NWN : Marrok’s Forge Recipes

Chapter one items from Marrok’s Forge

Some of these items have a level limit that has to be met before they can be used so make sure you save your game before getting them created, just in case.

Below is a list of where the magic weapons, armour and components may be found and how they can be used.

Adamantine – I believe there are ONLY three available

1. Oleff can be persuaded to give you one for completing the Halueth Never quest
2. Loxar in No-Mans land, Blackgate, has one
3. Montgomery Weatherson has one in the Zoo, Blackgate

Adamantine can be used to enchant:
    1. Double Axe
    2. Great Axe
    3. Greatsword
    4. Katana
    5. Scimitar
    6. Scythe
    7. Warhammer

There does not appear to be any adamantite – anywhere – after chapter one. You really might want to hang onto some for chapter three’s forge items from Barun Silverblade.

Diamond – I found two

1. In a trapped chest in the Bloodsailors hideout below the Seedy Tavern
2. Ophala Cheldarstorm may be persuaded to hand one over for completing her tasks

The diamond can be used to enchant:
    1. Breastplate
    2. Light hammer
    3. Longsword

Dragon Blood – There are two:

1. Trapped chest found upstairs in the Seven Veils Trading Co, Docks District
2. In an alchemists table in Meldanen’s Sanctum, Blacklake

Dragon blood can be used to enchant:
    1. Halberd
    2. Hand Axe
    3. Heavy Flail
    4. Rapier

Fairy Dust* – I thought there was four, but second time around I only found these two:

1. Cabinet in the Bakers shop, Beggar’s District
2. Calik in the Docks Sewers has one

Fairy Dust can be used to enchant:
    1. Morning Star
    2. Short Sword
    3. Spear

Gargoyle Skull* – I found only one:

1. Locked desk in the Serpent Cults Estate in the Beggars section.
  Talk to Jemanie to get the entrance token. (He’s in a nearby house.)

The gargoyle skull be be used to enchant:
    1. Leather Armour

Holy Water – I think there is only one:

1. The Yuan Ti, Gulnan had it

Holy water can be used to enchant:
    1. Mace
    2. Scale / Chain Armour.
    3. Sickle

Iron Wood – I thought there was three, but on checking I found only these two. Now there is only one!


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1. The Druid, Nyatar, can be pursuaded to give you one for freeing the Zoo animals

(The Head Jailer in the prison (HAD) one)

Ironwood can be used to enchant:
    1. Club
    2. Dire Mace
    3. Light Flail
    4. Two Bladed Sword

In later chapters and expansions there are numerous Gargoyle Skulls and Pixie Dust. Diamonds and Dragon common are rare, but pop up from time to time. However, even well into the third expansions I’ve only (now) found two Holy Water and two Ironwood. Unbelievably though, I feel, the adamantine are limited to chapter one, even though you can use them later on in the game.

See also the notes on Silverblades forge.

I believe adding patches and expansions have amended, have reduced the number of forge and related items in the game. However, in the Hordes expansion you can get and create some insanely powerful weapons. One I made (out of curiosity) I sold to a merchant. He wanted over 15,000,000 gold to return it! Yep, my main weapon is worth over 15 million gold, my off-hand weapon a ‘mere’ 12 million gold.

ADVICE ~ Here are my recommendations:

Personally I’m tempted to say only use one, at best and to hang on for chapter three.
Of the items, the Scythe is tempting for it’s ‘resist elements’, but there’s plenty of rings and items for that anyway. Of them all, the scimitar is my favourite. Looks nice too, wielded.

The breastplate is really good for most classes. Use the other for the longsword, which is good too. If you can’t use them, you can always sell them for a healthy profit.

Dragon blood
Definately the heavy flail and halberd, to use or sell.

Fairy Dust
The short sword (or spear) for daze, and the morning star for slow. A lethal mix dual wielded!

Gargoyle skull
Make it and either use it or sell it. Like the fairy dust, these are plentiful later.

Holy water
The chainmail is very tempting if you wear that and the sickle might be useful for druids, but I’m hanging on to it, myself.

Crafting components, what they make, what they are worth and the enchantments they offer

Breastplate and diamond create : Chromatic Breastplate
Worth: 2,865 gp
Gives: AC 5+1 (AC 6), Resist Cold, Electric and Fire 10

Chain / Scale Armour and holy water create : Scales of Truth
Worth: 1,696 gp
Gives: AC 4 +1 (AC 5), Fortitude +1 and See Invisibility (3) once/day

Club and ironwood create: Gladiator’s Club
Worth: 1,906 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1 and Daze 75% for 1 round

Dire Mace and ironwood create : Ironwood Mace
Worth: 875 gp
Gives: 1D8 / 1d8 +1 and a 60% weight reduction

Double Axe and adamantite create : Axe of the Tall Man
Worth: 1,029 gp
Gives: 1d8 / 1d8 +1 and Low light 10m (white)

Great Axe and adamantite create : Stonefire Great Axe
Worth: 2,219 gp
Gives: 1D12 +1 and +2 fire damage

Greatsword and adamantite create : Harbinger Kin Greatsword
Worth: 2,240 gp
Gives: 2D6 +1 and +2 fire damage

Halberd and dragon blood create : Ravager Halberd
Worth: 3,709 gp
Gives: 1D10 +1 and 1D6 sonic damage

Hand Axe and dragon blood create : Ice Reaver
Worth: 3,164 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1, +1 cold damage and cold resist 15

Heavy Flail and dragon blood create: Reaver Heavy Flail
Worth: 3,712 gp
Gives: 1D10 +1 and 1D6 cold damage

Katana and adamantite creates: Sword Saint Katana
Worth: 1,603 gp
Gives: 1D10 +1 and Vs. Evil 1D6 sonic damage

Leather armour and gargoyle skull create: Leather Whitebone Armour
Worth: 1,233 gp
Gives: Base AC7 +2 (AC9)
NOTE: (Heavy armour)

Light Flail and ironwood create: Foundation
Worth: 2,531 gp
Gives: 1D8 +1 and and Knock DC-14

Light Hammer and diamond create: Storm Hammer
Worth: 2,205 gp
Gives: 1D4 +1 and 1D4 electrical damage

Longsword and diamond create: Astral Blade Longsword
Worth: 2,215 gp
Gives: 1D8 +1 and 1D4 sonic damage

Mace and holy water create: Mace of Disruption
Worth: 1,717 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1 and +2 damage vs. undead

Morning Star and fairy dust create: Drone Morning Star
Worth: 2,531 gp
Gives: 1D8 +1 and Slow DC-14 50% for 2 rounds

Rapier and dragons blood create: Namarra (Neversleep) Rapier
Worth: 1,919 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1 and Daze DC-14 75% for 1 round

Scimitar and adamantite create: Desert Wind Scimitar
Worth: 3,712 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1 and 1D6 fire damage

Scythe and adamantine create: Sea Reaver
Worth: 2,626 gp
Gives: 2D4 +1 and Resist elements (3) 3 charges/use

Short Sword and fairy dust create: Feyduster Short Sword
Worth: 1,912 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1 and Daze DC-14 75% for 1 round

Sickle and holy water create: Golden Sickle
Worth: 1,124 gp
Gives: 1D6 +1 and Animal Empathy +2
NOTE: Druids get 1 extra level 0 spell slot.

Spear and fairy dust create: Fey Spear
Worth: 1,912 gp
Gives: 1d8 +1 and Daze DC-14 75% for 1 round

Two bladed sword and ironwood create: Uthgardt Ceremonial Two-Bladed Sword
Worth: 2,596 gp
Gives: 1D8 +1 and Keen

Warhammer and adamantite create: Rune Hammer
Worth: 1,799 gp
Gives: 1d8 +1 and Spell resistance 10

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