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Server updates, March 2018

March 15th 2018 : Ackadia is under maintenance. Apologises for the ugly look, moved server hosts and the restore was unable to link the (1,000s of) images to the relative posts, so I have to do it manually re-add them, and work on the layout and design. It will take...


Website issues – man down, hands tied!

At present Ackadia is having serious issues with connectivity and it’s a tad frustrating, and annoying, that there is little to nothing I can do about the situation. [ Now fixed, but read on. ] Well, I could change hosting companies – again – but as I’ve paid in advance...


From the archives: Accessibility and Access Keys

« Ackadia’s Access Keys » Note: The following is from my archives and as such not relevant to the theme-based WordPress front end we now have. I can’t actually remember when I wrote this, but the Wayback Machine archive for this access keys article goes back to October 2004, some...


Web designers’ questionnaire – 16 questions you should be asking clients

Intro The web design questionnaire below was part of a business plan feasibility study towards my ILM Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise. These are the questions a prospective web company should be asking themselves and a range of potential clients to ascertain whether the market exists and is viable. This...


The trials of keeping a web site up

This is something for you to think about when you see a web site offered for free or something ridiculous like £1.99 a year including e-commerce. Stuff economies of scale, costs have to be covered. You can do sites for free (or at least at cost), I certainly do for...


Site update : under the hood work in progress!

If the design and layout looks broke it’s your browser, not us – kinda! I’m adding SSL to make the place more secure (think bouncer on the door keeping unwanted guests from the party). This tends to cause a few hiccups and teething errors as browsers can be a tad...


Style sheet

Style sheet mods This is a sample page mostly for my own use and is subject to change without notice. WordPress on web caches : I make changes and nothing happens Inline: <tagname style=”property:value;”> June 2020 CSS additions and notes Above is a H2 Margins: use wspace30 cite, .citation Suspendisse...


Colour Blindness and Web design – intro

Why bother ? "Hmmm ? Never thought about it." "Why bother going to all that trouble, it’s not like it affects many folk…" "Well, they can’t see properly, nothing we can do about that, is there?" "Looks fine to me and that’s what matters!" Given that you are here, reading...


Colour Blindness and Web design – charts

Colour Charts showing visible spectrums The standard websafe colour palette: Same palette seen with Deuteranope colourblindness: Same palette seen with Protanope colourblindness: (To find: Tritan palette) Colour blindness and web design menu : [ Intro ] [ Charts ] [ Conditions ] [ Examples ] [ Links ]