The plastic menace and wonky veg!

The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution Is That We’re Responsible

This posts was a reply to an article by Gizmodo, with the above title.

Citing the article, it was written by Michaela Barnett, a PhD Fellow at the University of Virginia, where she researches the perceptions and politics that drive waste management solutions. In makes sombre reading.

The wording in the title could be a lot clearer, and I’d definitely quibble on the premise, but yes, we need urgent action and, dare I say it, draconian laws to tackle this.

Every year, every month for some, companies like Coca Cola (and countless others) are EACH churning out quite literally billions of plastic bottles, coatings, wrappers, inner and outer shells, etc. Their business model, their profit is rigidly tied to this, so they will never willing change. Consumerism is built on naked greed, convenience and laziness.

I once saw a peeled satsuma in a chain supermarket, in a plastic wrap. Just let that sink in:

Some moron, probably in marketing, came up with the idea of a money-maker: to peel a tangerine, wrap it in a handy shell, and sell it as a convenience product, ‘cos obviously it’s harder to peel a satsuma than prise open a machine-sealed plastic case.And, rather that calling out the person with the idea, some equally brain-dead executive said, “Fantastic, we’ll set up a factory line for it.”

And rather that telling the manufacturer to get bent, the store said, “Sure, we’ll add it to the fridge section”

Here consumers have a choice: Say, “WTF? That’s madness!” and inform the manager he’s bonkers.” Or buy it (in which case said consumer has the IQ of a pebble).

We used to get milk delivered to our doorstep, in glass bottles that were collected, washed and refilled. Now everything is plastic. The stuff is everywhere.

If more of the tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars spent annually on producing plastic was instead invested in research into wholly biodegradable alternates (e.g hemp-based tray instead of plastic or polythene), things could improve.

But we don’t because Wonky Vegetables!

What, you may wonder, have wonky veg got to do with it?

Well, some mentally OCD numpty decided fruit and veg HAVE to be be perfectly formed and started rejecting millions of tonnes of perfectly edible food. And rather that someone with an ounce of sense sacking the idiot, they agreed. The inmates are running the asylums, they are running the governments and corporations. The world is being controlled by (entitled) people who frankly shouldn’t be left to sweep a yard unsupervised.

Back in the day I’d go to the greengrocer for my mum (when every high street still had grocers and butchers and fishmongers), and there they’d be, dirty, with (OMG) soil on them, (probably from a local farm). They’d be all sorts of shapes and sizes, (sometimes humourously so!). You’d drop them in a paper bag, take them home, (maybe) peel them, then slice or dice them. And guess what, no more funny shapes, ‘cos prepared.

(e.g. read: Farmers weekly (2017): Supermarkets slammed for rejecting ‘wonky’ fruit and veg)

Now? They are pre-washed, frozen and defrosted to market, sorted so they are the “right” shape for the discerning customers, and nicely weighed and sealed in a plastic bag.

And the rest, the disgusting rejects, the off-cast and shamefully misshapen rejects? They are sold off cheap as “Wonky veg”, too irregular to be suitable for their quality clients. It’s a spud, it’s supposed to be dirty and wonky, as nature intended! If you can only buy and eat a banana that’s perfectly straight, a potato must be pleasingly symmetrical, a pea a perfect sphere, there is something seriously wrong with you. I do have OCD, I understand the psychological condition and still think that the idea of ‘wonky’ vegetables is mental.

And unless you find a handy greengrocers, they are still pre-prepared and seal in a plastic bag.

Enough already!

(Feature image by RitaE from Pixabay)

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