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Covering a range of topics from questions you should be asking, to accessibility (including colour blindness), to meta. Some of it’s dated, but it’s a look back at history.

Improving site load times

August 2020 When I got a minute, back in June, I took a closer look at site speed, as it seems very sluggish. It was. So I made a number of changes – mostly to widgets – and the page load time improved from over 40 seconds to under 3 seconds, without greatly hurting the …

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SEO: SomeLongUselessName

SomeLongUselessName This is a post about search engines and online advertising. The title is meaningless, it is meant to be meaningless, after all, it forms a test about search engine optimisation. An advert claimed results in 60 seconds. I call bullshit, but rather that use their software I’m going to do it myself, ‘cos SEO …

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SEO: Go BIG or go home!

Random side post: It matters! I started this in the middle of a game development post, and it grew a bit. This post is (more or less) about SEO, but it crosses over. One of my favourite quotes, which I have to constantly remind myself of, is: “You don’t see the world as it is, …

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Server updates, March 2018

Update: March 15th 2018 : Ackadia is under maintenance. Apologises for the ugly look, moved server hosts and the restore was unable to link the (1,000s of) images to the relative posts, so I have to do it manually re-add them, and work on the layout and design. It will take some time as there …

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Hostgator hosted website issues – man down, hands tied!

At present Ackadia is having serious issues with connectivity with Hostgator and it’s a tad frustrating, and annoying, that there is little to nothing I can do about the situation. [ Now fixed, but read on. ] Well, I could change hosting companies – again – but as I’ve paid in advance for this server …

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Feature image for webdesign post, showing wireframe sketch for a page.

Web designers’ questionnaire – 16 questions you should be asking clients

Intro The web design questionnaire below was part of a business plan feasibility study towards my ILM Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise. These are the questions a prospective web company should be asking themselves and a range of potential clients to ascertain whether the market exists and is viable. This suggested list excludes other factors …

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