chapter 4 from Oleff)
(Incidentally, there is at least one other in the game… One encounter in Chapter Two rewarded me with a ‘Ring of Regeneration +2’)

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