Colour Blindness and Web design – links

Links and resources relating to colour blindness

  • TOPTAL: Colourblind Web Page Filter: “See your web site through colorblind eyes with the colorblind web page filter.”
  • Wickline colour filter : See your web site through colourblind eyes.
  • Wickline colour simulation – wheel charts
  • Vischeck – You can see pages with this online utility, or download their free plug-in filter to emulate colorblindness.
  • Webexhibits – Causes of Colour. This is brilliant!
  • Colour vision by Cal Henderson – Another great resource
  • Toledo Bend on colourblindness – quite a useful site.
  • Last but not least : Wikipedia on colour blindness
  • [ ] BT on websafe colours – was highly recommended. Shame it’s gone
  • [ Coloryte ] – As well as having a technical article on wavelengths, these make and sell glasses and lense coating to help you compensate. Worth a look if you are colourblind. Or perhaps for opticians looking for niche items. I’ll leave it in for now, but as there’s still information around about them, but I think the company no longer trades.
  • Microsoft’s advice on Colourblindness – that got erased in the past decade too, as did many other links I had.

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