Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest Guide: Units

Trooping the colours

I have quit the game by this point as it is too toxic to tolerate, but I’m made a lot of notes and it would have been a waste to just delete all of them. It’s a shame, really, without the PvP element, and the insane lack of balance*

*(To call it an imbalance is akin to calling absolute zero ‘a tad nippy’ or the Orion nebula ‘a good walk away’)

Anyway, I started, so you can have my notes, if they are of use. I was going to detail every drop by every (PvE) mob, but the game is not worth my time – or yours.

Unit troops, by God and building

Bestiary (all but Skullcrusher Undivided)

t1 Chaos warhounds (melee)
t2 Maraunder horsemen (melee)
t2 Chaos chariot (ranged)
t3 Chaos giants (melee)
t4 gorebeast Chariot (range)
t4 Chaos Knight (melee)
t4 Chimera (ranged)
t5 Skullcrusher of Khorne (melee) (Khorne)

Dungeon (all Undivided)

t2 Chaos Spawn (melee)
t3 Chaos Ogre (ranged)
t3 Slaughter bruters (melee)
t4 Muralith Vortex Beasts (melee)
t4 Dragon Ogres (melee)
t4 Chaos Trolls (melee)

Training ground (all Undivided)

t1 Maraunder (melee)
t2 Forsaken (melee)
t3 Hellcannon (ranged)
t3 Chaos Warriors (melee)
t4 Chaos chosen (melee)
t5 Skin wolves (melee)

Undivided focused armour set for champion:

Head: (lvl 13*), Crown of everlasting conquest, melee damage bonus,
*(Greenskin Aggression)

Head: (lvl 18*), Bloody Excutioner’s Hood, NEGATIVE morale bonus (i.e. not good).
*(via Warherd Raiders event)

Chest: (lvl 27), Burning cuirass, ranged damage bonus

Hands: n/a

Feet: (lvl 20* **), Plate boots of the chosen (Chosen’s set),
*(Empire City Domination event),
**(No bonus until upgraded to rare)

weapon: (lvl 16*), Grim hammer of maiming, armour bonus,
*(Runesmith Ruination event)

Weapon: (lvl 22), Vampiric Lash, morale bonus

Icon: n/a

Rift daemonspawn, by God: Nurgle

t2 Nurgling (melee)
t3 Plague bearers of Nurgle (melee)
t4 Plague drones of Nurgle (melee)
t5 Beasts of Nurgle (melee)

Nurgle focused armour set:

Head: n/a

Chest: (lvl 17*), Maggot plate of rot, ranged, armour and health bonuses,
*(via Dwarf expedition event)

Hands: n/a

Feet: (lvl 15*), Greaves of stench, armour bonus,
*(via Imperial Armour event)

Feet: (lvl 24), Bubo encrusted sabatons, melee attack bonus

Weapon: (lvl 15), Cleaver of bile, armour bonus

Icon: (lvl 11*), Pavise of Filth, melee damage bonus
*(via Greenskin Agression event)

Icon: (lvl 21), Maggor standard, health bonus

Rift daemonspawn, by God: Slaanesh

t2 Serpent of Slaanesh (melee)
t3 Daemonettes of Slaanesh (melee)
t4 Fiends of Slaanesh (melee)
t5 Hellflayers of Slaanesh (melee)

Slaanesh focused armour set:

Head: (lvl 28), Mask of Excess, health bonus

Chest: (lvl 16*), Brigandine of spite, ranged damage and ranged attacked bonuses,
*(via Warherd Raiders event)

Hands: (lvl 19), Mesmerising Pauldrons, melee damage bonus

Feet: (lvl 26), Chausses of sensation, armour bonus

Weapon: n/a

Icon: (lvl 18*), Calming icon of sloth, melee damage and ranged damage bonus,
*(via Ard Boyz Assult! event)

Rift daemonspawn, by God: Tzeench

t2 Blue horrors (ranged)
t3 Pink horrors of Tzeench (ranged)
t4 Screamers of Tzeench (melee)
t5 Burning chariots of Tzeench (ranged)

Tzeench focused armour set:

Head: (lvl 17*), Helm of many eyes/ ranged damage bonus,
*(Blood on the Reik event)

Head: (lvl 23), Scintillating helm, ranged attack bonus

Chest: (lvl 6*), Cuirass of Destiny, ranged damage bonus,
*(Greenskin Agression event)

Hands: (lvl 15*), Transmuting vambraces, morale and speed bonuses,
*(Dwarf Expedion event)

Hands: (lvl 25), Flame wreathed bracers, armour bonus

Feet: n/a

Weapon: (lvl 19*), Hexagrammic Mace, ranged attack bonus,
*(Warherd Raiders event)

Icon: (lvl 18), Wand of illusions, health bonus

Rift daemonspawn, by God: Khorne

t2 Bloodletters of Khorne (melee)
t3 Bloodcrushers of Kharne (melee)
t4 Flesh hounds of Khorne (melee)
t5 Daemon Prince of Khorne (melee)

(See also Bestiary: t5 Skullcrusher of Khorne (melee))

Khorne focused armour set:

Head: n/a

Chest: (lvl 15*), Murderous cuirass of butchery, armour bonus,
*(Blood on the Reik event)

Chest: (lvl 20), Breastplate of Fury, health bonus

Hands: n/a

Feet: (lvl 16) Blood soaked greaves, melee attack bonus

Weapon: (lvl 30), Axe of sundering (lvl 30), melee damage bonus

Icon: (lvl 29), Collar of Khorne, armour bonus

Foes (PvE)

Was going to be a complete guide but, as I say, the game in not worth any more of my time and effort – nor yours. One to miss.

Foe rank / Health / Type / Loot

1 35k health, Chaos Spawn [Monster], Troll [Monster], can drop core components and iron

2 75k health, Chaos Spawn [Monster]..

3 150k health, Troll [Monster]

4 250k health, Witch Hunter [Empire], 3k iron, 1h prestige, uncommon components, uncommon chest (of uncommon components)

4 250k health, Troll [Monster]

5 400k health, Witch Hunter [Empire]

5 400k health, Wizard [Empire]

6 700k health, Wizard [Empire], can drop…

6 700k health, Empire Captain [Empire]

7 1m health, Empire Captain [Empire]

8 1.5m health, e.g. Empire Captain [Empire], (Southern), 50k iron, epic material, offering of skulls, ,

8 1.5m health, e.g. Warrior Priest [Empire]

8 1.5m health, e.g. Orc [Greenskin (event only?)]

9 2m health, e.g. Warrior Priest [Empire]

9 2m health, e.g. Orc [Greenskin (event only?)]

10 –

Event Foe rank and drop chances

1 do not exist

2 do not exist

3 200k health River Troll [Greenkin]

4 300k health, River Troll [Greenkin]

4 300k health, Steam tank (Empire) uncommon crafting components, uncommon soul, 100 stamina pot, armour plating, meager Imperial armour chest (bonus event equipment loot)

5 500k health, River Troll [Greenkin]

6 750k health, River Troll [Greenkin]

7 1m(?) health, Black Orc, [Greenkin]

8 1.5m(?) health Black Orc, [Greenkin]

9 –

10 –

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