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Addenda, 2021:
Seems dated, now, but I originally wrote this section about twenty years ago – before Google, before sites like w3Schools.

The standards list is : charts

If you like fonts and languages, you HAVE to see the next place!

Besides the usual Tamil, Arabic and Hebrew are Cherokee and Braille

Then we have Futhork Runic, Ogham and even a character code set for I-Ching (Tai Xuan Jing Symbols)

Also of interest:

  • [] BABEL: Towards communicating on the Internet in any language (gone, sadly)
  • Kosta Kostis’ marvellous charset site
  • Matts ISO-8859-x character sets – extensive
  • : Language information and text direction
  • &What; This is a quick, interactive reference of 14,500 HTML character entities, broken down into searchable categories like chess, weather and symbols. (Not fully cross-browser tested)
  • HTML Arrows. This is actually really slick. Most impressive. Again doesn’t fully cross browser check but still worth bookmarking by anyone interested in character codes. Sets are broken down into arrows, currently, letters, maths, numbers, punctuation and symbols.

The last two put in far more work than my offering, but at least I was at least a decade ahead of the curve. 🐸 (🐸)

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