Twitter Updates for 2009-03-13

Twitter posts for March 13th, 2009

Watched Conan on VHS tape. Can’t believe how poor it was compared to DVD & Bluray – yet as a kid we only had 3 channels in B&W. What’s next?

You know, searching Amazon etc, there’s masses of genius on VHS from comedians like Mike Harding and Jasper Carrot being lost forever :*(

Mmmmm, Asda (Wal*Mart) ‘Snacking’ – kick start fruit, almond and vanilla pumpkin seed mix. So tasty! Washed down with coffee :/

Heh, was going to twitterholic and entered twitterholics .com by mistake. Some wannabe spoofing on a VPS server. Crash Fail!

Following @Positive_Thinkr ‘cos I liked the name & she has some good posts, but dear Gods, wear sunglasses before venturing to her Twitter!

The (UK) Govt wants to slap extra tax on violent videogames. [link]. Nowt to do with being in trouble bailing out banks

Reviewing and editing my site(s) P3P policy, ahead of Google Adsense changes over interest-based advertising, necessary by 8 April 2009

Taking a break to watch ‘Pushing Daisies’ and relax, need a break from sorting P3P. Need to take a good long hard look at my Adsense returns.

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