Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest Guide: Gathering

Gathering Resources

Node / Yield / (gathering rate)*

1 100k (96.7k/hour)
2 200k (193k/hour)
3 300k (266k/hour)
4 450k (362k/hour)
5 750k (453k/hour)
6 1.2m (604k/hour)
7 1.5m (725k/hour)
8 1.75m(876k/hour)
9 2.0m (1.02m/hour)
10 2.5m (1.27m/hour)

* Notes:

Above yields relate to farms, lead lead, forests for wood, and stone quarries. Gathering rate is based on 68% bonuses.

7’s are rare and are limited to the Southern Empire, 8 to 10 nodes are only available during the Boon of Slaanesh world event

Iron nodes give smaller yields and take longer to gather from. For instance:
Forest (2) yield is 200k, Iron (2) yield is 150k, the forest gathering rate was 193k/hours, whereas it was 151k/hour for the iron.

Yields are fixed, the gathering rate is based on equipment and training, etc. The examples above were based on a level 10 fortress with a 68% bonus to gathering. For instance, with gathering at 68% a level 6 resources node is harvested at 604k/hour, with gathering at 237%, the rate is 1.21m/hour for the same node.

Iron nodes:

1 80k (96.1k/hour)
2 119k (160k/hour)
3 225k (192k/hour)
4 375k (288k/hour)
5 650k (384k/hour)
6 1m (567k/hour)
7 1.2m (704k/hour)
8 —
9 —
10 —

* Notes:

Yields are fixed, the gathering rate is based on a 78% bonus.

(Boon of Slaanesh iron values missed)

Warpstone nodes:

Warpstone node

Offers minimal scraps of warpstone, better than nothing, if you are desperate, but pitiful amounts all the same, though it can add up over the course of the event.


Warpstone nodes only occur during the warpstone rain event, about once a month for a couple of days.

Apparently Warpstone Rain and Boon of Slaanesh can only overlap during a server realm merge, which are infrequent, so don’t expect 8,9, 10 Warpstone nodes any time soon, or possibly ever.

Node yields by zone

Chaos Wastes: levels 1 and 2

Norsca: levels 1 and 2

The Wastelands: level 3 only

Troll Country: level 3 only

Grey Mountains: levels 3 and 4

World’s Edge mountains: levels 3 and 4

Northern Empire: levels 3 and 4

Middle Empire: levels 4 to 7

Southern Empire: levels 5 to 7 (to 10)

Gathering gears and skills



Exit stage left

Deleted the game and all my accounts at this point. Any game that allows, that rewards a top level players for destroying a new player is not a game you want to play. The poison starts at the top with the studio and publishers and seeps downwards. This behaviour can be coded out easily (e.g. diminishing returns for level difference), while rewarding it endorses it. All you need to know, really.

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