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HTML character codes : Links

Sites dedicated to HTML character codes HTML character code links of interest Addenda, 2021: Seems dated, now, but I originally wrote this section about twenty years ago – before Google, before sites like w3Schools. The standards list is : charts If you like fonts and languages, you HAVE to see the next place! Besides …

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HTML Character codes: Symbols

HTML Character codes for common symbols HTML Character Symbols Covers: [ Playing cards ] [ Arrows ]* [ Latin-1 ] [ Special punctuation ] [ Letter-like characters]* [ Technical ]* *(Note that most of these are unsupported in the earlier version of Microsoft Explorer, such as 6 and 7). HTML codes for playing card symbols …

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HTML Character codes: Maths symbols

HTML for Maths symbols HTML codes for Mathematical Characters ∀ For all ∀ ∀ ∂ Partial differential ∂ ∂ ∃ There exists ∃ ∃ ∅ Empty set ∅ ∅ (Unsupported in earlier versions on Internet Explorer, such as IE6) ∇ Nabla ∇ ∇ ∈ Element of ∈ ∈ ∉ Not an element of ∉ ∉ …

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HTML character codes: Greek

HTML character codes: Greek HTML Character codes : Greek characters Α Capital alpha Α Α Β Capital beta Β Β Γ Capital gamma Γ Γ Δ Capital delta Δ Δ Ε Capital epsilon Ε Ε Ζ Capital zeta Ζ Ζ Η Capital eta Η Η Θ Capital theta Θ Θ Ι Capital iota Ι Ι …

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ISO 8859 Character Sets

ISO character sets Language character sets ISO-8859-1 Latin-1 ASCII plus most Western European languages. e.g., Albanian, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish. Apparently omits certain Dutch, French & German characters ISO-8859-2 Latin-2 ASCII plus most Central European languages. e.g., Czech, German, Polish & Serbian ISO-8859-3 Latin-3 ASCII plus support for German, Maltese and Galician ISO-8859-4 Latin-4 ASCII …

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HTML ISO-Latin-1 Character set: accented characters

HTML code for accented characters Standard accented characters À (capital A, grave accent) À À Á (capital A, acute accent) Á Á Â (capital A, circumflex accent) Â Â Ã (capital A, tilde) Ã Ã Ä (capital A, umlaut or dieresis) Ä Ä Å (capital A, ring) Å Å Æ (capital AE diphthong (ligature)) Æ …

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