Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest – cannot be trusted?


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  1. Dixie says:

    Also your supposed to purchase shields to protect your base from hackers and bots. Although the shields do protect you form the constant barrage of bots they do nothing for a guild of hackers that try to extort funds in the form of paypal payments to them.

    You are trapped by making constant real life payments to a company and to a group of hackers that circumvent shields purchased from the company.

    • Ack says:

      You have a free to pay, pay to win game that – within minutes of installing – is asking you for “just a £100” to boost your progress. The whales of the game are, I’m assured, spending literally several thousand dollars a month to stay on top. From the time I was playing, if one guild or group of guilds decide to remove another (say due to an event), losers with level 20 to 30 fortresses are looking at 6 to 18 months to rebuild and many thousands of pounds.

      It is the only game I know that is more greedy and more toxic than Eve-online and it’s damning for Games Workshop that they are OK with this model, but they get a share of thep profits, so hey, they don’t care.

      I knew one ‘whale’ who was wealthy enough to afford to spend thousands of dollars every month to keep his 30 fortress at the top of the server lists. Then one day they introduced a new hero, Skull Lord or something. And he tried to get one. And then he said back and did the maths.

      Can’t remember the details but it worked out that the cost of attacking this mob, the speedup ever put the hero at over $5,000. The guy said, “That’s it, I’m done.” A few people got it, as it was ‘legendary’ but really they relied on people not doing the maths and throwing ever more real worth cash at power-ups to try. Basically, it was a scam. When people started realising the reward was almost unattainable, their Discord channel was in an uproar. They made a few changes to make it possible, but most people I knew (I was in 3 guilds at the time), said about the same, “I’m done.”

      Any free-to-play game that thinks £999 is a micropayment is a game to be avoided!

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