Diablo Follower System Revamp: Emanations

Blizzard add Emanate to follower gear

A look at the Diablo III revamps in season 23, which adds emanate to your follower, making solo farming easier and better.

Here’s the official bit first:

Follower System Revamp: The Follower system for Diablo III has been revamped and will be made permanently available for Seasonal and Non-Seasonal play!

Players can now equip Followers with a total of 14 different item slots…

…Emanate allows the player to gain the intended effect of certain Legendary Powers and Set Bonuses when equipped on the hired Follower.

Perfect follower gear set for solo farming

Fill all sockets with flawless gems, as appropriate (e.g. strength for templar) – up to 25,000 cap (see below)*.

Reroll for main stat or else damage (crit, AOE, attack speed), as life, armour, etc don’t matter, nor do cooldown reductions appear to be applied.

*According to MaxRoll follower main stats are capped at 25,000 points.

This list focuses on general farming and lower-level greater rifts.


Diablo Templar emanate geared


Head: Cain’s Insight, crafted. if farming keys, else Broken crown

Shoulders: Homing pads shared fast teleport

Chest: Goldskin (max sockets gems)

Hands: Gloves of Worship for shrine buff

Wrist: Nemesis Bracers. Shrines AND pylons spawn champions.

Waist: Sages Ribbon, crafted. For death’s breath

Legs: Cain’s Habit crafted, if farming keys), or any with max sockets gems

Feet: Sages Passage, crafted. For death’s breath

Amulet: The Flavor of Time (for pylon buff)

Ring 1: Krede’s Flame (or else Avarice band)

Ring 2: Ring of Royal Grandeur for set bonuses

Focus: ‘follower cannot die’

Weapon: Use the best you have available. Emanate specifics aside, followers do not benefit from set bonuses. However, they do benefit from legendary bonuses and procs. Plus, for some – eg XP for mobs they kill – you get 20% of it.

Suggested options include:

Sky Splitter
Azure Wrath
Genzaniku (summons Angel)
Eun-jand-do (freeze for 3s if <20%)
Defender of Westmarch shield
Freeze of Reflection shield

Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
Maximus (summons Demon slave)

Demon Machine

Perfect follower gear set for Greater Rifts

Notes as above, but the gear changes to reflect the greater need for damage.

Again, reroll for main stat or else damage (crit, AOE, attack speed), as life, armour, etc don’t matter. The exception to this is the Heart Of Iron chest, where, if nothing else is better, Vitality should be chosen as it adds to the thorns damage.

This list focuses on higher-level greater rifts.


aoe geared templar


Head: Anariel’s Visage, Poison Nova for AoE poison damage

Shoulders: Death Watch Mantle, AoE physical damage from blades

Chest: Goldskin (with 3 gem sockets), physical damage from thorns

Hands: Gloves of Worship for shrine buff

Wrist: Nemesis Bracers. Shrines AND pylons spawn champions.

Waist: Cord of Sherma, for area of blind and slow

Legs: Pox Faulds (with 2 gem sockets) for AoE poison damage

Feet: Fire Walker’s, for AoE fire damage (Ice climber as alternative)

Amulet: The Flavor of Time (for pylon buff)

Ring 1: Krede’s Flame (Or Briggs’ Wrath for Necromancer’s using curses).

Ring 2: Oculus Ring circle of damage bonus

Focus: ‘follower cannot die’

Weapon: Again, best available.

The current list of items with Emanate capabilities are the following:

The interesting bit is the last sentence, as it implies ‘more to follow’. One would hope the first of any extra would be the Ring of Grandeur, which should have been included at the start, in my opinion.

Anyway, are it stands, these are the options:

HEAD: Broken Crown for extra gem drops. Desirable early in seasons.

SHOULDER: Homing Pads. Allows you to teleport home without interrupts. Useful, occasionally.

Shoulder: Spaulders of Zakara. Items no longer take damage, ‘cos gold for repairs is always a problem (*rolls eyes*)

CHEST: Goldskin. Double the gold from mobs; useful early in conjunction with the Custerian Wristguards, but otherwise, meh. Still, it can be useful in combination with other items.

WRIST: Custerian Wristguards. Gold gives experience too. Handy for leveling slightly faster, especially with the chest, etc, but otherwise, meh.

*** WRIST: Nemesis Bracers. Shrines AND pylons spawn champions. Basically essential kit!

Hands: Gladiator Gauntlets. Gold on crit. Another meh!

*** HANDS: Gloves of Worship Doubles duration of buff from shrines. (i.e. NOT pylons, so doesn’t work in rifts, but great for farming otherwise. From Acts 2 and 4 Horadric chests)

*** NECK: The Flavor of Time. Pylon effects last twice as long. (i.e. works in rifts). Basically essential kit!

Neck: Dovu Energy Trap. Increases the duration of stuns by 25%. Useful, for some, but trumped by the Flavor of Time.

Neck: Rakoff’s Glass of Life. Slightly increases the odds of a health globe dropping. Again, useful for some, but trumped by the Flavor of Time.

RING Avarice Band. Increases the Pickup Radius every time you pick up gold, stacking up to 30 times. Handy and better than nothing.

RING: Krede’s Flame. Taking Fire damage restores your primary resource. Handy if you like standing in flames(!) and better than nothing, but still, meh.

Follower armour sets

Sage’s Journey. 3-piece set bonus double number of Death’s Breath dropped.
head (crown better, initially)
hands (gloves of worship better, unless lesser rifts)
waist (check)
feet (check)

Cain’s Destiny 3-piece set bonus gives the chance of extra greater rift keystone.
Head (crown better, initially)
hands (gloves of worship better, unless lesser rifts)
legs (check)
feet (check)

More missed chances

Or perhaps things to come. I left Blizzard feedback anyway.

From patch notes:

Follower Skills Revamp: Follower skills have been reworked to showcase new and updated skills. Check out the full update on the Follower skills below:

Heal and Loyalty
These skills now scale based on the Templar’s Strength.

Crippling Shot
… based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity.

… based on the Enchantress’s Intelligence.

You can’t reroll that stat unless you are of a similar class (or make another hero for just that purpose) and you are less than likely to want a follower of the same class as yourself.

I suggested to Blizz that they change Myriam’s enchant tables so one enchants for the player, the other enchants for their follower. Shouldn’t be hard as they have two duplicate tables in place already.

I also suggested they extend (or add) to Kanai’s Cube so that you can apply Emanates to the follower /follower’s slots. A bit harder to do, but there are ways, especially for a multi-billion dollar developer.

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