NWN Guide : Barun Silverblade’s Forge Recipes

Chapter three forge items from Barun Silverblade

Barun Silverblade will enhance +1 enchanted items for 10,000-30,000GP. You can use +2 or higher items but there is no benefit, indeed there is a loss as you can generally sell +2 items for far more than the cost of a +1 enchanted item.

NOTE: There does not appear to be any adamantite after chapter 1

Assume all component items below are +1 or better

I’ve also commented on resale value. This is based on a highly favourable reaction – offering 305 gp for a silver necklace. If you face ‘unfavourable’ merchant reactions your offered price is likely to be half that!

You can only make an item once. If you try a second time it will eat the items and leave for empty handed. Also, which I believe is another bug, it appears you cannot make the ‘Uthgardt Ceremonial two-bladed sword’ as the ironwood and sword are similarly eaten when you try. (I assume the flag is set wrong for this).

I forgot to make notes (or lost them) for additional components though I’m reasonably sure killing the various dragons yields a vial of their blood, while at least one diamond can be found – in the white dragons treasure (in the snow globe).

Use it, or lose it!
Actually, use it or waste it. +8 versions of (most of) these can be bought (at outrageous prices) in chapter three of the Hordes expansion, but the adamantine, special holy waters and I’d clung onto all the way though Shadows of Undrentide were never used. The forges and merchants want cold hard cash, not a few dusty components.

Given one or two can be sold for over 60,000 gold you might as well, eh.

Chapter 3: Forge axes and armour

Armour and Axes:

Chromatic Breastplate +3
Needs: Diamond and armour of total AC6
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 12,500)
Effects: AC5 +3
  +2 vs Dragon
  +2 vs Elemental
It’s not that great and you’ll take a heavy loss selling it. One to miss!

Double Axe of the Tall Kin +3
Needs: Adamantite and double axe
Cost: 15,000 gp
Value: (~ 12,000)
Effects: 1d8/1d8 +3
  Low white light (10m)
Another to miss. Sells at a loss too

Ice Reaver hand axe +3
Needs: Dragon blood and hand axe
Cost: 22,000 gp
Value: (~ 22,000)
Effects: 1d6 +3
  +1 cold
  resist cold 15 /-
Comments: Reasonable.

Stonefire Greataxe
Needs: Adamantite and greataxe
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 13,000)
Effects: 1d12 +3
  1d6 fire
Comments: It’s reasonable, I guess, but there are better and you’ll sell at a hefty loss.

Whitebone Armor – Silverbone
Needs: Gargoyle skull and armour of total AC 3
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 17,000)
Effects: AC7 +2
  Damage reduction +1, soak 15 damage
Wish I’d seen this for my fighter. Thinking about it, still is a no-brainer choice for those that wear heavy armour. I’m not sure if it stacks with the like of greater belts but even so, 15 soak on top of your armour makes you almost untouchable to most physical blows. If it stacks…

Chapter 3: Forge maces etc

Maces and the like:

Drone morning star +4
Needs: Fairy dust and a morning star
Cost: 25,000 gp
Value: (~ 48,000)
Effects: 1d8 +4
  1d6 sonic
  Slow DC-14 50% / 2 rounds
One of my favourites of all the items, even over most (random) weapons from the chests. Plus it uses common fairy dust and can be sold at a great profit. You’d be foolish not to get one.

Foundation Light Flail +4
Needs: Ironwood and a light flail
Cost: 25,000 gp
Value: (0) There a appears to be a bug – this cannot be sold!
Effects: 1d8 +4
  and Knock DC-14
Comments: Nice, but the (possible bug is a concern).

Gladiator Club +4
Needs: Ironwood and a club
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (26,000)
Effects: 1d6 +4
  and Daze DC-14 75% / 1 round
Comments: Nice item, I thought.

Ironwood Mace +3
Needs: Ironwood and Dire Mace
Cost: 12,000 gp
Value: (~11,000)
Effects: 1d8/1d8 +3
  and weight reduction 60%
One to miss. There are far better dire maces and this can only be sold at a loss.

Mace of Disruption +5
Needs: Holy water and a mace
Cost: 10,000 gp
Value: (~ 11,000)
Effects: 1d6 +1
  vs undead 1d6 +5
  vs undead additional 1d8 fire
This is great, doing up to 19 damage a blow before your own bonuses. Personally I’m wary of using one of the few special holy waters in the game in case it’s needed for the expansions, but it’s possible to sell at a small profit and it is extremely useful against undead.

Reaver Heavy Flail +2
Needs: Dragonblood and a heavy flail
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 25,000)
Effects: 1d10 +2
  + 1d10 cold
Another reasonable option, especially given the number of monsters susceptible to cold damage. Plus it can be sold at a reasonable profit. Plus dragonblood is reasonably common, given it’s rarely used.

Rune hammer +3
Needs: Adamantite and a warhammer
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 29,000)
Effects: 1d8 +3
  Spell resistance 14
Comments: Quite reasonable, but plenty of other items other equal or better spell resistance. It used up a precious adamantite too, but at least it can be sold at a reasonable profit. Certainly useful, depending how you arrange your armour and amulets.
(Out of interest, the screen title shows it as a +2 rune hammer, which is a typing error for fixing, I reckon).

Storm light hammer +2
Needs: Diamond and a light hammer
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 19,000)
Effects: 1d4 +2
  + 1d6 electrical
  Resist electrical 10/-
Comments: Reasonable, but nothing I’d ever use.

Chapter 3: Forge blades

Blades both sharp and true:

Astral Blade longsword +2
Needs: Diamond and long sword
Cost: 22,000 gp
Value: (~ 25,000)
Effects: 1d8 +2
  1d10 sonic
Comments: Reasonable weapon which may be sold at a small profit when you are finished with it.

Desert Wind scimitar +2
Needs: Adamantite and a scimitar
Cost: 22,000 gp
Value: (~ 25,000)
Effects: 1d6 +2
  1d10 fire
Comments: I’m loath to part with adamantite myself, but it is a nice weapon. Looks cools too.

Harbinger Kin greatsword +3
Needs: Adamantine and a greatsword
Cost: 20,000 gp
Value: (~ 22,000)
Effects: 2d6 +3
  + 1d6 fire
Comments: Uses a precious adamantite.

Feyduster short sword +2
Needs: Fairy dust and a short sword
Cost: 12,000 gp
Value: (~ 18,000)
Effects: 1d6 +2
  and Sleep DC-14 50% / 2 rounds
Another option with everything going for it. Sending the enemy to sleep and trying for a coup de grace is always fun. You’d be foolish not to make it, if only to sell, or give to a henchman in the expansions.

Namarra (Neversleep) rapier +2
Needs: Dragonblood and a rapier
Cost: 12,000 gp
Value: (~ 18,000)
Effects: 1d6 +2
  and Sleep DC-14 50% / 2 rounds
Albeit it uses dragonblood instead of the far more common fairy dust, like the feyduster above, another option with everything going for it. Sending the enemy to sleep and trying for a coup de grace is always fun. You’d be foolish not to make it, if only to sell, or give to a henchman in the expansions.

Sword Saint Katana +4
Needs: Adamantite and a Katana
Cost: 30,000 gp
Value: (~ 24,000)
Effects: 1d10 +4
  + 1d6 Sonic vs Evil
Comments: Overpriced in my opinion, plus can only be sold at a large loss. One to miss, for me

Uthgardt Ceremonial Two-bladed Sword +2
Needs: Ironwood and a two-bladed sword
Cost: 15,000 gp
Value: ( ?)
Effects: 1d8/1d8 +2
  Displine +2
I had to ‘Google’ to get the bonuses to this item as I’ve failed to make it yet – with a few characters. Personally I think it may be a bug. A reasonable item if you can make it and looks like you can sell at a profit but there are still better swords of this type.

Chapter 3: Other forge items

Rarer fare:

Fey Spear +3
Needs: Fairy dust and a spear
Cost: 30,000 gp
Value: (~ 48,000)
Effects: 1d8 +3
  + 1d6 electrical
  and Sleep DC-14 50% / 2 rounds
Another one with absolutely everything going for it. You’d be foolish not to get one, if only to sell.

Golden Sickle +2
Needs: Holy water and a sickle
Cost: 10,000 gp
Value: (~ 9,000)
Effects: 1d6 +2
  Animal empathy +3
  Bonus spell: Druid 0
  Bonus spell: Druid 1
Comments: Never played a druid (yet) but if I did I’d almost certainly want this. Rangers might want to consider it too, maybe.

Ravager Halberd +4
Needs: Dragonblood and a halberd
Cost: 30,000 gp
Value: (~ 44,000)
Effects: 1d10 +4
  + 1d6 sonic
  and Daze dc-14 50% / 2 rounds
This is one of my all time favourites. You have to grin seeing a hill giant obliterated in a single blow due to high strength bonuses added to a critical hit for triple damage. It uses dragonblood and can be sold for a substantial profit, making it an almost essential choice. The inclusion of Daze is just icing on the proverbial cake.

Sea Reaver Scythe
Needs: Adamantite and a scythe
Cost: 15,000 gp
Value: (~ 11,000)
Effects: 2d4 +2
  + 1d6 electrical vs Elemental
Definitely one to forget!
Sells at a loss, relatively poor enchantment bonus and it uses a precious adamantine. Why bother when (if you are lucky and level 17 or better), you can can scythes like ‘Death Maiden’ for 2d4 +4, Keen AND Vampiric regeneration +3.
Still, quadruple damage from scythes is always pleasant to witness, as long as you aren’t on the recieving end!

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