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Diablo Immortal: fun to pay!

Diablo Immoral: Greed personified

Don’t get me wrong, if you are a casual player, if you don’t want to progress, if you don’t want to play for more than an hour or so a day, it’s a great free game. Huzzah!

If you are a PvE player and want to progress, well, it’s a massive and fruitless grind (because Blizzard has been absolute turds) but you can play to the (current) end game without ever spending a penny.

If you are a PvP player and want to progress, forget it! Not gonna happen. As one wit beautifully put it, your skills will never beat a whale duel-wielding a credit card.

I know, “hold my beer”. So you drop a hundred, does next to nothing. So you push ahead, drop a thousand. Better than the f2p scrubs, but you will still be getting steamrolled in battlegrounds. So, you max out your credit cards and get in debt to the tune of £10,000. And still, you get steamrolled by some immortal whale who dropped 100k into the game!

Dude, that KingCanute dropped £100,000 to sit on that throne, they are never getting ousted and they know it.

Well, until some kraken investment banker called MidasTouched drops £1.25m into the game to “win”.

But he’s an investment banker, not a gamer, he’s not going to want to play week in, week out, so he’ll be dethroned anyway. They will probably be ousted by some trust fund yuppy called ‘Leviathong’ who drops even more money. Thus there is only one winner: Blizzard.

In the news, Diablo Immortal boasted of making 24m in the first 2 weeks. And a cheer ran out from the investors: “Huzzah! Gamers love it. We’ll make bank on it.” No! Streamers (hoping to get the investment back from followers) were dropping $1,000, $10,000, $25,000 – over $100,000 in at least one case – all to show real players that the game is a shameless and unscrupulous money grab. I dare say – unless they are stopped by players or legislation – they will keep adding to the turnover, increasing profits and pushing the line ever further from what is acceptable to most players.

There’s so much underhand psychology, steering, hidden traps and manipulation in the game that it has set a marker in history for how low a corporate company will stoop to legally ‘scam’ money from customers and loyal franchise fans. Activision and its slimy leader Bobby Kotick are so low they could slither under a rock while wearing a top hat.

Now, there’s a generation (basically those under 25 years old) that has grown up with smartphones. They have been conditioned for the past decade that “it’s on the phone, it’s fine to pay to win”. No, it’s not! The games industry has learned every dirty trick from marketing, PR companies, and in particular the gambling industry. Then bypassed gambling laws by shady practices that the gambling industry wish they’d thought of. They are not gamers, they are not game developers per se, they are the worst breed of businessmen, basically sharks in Armani suits and you – the player – are the chum in the water.

You are talking about gaming CEO’s that earn up to or even over $1m A DAY and for whom that’s not enough. Then you see some marketing addled sheep bleating the mantra that “they are a business, of course, they want to make money.” Well, here’s my take: so do the Mafia, but at least they are honest about being criminals! High price lawyers, lobbyists, spin and other tactics to escape gambling laws so as to stay on the edge of ‘legal’ doesn’t make it right. They disguised a loot box as a rift, they hide the cash gamble behind orbs and lo, it’s not gambling, it’s gameplay. The stench of corruption is rife.

Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick makes hundreds of millions of dollars from Blizzard. Plus whatever he made as a board member of Coca-Cola, plus whatever else. I imagine he loses sleep over how little he makes compared to the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk; it really must gnaw at his insides! With earnings like that he is basically winning the roll-over lottery every year – and still has to resort to a slew of predatory practices in games like Diablo Immortal because it’s never enough. He’s in line for another $400m if Microsoft go ahead with the purchase of Activision. He knows it. And it is still not enough!

All that money and he feels the need to screw players in Diablo Immortal. But it’s a mobile game, it’s fine. Right?

Gameplay, first

I am not going to knock the general gameplay. Nor have I seen or read any review that does. It’s a very polished game. The graphics are often even better than Diablo III and even at full settings, it seems less resource hungry.

OK, as a PC player, it’s more than evident that it was ported to PC as an afterthought. The way it handles typing messages can at times be exasperating beyond words. Would it hurt to put a place cursor in? Not much to ask. The game (still in beta) also has an annoying habit of either dropping out altogether or dropping out of Battle.net and repeatedly filling the screen with a notice asking if you want to relog. Usually, it gets you killed. Thanks, Blizz.

Sometimes it loads the cutscene just before a boss, so either the boss or trash is hacking away at you and you can’t do a thing ‘cos not all of them have the option to skip. Farming a dungeon and seeing the same dialogue pass from OK, to dreary to ‘enough already, we know’…

“Don’t you guys have mobile phones?”
Actually, no. I don’t like them, don’t want one. Don’t use them. Or tablets. So, on the PC, the interface is clumsy and annoying at times, and sometimes you die because of the slow response times, like a lag between ‘move’ and your character actually moving out of the way of an attack, but overall it’s fun.

Until you get to level 60 and paragon, then – more and more – it is shamefully obvious that if you want to play at your level, you better start paying them money, because they have gone out of their way to stop the millions of freeloaders enjoying the game beyond normal or Hell I. And, as I say, if PvP is your thing, it will not just be a tenner here or there or drop the odd hundred quid, but thousands, tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Also, and here’s the kicker, even if you are ridiculously rich and pay such absurd and astronomical sums to win, you still get capped too, because in their unquenchable thirst for money, kneecapping the pay-to-win whales is justified if it pushes even a few freeloaders into handing over some cash. And because some players cannot afford or on general principle will not be gamed into falling for these predatory practices, they crippled the game for everyone!

Diablo Immortal: crippled by design

I am playing a lot at the minute, free to play, and you start to notice things.

Things like the server paragon level cap. If you are higher than the server average, your XP is nerfed. The higher your level, the harsher the penalty, 10%, 20% penalty, fine. I’ll carry on. And so it goes dropping you down to an estimated 90% penalty – i.e. You’d have to play for 10 hours to get the same experience points others get in one hour.

Why would they do such a thing?

Never mind, I can grind mats and upgrade my equipment at least, right?

No, you cannot, not for any amount of money! The primary gear is capped by your level, which is capped by your server.

gear upgrades capped by level
{ Primary gear upgrades are capped. (Helps to push people towards paying for orbs) }

Secondary gear is even worse and the mat requirements are effectively impossible to farm. Even paying for all the bundles offering Enigmatic Crystal, you cannot farm enough mats! (Oh, wait, you can’t buy those – yet. Slipped up there, Blizzard). Primarily, the crystals drop in the Challenge Rift BUT only once per level. If you are geared to level 20 rifts you can get the level 20 crystal rewards, then you have up gear up to earn the next scraps. If you watch the videos of the whale streamers – and we are talking about those spending over $100,000 on orbs – you’ll notice a curious thing. Sure, they pushed to level 60, they pushed to level 8 primary gear (capped there), perhaps then even dropped 5/5 legendary gems into the slots. Then you notice their secondary gear, all at level 2 or 3. Because the game won’t let you advance it.

upgrading secondary gear in Diablo Immortal
{ ARPG, seems simple enough, you grind mats to upgrade gear, right? }
{ Never mind, I can covert scraps, that’s an option, right. Oh, need more scraps. }
Buying crystals with caps in insane
{ Made 100 scraps that run. Just another thousand plus runs, per piece. Wait, what? Sod that!}

It’s not because it’s beta, it’s not about game balance (‘cos pay-to-win on orbs tosses that right out the window), it is a conscious decision by management to cripple progress. To frustrate players trying to get their battle rating up. To push people into paying for ‘not gear’ upgrades to upgrade their gear.

But – no doubt to disingenuously claim to can farm them in the game. A massive lie if so.

Level 1 needs 25, level 2 needs 50, level 3 requires 75 and so on up to level 20, getting more expensive each time. And remember, you have six items to upgrade.

But you can farm them, sort of. You can buy them with salvage scraps. Huzzah!

Depends on how you play, but let’s say – because of inventory restrictions (which, of course, you can pay to alleviate) and running back to town – you average 200 scraps an hour.

One crystal will cost you 4,000 scraps. That’s 20 hours of farming. Twenty! MMO RPGs are all about grind and repetition, fine, but that is insane! So, let’s be sensible (!!!), just farm 2,000 extra scraps a day. 10 days play. Do-able, right?

Your six level one upgrades are a freebie, really, a taster compliments of low-level rifts.

Your level 2 needs gear to push and costs 50 crystals. If you don’t have the gear, that’s 50 days of 10 hours a day grind. But fun, right. It is free, after all. And other fifty days for the other 5 items.

Then the cost goes up.

Here’s what others have to say


The built-in paid elements are too egregious to ignore.


Features designed to punish free-to-play players


  • After obtaining your first six legendary drops of the day, the drop rate plummits.
  • Side quests, purple bosses and random map events stop giving rewards after completing five of each in a day.
  • Library of Zoltan Kule treasure rooms are also limited to five per day.
  • Group and Hidden lair dungeons effectively stop giving gem rewards after the first six gems are dropped
  • MEANWHILE, in Elder Rifts – for using up to 10 legendary crests per run, the legendaries are raining down. Taunting you.


While it’s particularly abhorrent that Diablo is punishing the very base of players the game markets itself to (grinders), the situation is made even worse by these caps being hidden. The least the game could do is keep track of the number of drops you’ve received so you know when you’ve begun wasting your time.

Jack Coleman, NME, 14th June 2022: ‘Diablo Immortal’ has hidden punishing mechanics for free players


Meanwhile, for the 1%’ers with more money than sense:

Using 10 legendary crests a run will cost you 1600 orbs. £21.99. Every five minutes. But it’s a mobile game, so that’s reasonable, right? 🤷

Anyone dropping that sort of money in not going to mess about, so will buy a couple of packs at a time. Wow, that’s handy, two packs (at £89.99 each), with the bonus that gives you 14,400 Eternals orbs. Enough for 9 runs.

10 runs would have made it easier but that makes the maths easier. It’s all about psychology. EVERYTHING. It’s about thinking fast and slow thing. If you stop to work it out, you critically think about just how much you are spending, it’s not best for the company.

Still, we can work with that.
Call it 5 minutes a run. 10 legendary crest (10 orbs) a run, that’s £180 every 45 minutes.

£225 an hour to gamble (with no payout) in a ‘free to play’ game. That’s more than even my dentist charges – and he has three lines of qualifications after his name, from his doctorate to specialist training, awards and distinctions from Glasgow to Chicago!

But basically, it’s a mobile game, so that’s reasonable, right? 🤷

[Language warning] Twitch streamer Quin69 loses it as he passes a spend of $10,000 NZ without a 5/5 gem dropping

It’s not uncommon for (obsessed and addicted) gamers to play 12 hours on more a day. At the rate, you’d burn though £2,700 a day (over £80,000 a month). But as some players have already spent more than $100,000, there is no spending cap. It is completely unfettered and unregulated.

[Language warning] Asmongold comments as a player spends over $100,000 on Diablo Immortal and tries to argue, “It’s Not That Bad”


YongYea nails it below:

{ Diablo Immortal Streamer Tests P2W, Paid $16,000 For First 5/5 Star Legendary Gem, Deletes Game }

Run the numbers!

I used Activision’s figure of 4.5% chance of a ?/5 gem. The results were not pretty. allowing for drop rates – and seen by streamers dumb enough to try – the cost of the first 5/5 gem using RNG is around £25,000!

OK, statistically, you also end up with 75 2-star, 20 3-star and 4 4-star. But that’s only the starting point and only one gem, not necessarily the one you want.


Google spreadsheet: Diablo legendary gem drop rate cost

I also tried to examine the cost to upgrade a 2/5 star to 5/5 and rank 10 but it is so convoluted that my brain zoned out. I did look at Wowhead (levelling up a legendary gem) and it is as baffling as it is scary. For instance, going drop 9 to 10 the required ‘mats’ are 1 copy at rank 3 and 2 copies at rank 5. All the steps combined (I think!) add up to 48 copies of that gem and another 105 you have to destroy to get the mats to upgrade.

So, over 150 ?/5 gems to do it.

Maxroll.gg’s page on 5-Star Legendary gems gives a different and even worse figure:

73 copies and 4,450 gem power (= 140 ?/5 star gems to salvage), so 213 5-star gems are required in all.

If you assume £100 each in auctions a gem in auctions it costs £21,300 to boost one legendary gem to 5/5 and level 10.

Then there are the other 5 gems.

Then there’s the ascension, applying Dawning Echo and beginning to apply the resonance, which can make your current costs seem paltry as inside are slots for more gems, also wanting ranks. But you don’t know what they are until you unlock the gem, so are working blind.

Then there are the other 5 legendary gems to upgrade, because, Blizzard. With bad RNG, you can easily drop £500,000 on this and not be max rank.


I can honestly see the other captains of industry and heads of the gaming companies looking at this game, looking at the reviews worldwide, at the feedback, and reeling: "What the hell have you done to us, Kotick, you lunatic!"

I can’t decide if Bobby Kotick wanted to screw the industry because he was selling out to Microsoft, whether he decided he didn’t want to sell to them and destroying the company brand was the way to go, or whether he is so psychotic and so avaricious that he thought it would be acceptable. His staff, unless they were so terrified of him, must have told him how it would go. And he pushed this anyway.

This is not just a question of loot boxes and monetization, of high profits, this is full-on, ‘sell your house, sell your kids, sell your damned kidney, we don’t care, we want your money‘ levels of unregulated gambling. No one in the industry has seen or attempted such unfettered, boundless greed.

If this doesn’t make governments around the world take a good hard look at the gaming industry and say, “Enough is enough, you’ve gone too far”, and heavily regulate, then nothing will.

Recently I was commenting to another pay-to-win company that, while not on the same scale, parts of their game are even worse than Diablo Immortal. He was near apoplectic. Not because I called out his company’s sharp practices, but because I compared his company to Blizzard.

Hidden truths

It’s hidden away, but they do actually tell do the odds. Unfortunately, few people are taught to understand statistics, much less risk literacy. So, they tell you – while not telling you.

For instance, they say, the odds of a five-star legendary gem is 4.5%. About 1 in 22! Huzzah!

Just an observation, but really the drop rate is not around 22:1 or even 2222:1 (0.045%) for a 5/5 legendary gem because that’s for ‘a’ drop, not the one you want or (in the case of dupes) need. So, as there are 9 ?/5-star gems (at present) the true rate would be 18,000:1 (0.005%).
At 160 gems a try, that’s 2.9m eternal orbs: £35,996
But – obviously – RNG, so you might get it on the first drop – or you might be down £50,000 and still not have it!

{ Full disclosure, you can level up a 2/5 to 5/5 but it involves sacrificing many other gems, finding a duplicate and sacrificing many more to get there. }

Then you need the other 5 such gems for the rest of your primary gear if you are of that mind (£215,976).

And then you need to remember that to fully augment your gems you need to find and level up 4 more legendary gems each (so another 24 gems)

And the kicker: because Bobby, the gems you need are hidden and you probably sacrificed them to get your first level to 10 and now need to start farming again. This is next-level evil, even for a corporation as rapaciously greedy as Activision!

So, start small, eh?

But 2/5 stars is fine to start, right? Everyone has to start somewhere.

To simply things, round it down to £2 a try (round it up to to $3 for America).

So, 22 tries might get you ‘a’ ?/5 gem. But not the one you want, cos RNG, but budget for 1 in 9 chance and for failing anyway for a specific gem.
You are now at 220 tries (£440) for 2/5 legendary gem. If it even drops! Well, there is the pity system after 50 (paid) fails, but that’s RNG too, so not a great help.

Then you need the dupes.

Then, if you are going down this rabbit hole, each legendary gem also needs 4 more levelled-up gems to Awaken it and feed its resonance appetite.

And Blizzard are OK with this.

I’m free to play and farming on level Hell II (soft and drop loot caps and XP penalties aside!). So you obviously do NOT need these, but it can take hours or even days (for Lassal) to get a group for a dungeon or raid because people (rightly) are not willing to put in the insane amount of time or money to push patch things like the battle rating gates.

Here’s how much gear matters, and what the game is really designed for: Streamer Quin69 calls the game an abomination as he clears an Elder Rift – with his character naked.

Activision-Blizzard clearly designed this game with Bobby’s pension fund in mind, and without a thought or care for players.

Here’s the system to gem the shiny look Blizzard want you to buy intro:

To full ascend, you need the right 6 of these gems, at 5/5 (or a sacrifice system to get the gem to 5/5)

Then you need to sacrifice legendary gems to level that 5/5 up to 10

Then you need to level up 4 specific gems to level 10 for each of these 6 gems.

BUT you don’t know in advance what these will be because they hide the information in the hope you waste gems and have to farm more!

Now, finally, you have full resonance and a 300% buff to all your mundane (free gear).

(But it’s not pay-to-win ‘cos it’s gems, not gear. Letter of the word and all that).

A fairer way to do things:

Forget the rest of the crap in the game and just consider the insanely priced eternal crests.

Instead of the current deranged system, it could have gone like this:

Have these crests drop 1-star gems. Not “maybe, perhaps a chance, if you drop scores of crests”, but you use a crest, you get a legendary gem. It’s worth one power, it’s nothing in the great scheme of the game.

Legendary crests
Have these crests drop 2-star gems. Not a 75% probability of a 1-star and 0.005% of a 5/5 5-star. You can argue these are the ‘free’ ones, but really they fill out all the cash bundles. You can get about one a week as free to play and even then you have to farm heavily for that. These paltry, hard-earned freebies are just a lure to push bundle sales. It’s a confidence trick of sorts.

Eternal Legendary crests
These should 100% drop a ?/5-star gem. At £2.50 a try and bearing in mind you need over 150 duplicates to level up each gem, it would still be outrageously expensive. Still, players are far more likely to throw down money if it costs around £500 per gem than the current £25,000 each.

Dawning echo and resonance in legendary gems
Scrappy Academy explain gem resonance

What others are saying about Diablo Immortal

{ Echohack: I’m Depressed About Diablo Immortal’s Hidden Caps }
{ Bellular news: Yet MORE Diablo Immortal BS: NEW Sneaky P2W }
{ YongYea: Diablo Immortal User Score Reaches New Low, Monetization Gets Worse With Hidden 3rd Loot Box Type }
{ Bellular news: NO WAY! Diablo Immortal Has EVEN MORE Cash Grabs Than We Thought… }


For some people, you just have to use a bigger hammer to knock some sense in.

For Blizzard’s hardcore ‘fan bois’, their apologists and their paid agents pumping out fake reviews, well, they already know, but you can’t argue with blind faith or corrupted loyalties.

But for Gen Z and the growing Gen Alpha crowd, you have been indoctrinated almost since birth that “this is the way it’s always been”. This is the norm. For people over 25, well, we all remember a life without smartphones. This is gonna take a bigger mallet.

*Snatches your phone and stomps on it*


Yes, Very Sad. Anyway, It Got Me Thinking. You are going to need a replacement. [inserts ad jingle].

Android user? How about Galaxy S22 Ultra (512Gb, unlimited data, Disney channel bundled): £70.98 a month

Prefer Apple? You’ll be wanting the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, now in green (1Tb, unlimited data, Disney channel bundled): £76.06

So, call it 75 quid a month for the best phone on the market to play those monetized F2P games.

Now, return your thoughts to pimped-out Elder Rift runs.

You can have the phone of your dreams and money left over for an overpriced choca-mocha-frappa drink – or you can pay Activision £90 to play the game as they intended for 45 minutes.

Now, do you understand?

90 quid gets you a top phone and a posh drink - or half an hour of Diablo Immortal loot box farming
{ £90 quid gets you a top of the range phone and a posh drink or two.

Or you can have open Diablo Immortal loot boxes for half an hour.

Decisions, decisions! }

Battle rating is throttled by legendary gems
{ Battle rating is throttled by legendary gems }
Diablo pushes hard to get people to gem-up
{ … and content gated is by combat rating.

You can get a gate pass with your credit card though!

Diablo pushes hard to get people to gem-up

Harsh penalties – unless you pay up.

Buy those crests, buy gems on the (cash) market and we’ll take the pain away. }

Diablo Immortal auctions are a cash funnel.
{ Diablo Immortal obfuscated payment auctions are a cash funnel, pure and simple.

You can earn 300 platinum a day playing, but it won’t go far:

205 days to earn enough for this 2/5 gem on the market }

{ Why grind for so many months when you can have it now, for just £90?

(They don’t tell you it will require another 5,000 such gems to max your resonance) }

Profiting from artificial rarity
{ So shiny! Best in Slot too. You know you want it!

(Corporate scumminess 101: how to profit from artificial rarity) }

{ }
{ }
{ }
{ }
{ }
{ }

Charming are charming: RNG, topped with RNG, boosted with bandit RNG

Charms, available to equip at level 56, are another example of corporate greed gone mad in the mobile gaming environment. Once you understand these do-hickories you realised two things: firstly the game is designed from the get-go to fleece players. Secondly, the true target of this parasitic behaviour is probably fully aware of this and doesn’t care as they get to stomp on the ‘little guys’ who cannot and would not throw unending money at a ‘free to play’.

Here’s how it works.

Firstly, it seems or feels like they can drop anywhere, but are pretty damned rare, couple a day even with intensive farming. Or you can buy 3 a week with hilts (in-game currency).

Secondly, there’s the first level of RNG. They can be for any skill, in any class. It’s a blind purchase (or drop). Buying them is a gamble (time is money, remember that). So the odds of getting one for your character class are 6 to 1. Getting one in your class that’s actually useful is 1 in 12, so the odds against you getting the one you actually prefer are 72:1.

For the less useful ones, you can salvage and keep mats to upgrade your charm. Takes a while. And each try – you guessed it – is random. Again, 72:1 against you.

Rinse and repeat.

But here’s where it starts to get squirrely, and more than a little devious, and is well into the realms of ‘bait and switch’ scams, arguably.

You will by now have been conditioned to have certain expectations. Like Essence transfer. You go to the vendor to extract the essence, then you can inherit it into further equipment if you so wish. Costs nothing.

{ Essence transfer. Extract. Reuse. For free. Just like your expect }

So far, so good. you’ve spent no money!

Well, we cannot abide that, things must change. Bobby has his private jet to fuel, after all.

Now, to extract the essence from a charm does cost money. You can argue that it’s possible to earn a little platinum a week, but really you buy platinum with orbs, which you buy with cash. So, you buy platinum with cash. To argue otherwise is mendacious. From a legal point of view, with a bribed judge, it might stand, but we all know it’s a lie.

It costs 500 platinum (50 orbs = 89p) to upgrade a (farmed) charm to a Skill stone. Or you can buy one in auctions with the skill you want for around 2,000 platinum (so a couple of quid).

Then you simply extract the skill onto your charm, right?


It does a jiggly dance between the 5 options. Will it land? Will you be lucky? “Round and round and round it goes; where it lands, nobody knows.”

Yep, the bastards added RNG to this too!

If you read or listen to many reviews of this game you’ll keep hearing the word ‘egregious‘, which means ‘extraordinarily bad’. Unfortunately, archaically, it means ‘remarkably good’. As the popular meme from Princess Bride says, “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.” Maybe don’t use words if you don’t know their full meaning. Despicable works though.

So, now you don’t just require one skill stone but five or more of the same, ‘cos RNG. But we’ll go with the average and round it to 10,000 platinum.

But that’s only one skill replaced. You may want to fill 5 slots with +2% damage for Magic Missile, giving a 10% bonus to attacks. And money is no object, which is just as well ‘cos it’s now 40,000 platinum. So you need 4,000 eternal orbs. Another £90 raid on your credit card.

Not a lot compared to the scam on the legendary orbs, but everywhere, in every way, they are reaching for your money.

{ Diablo Immortal: Don’t WASTE PLATINUM on CHARMS! }

Of course, it doesn’t stop there, the freebies are weaponized too!


Pop up nags

Along with other messages – until cancelled – on login will get pop-up nag reminders that you have a ‘one-time offer’.

Diablo Immortal one-time offer
{ One-time offer nag message }

Fine, I’ll go look!

Diablo immortal beginners pack offer
{ One-time offer revealed }

This is interesting for a few reasons.

Firstly, it gets rid of the nag message.

Secondly, 89p is the standard price for 60 orbs anyway, that 800% bonus value is for a transmog (you may never use) that’s tied to that one character. So, [Avengor’s Thor voice] “Is it? Is it really?”
Is it giving 800% value, or is it a cynical marketing ploy?

Next, it introduces you to the daily freebie. Huzzah!

Whose sole point is not generosity but a callous attempt to get you to log in every day, collect the freebie and look at that oh-so-tempting first 800% bargain. To make that first in-game purchase. Go on, you know you want to, it’s only 89p. What can you buy with 89p?

It’s called the ‘foot-in-the-door- technique’ that goes back at least to the 1960s and relates to hard sell.

Get your foot in the door, give out that free sample and gain trust. Then push the sales tactics.

Did I mention it gets rid of the nag message? What I meant was if gets rid of the first one, but after that – a standard tactic – another, different one-time offer arises. It costs more and it won’t be 800% but you are already committed. The one after that one… well, you know how the story ends.


Along with this is the battle pass. Which is basically a free season pass of rewards. Huzzah!

Whose sole purpose is to show you what you are missing out on by not buying for the empowered version on the pass.

Surprisingly, it’s reasonable enough value to consider, with caveats. On the plus side, it is account-wide, so works for alts, if you have them, which I did not expect. Against that, some of the rewards are a one-time deal, which is mean to the point of spitefulness. As below, the battle pass is account-wide, but only one character can have the emote.

Furthermore, also against Blizzard, is something that caused such a ruckus when Microsoft tried it that they back-peddled, apologised, and promised never to be so petty again. Blizzard, being thick-skinned (to sociopathic and psychopathic levels) couldn’t give a fart what you think, as long as they get money out of you. The pass starts on the first day of the season and ends when the season ends. If you bought it mid-way or near the end, tough, you had your chance, you should have been playing every day from the start. You peasant!

I bought it anyway. no regrets. I say ‘bought’, after all the dirty tricks I saw in WoW I swore never to give Blizzard another penny. I paid for the pass using some of the balance from my Battle.net account, which came wholly from previously converting gold into wow tokens and the tokens into credit. Blizzard may call this a win, but they got no real money from me. Nor will they.

Diablo immortal season pass
{ Diablo immortal season pass }
Diablo Immortal Empowered battlepass
{ Diablo Immortal Empowered battlepass – can be petty though }
Monthly subscription options
{ Monthly subscription options }
battlepass progress throttled
{ Did I mention that they throttle the Empowered battlepass too? }

Progress rewards

At certain level points, you have a free piece of gear. Rather than just give you the reward they send you to a page to collect it – so they can show you what you are missing by both paying £17.99 for the Prodigy’s Path option. This is funny, really (it’s not), because they throttle progress to slow or prevent you from getting the unlocks you just paid 18 quid for.

prodigys path
{ More money grubbing via Prodigy’s Path. }

Diablo Immortal equipment set locations


Primary source: Turtlebeach: Diablo Immortal Set Items List And Drop Locations

Grace of the Flagellant (focus on channelled and DOTs, inc ground damage)

Feet (Torn Sole): Mad King’s Breach (Hell I+)
Waist (Open Gut): Pit of Anguish (Hell I+)

Neck (Cut Throat): Temple of Namari (Hell II+)
Hands (Bloody Hand): Cavern of Echoes (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Severed Thumb): Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Broken Palm): Kikuras Rapids (Hell IV+)

War Rags of Shal’baas (buffs primary attack)

Waist (Storm-Tack of Shal’baas) Forgotten Tower (Hell I+)
Feet (Wind-trods of Shal’baas): Tomb of Fahir (Hell I+)

Hands (Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas): Mad King’s Breach (Hell II+)
Neck: (Burning Heart of Shal’baas): Pit of Anguish (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Resting Fangs of Shal’baas): Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Braided Serpent of Shal’baas): Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)

Untouchable Mountebank (focuses on survival, shielding)

Waist (Mountebank’s Bravado): Mad King’s Breach (Hell I+)
Feet (Mountebank’s Slyness): Forgotten Tower (Hell I+)

Neck (Mountebank’s Flourish): Cavern of Echoes (Hell II+)
Hands (Mountebank’s Shirking): Pit of Anguish (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Mountebank’s Misdirection): Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Mountebank’s Marvel): Kikuras Rapids (Hell IV+)

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves (buffs summoned minions)

Waist (Shepherd and Begetter): Kikuras Rapids (Hell I+)
Feet (Shepherd and Leader): Temple of Namari (Hell I+)

Neck (Shepherd and Architech): Tomb of Fahir (Hell II+)
Hands (Shepherd and Beastmaster): Destruction’s End (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Shepherd and Mother): Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Shepherd and Father): Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)

Issatar Imbued (focus on speed, hit and run)

Waist: (Issatar Contained): Tomb of Fahir (Hell I+)
Feet (Issatar The Brute): Destruction’s End (Hell I+)

Neck: (Issatar At Rest) Mad King’s Breach (Hell II+)
Hands: (Issatar’s Open Hand ): Forgotten Tower (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Issatar Undone): Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Issatar Enraged): Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)

Windloft Perfection (focus on speed runs)

Waist (Whipcrack): Destruction’s End (Hell I+)
Feet (Stump-Stir): Kikuras Rapids (Hell I+)

Neck (Wisdom’s Edge): Forgotten Tower (Hell II+)
Hand: (Hurtling Steel): Tomb of Fahir (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Fairfleet): Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Foulfleet): Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)

Vithu’s Urges (focus on buffs)

Waist (Exemplar’s Urge): Cavern of Echoes (Hell I+)
Feet (Beacon’s Urge): Pit of Anguish (Hell I+)

Neck (Awakener’s Urge): Kikuras Rapids (Hell II+)
Hands: (Luminary’s Urge): Temple of Namari (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (Shameless Urge): Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (Modest Urge): Destruction’s End (Hell IV+)

Feasting Baron’s Pack (control loss focus)

Waist (The Gaoler): Temple of Namari (Hell I+)
Feet (The Tyrant): Cavern of Echoes (Hell I+)

Neck (The Subjugator): Destruction’s End (Hell II+)
Hands (The Mailed Fist): Kikuras Rapids (Hell II+)

Ring 1 (The Turnkey): Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)
Ring 2 (The Prisoner): Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)

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